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Jon Jones Being Sought By Albuquerque Police for Role In Alleged Hit and Run [UPDATED]

(Have you learned nothing from this hilarious photoshop, Jon?!!)

[UPDATE] Ew boy. Albuquerque PD just released their official police report on this incident and it is not looking good for Bones. Details after the jump.

To loosely quote Dave Chappelle, “Man, Jon Jones is f*ckin up.”

Rumors started circulating last night that the light heavyweight champion had been involved in yet another automobile mishap — this time, a hit and run accident in which a 20 year-old pregnant woman was hospitalized — in his resident Albuquerque. After initially denying that Jones was the man being sought after for the hit-and-run, Albuquerque police later released a statement that reads:

“The Albuquerque Police Department is actively seeking UFC Fighter Jon Jones for questioning in regards to his possible involvement in a hit-and-run accident, near the intersection of Juan Tabo and Southern, in Southeast Albuquerque early this morning, April 26, 2015.”

While Jones has apparently not been seen or heard from since the time of the alleged incident, the UFC has since released a statement in response, which you can check out after the jump.

We are aware that the Albuquerque Police Department is interested in speaking to Jon Jones regarding his possible involvement in a motor vehicle accident. We are in the process of gathering facts and will reserve further comment until more information is available.

This is of course, just the latest in what has become a string of legal troubles for Jones. In 2012, he was arrested in Binghamton, NY on DUI charges after wrapping his Bentley around a telephone pole with two female passengers in the vehicle. After pleading guilty, Jones was fined $1,000 and his driver’s license was suspended for six months.

Back in December, Jones once again found himself in the hot seat when it was revealed that he had tested positive for cocaine a month prior to his UFC 182 title fight with Daniel Cormier. Because cocaine was/is not considered a banned out-of-competition drug (or shouldn’t have been tested for in the first place), Jones avoided any possible suspensions or legal issues. He did agree to enter rehab, though, and was magically cured of his addiction in 24 hours.

Wow. A lot of information to take in right now, but we’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds.


Albuquerque PD just released their official police report on this incident. We’ve uploaded the relevant pages below, but you can check out the whole thing here.

In case you’re having trouble reading that, the basic gist is that Jones — or at least, the man identified as Jones by an off-duty cop on the scene — fled the scene after striking two vehicles, then returned shortly after to grab “a large handful of cash.” Jones was described as wearing a white button up shirt and black pants at the time.

After a search of the vehicle (which is now believed to be Jones’ rental car), police found a small amount of marijuana along with paraphernalia (aka a loaded bowl) and, oh yeah, “paperwork belonging to a Jonathan Jones, which had MMA information on it from the state of Nevada.” Additionally, Enterprise paperwork in Jones’ name was also found inside the car.

As for the pregnant woman who Jones struck,  Albuquerque PD spokesman Tanner Tixier told that “We are currently following up with the victim to check on her health status.” Jones whereabouts, however, remain a mystery, as police still have not heard from Jones nor his lawyer.

God damn it, Jon. God. Damn. It.

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