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Jon Jones Just Cannot Stop Being an Idiot Behind the Wheel

Following Jon Jones‘ most recent traffic-related mishap — which saw “Bones” break a pregnant woman’s arm in a 3 car accident, flee the scene, get stripped of his belt, slapped with a 6-month suspension from the UFC and 18 months of probation — it seemed as if the troubled champion maybe, finally, had seen the err of his ways. He spoke with yoots about the dangers of…being a moron, I think, and attempted to explain himself in a lengthy interview with Ariel Helwani. He seemed remorseful…honest to God remorseful.

Or at least, that’s how it appeared. Cut to end of last month, when a clean and sober Jones still managed to find himself on the wrong end of the law do to, you guessed it, a vehicle-related offense.

Details after the jump.

Specifically, Jones was cited by a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Deputy for driving without a license, registration and insurance on Jan. 31. Albuquerque’s KRQE News 13 first broke the news late Sunday night, claiming that Jones would appear in traffic court on Wednesday.

Of course, with Jones’ return bout against Daniel Cormier having recently been made official, media members began to speculate whether or not his latest infraction would result in a violation of his aforementioned probation, once again landing “Bones” in hot water. Fortunately for Jones, it appears that it will not, as Jones’ rep told MMAJunkie that Jones was “fully licensed and insured.” Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa, followed up in an interview with The MMA Hour, stating that Jones’ violation was “not a big deal.”

Earlier today, Jones’ punishment was handed down for what has been labeled “failing to report police contact and tickets,” via MMAFighting. The punishment in question? Three days of community service.

Bernalillo County district attorney spokesperson Kayla Anderson, though, said that the DA would not pursue formal probation violation charges again Jones.

Anderson said that any sanctions on Jones would come from the Probation & Parole department, which falls under the New Mexico Corrections Department. That department did not seem Jones’ citations worthy of any additional punishment, adding the three community service days only because Jones failed to report his police contact and traffic tickets.

In case you’re wondering, the man himself doesn’t seem all that busted up about it. First, he took to Twitter to poke fun at us media types who might consider his repeated run-ins with the law “newsworthy.” You know, like a bunch of goofs.

Nest, he went on Instagram to further taunt us in an Allen Iverson-esque rant.

“I’m about to win a title in a few weeks and they’re talking about tickets.”

Let me stop you right there, Jon. On a surface level, you’re right, we’re probably devoting far too much thought to the fact that you were pulled over and cited for a minor (and common) infraction. What you seem to be misunderstanding, however, is that what seems to be driving this story is:

1) Your lengthy history of vehicle-related infractions
2) Your apparent lack of remorse for said infractions, and
3) Your complete inability to learn from them

You see, Jon, you’ve been establishing something of a pattern in recent years, which leads many of us to believe that it will only be a matter of time before you slip up again. For the sake of both yourself and the unknowing drivers you may harm during one of these slip-ups, we’d prefer to see you keep off the roads entirely, hence our concern when your name pops up in even the most minor of vehicle-related citations.

And look, I get it, we’re only covering your latest infraction to drive up (excuse the pun) hits on our websites, not because we actually care about the next person you might sideswipe. But at the same time, does Uber not exist in New Mexico? Lyft, maybe? Does a guy with as much money as you, and one with such a clear history of driving-related incidents, really need to drive everywhere he goes? It just seems like common sense at a certain point.

In any case, Jones’ rematch with light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier will still go on as scheduled at UFC 197.

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