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Jon Jones: “Bring On The Juice”…

Lifting, predictions, and swears…oh my!

Jon Jones has had a very busy week to say the least. After returning to Twitter after a long hiatus, he has since got into a twitter beef with long time hater Matt Mitrione, predicted a win for arch nemesis Daniel Cormier, lifted 500 lbs (clean, hopefully), and all the while having a meeting set for today with USADA.

In case you haven’t heard Jon Jones seems to have problems with putting things in his system. After a myriad of run-ins with the law (and pregnant women apparently), it seemed the final leg of his comeback tour had been cut off when he was recently busted by USADA for PED’s. This knocked him out of his UFC 200 headlining title bout with battle boo DC and could have him facing one  year of suspension. But alas,  It seems Jones has more lives that his exotically owned cat. Current rumors are starting to support the fighters exoneration, and a possible fight date for early next year.

But despite the outcome of the upcoming case, do you think it’s a wise idea for Jones to be inviting all this attention? His meeting with USADA is set for today and Jones is already making friends over social media.




While Matt Mitrione was definitely the donkey of the day in this exchange, wasn’t Jones the loser for even engaging? He then goes on to predict the winner of the upcoming light heavyweight bout between current title holder DC and Anthony Johnson, giving Daniel Cormier the edge.


But wait, there’s more! Besides being his own PR man, Jones is still finding time to fit in his controversial Crossfit, with an even more controversial title to boot, “Bring on the juice jokes”.

We get it. He’s a young dynamic fighter in his prime, who can’t fight. All that energy and downtime has to go somewhere. However, it seems Jon Jones is a guy that likes to jump into things without thinking, and even before being exonerated he’s already out enticing controversy. In the name of Jon Jones fans everywhere, “go sit down somewhere”, please.

Even if his hearing with USADA goes well, Jones still has to clear one last hurdle before he can get back in the cage, a Nov. 10th hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The NSAC isn’t beholden to whatever decision the USADA arbitration will yield and could well suspend Jones despite his tainted supplement explanation.

*Update, Jon Jones’s case was heard in front of 3 arbitrators this Monday in a 10 hr session, but no decision was made. Jones’s lawyer has requested an expedited decision that they hope will come back before Nevada Athletic Commission hearing on Nov 10th. No decision has been made.

What do you guys thinks of Jones’s recent activity? Is this a sign of his continuing immaturity or is he just doing him? Hit us up in the comments section below.



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