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Johny Hendricks Suffers Second Degree Burns While Shooting UFC Commercial [GROSS, STUPID]

(Worst lighting mishap since Jackson vs. Pepsi? / Photo via Ted Ehrhardt/MMAFighting)

Hey, you want to hear something really, really stupid? UFC welterweight contender Johny Hendricks suffered second-degree burns on his back and shoulder last month in Los Angeles while filming a commercial for his UFC 167 title fight against Georges St. Pierre. (Yes, the same pyro-tastic promo that made Danga’s brains liquify in his head.) As MMAFighting reports:

Johny Hendricks suffered a second-degree burn on his back because the lights used to film the spot were placed too close to him, his manager Ted Ehrhardt confirmed with

Ehrhardt said Hendricks tried to resume his training two days later, however, the burn was bothering him too much so he went to a doctor who prescribed an ointment to help heal it. Ehrhardt said Hendricks, who wasn’t available to speak about the incident, missed one-to-two days of training, and the injury healed in a week.

“Johny never gets pissed off about anything,” Ehrhardt said. “He was just mad that it was messing up his training, that’s all.”

The UFC apologized to Hendricks for the accident. Ehrhadt said they were “kind of in disbelief” that this happened during the shoot, as was Hendricks who told Ehrhardt he never suffers sunburn in the summertime.

Cue the conspiracy theorists who will claim that the UFC did this on purpose to give another advantage to their pretty-boy champion. I mean, what other explanation could there possibly be? The UFC really made the headliners of its next pay-per-view slug heavy bags underneath exploding light bulbs? I thought that shit was done with CGI, but you’re telling me they filmed it the hard way? Idiots. You can re-watch the promo below and decide for yourself whether or not it was worth it.


And finally…

Boom. Headshot.

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