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Jon Jones to Serve as Daytona 500 Race Official, For Some Reason

(You might look at this picture and see a black guy and a white rabbit. But all I see is two cool friends, hanging out. / Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Weinberg)

It was recently announced that UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones would be participating as an honorary race official for the 2012 Daytona 500, which goes down this Sunday, February 26th, at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida, and will be broadcast on FOX. “I am thrilled to be able to serve as honorary race official at this year’s Daytona 500, NASCAR’s premier event,” Jones said in a press release. “Like the UFC, NASCAR has a passionate and knowledgeable fan base, and I am honored that I will get to share this experience with them.”

It’s funny…when you think of who the UFC might want to represent them at a high-profile NASCAR race, you’d probably assume it would be a woodsy outdoorsman, or an outspoken right-wing patriot. A white guy, is what I’m saying. Then again, Jones is hands-down one of the UFC’s biggest stars, and he adds some racial diversity to a sporting event that desperately needs it. And I mean desperately.

In case you don’t follow stock-car racing, there haven’t been any black drivers in the highest levels of the sport since Bill Lester left NASCAR in 2007. The Sprint Cup Series has recognized that this is a problem, and has tried to make up for it by launching their Drive for Diversity program, and hiring Lenny Kravitz to perform at Sunday’s pre-race show. So between Jones and Kravitz, they’ve already got 1.5 African-Americans in public positions at the Daytona 500.

So what will Jones be doing in his honorary role? We’re not exactly sure. He definitely won’t be starting the race, though — that honor goes to WWE veteran John Cena. Forget the racial angle for a minute, and consider that UFC champions are still dealing with a different glass ceiling. No matter how successful you become as a cage-fighter, you’re still a second-class citizen compared to an aging pro wrestler. Shame on you, society.


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 01:43

    The bunny looks like he is about to tear his fact off.
  2. ccman Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 01:56

    I fail to see a 'need' for diversity in anything. If they can't find a black person who can drive well enough to compete oh fucking well. If they don't have black fans because of it I would say the bigotry would be on blacks not comfortable cheering for a white driver. Force fed this crap is obnoxious ang glaringly one directional.
  3. bootystar Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 02:25

    I heard that the ufc was gonna replace Chandella with Dream Queen Monica Santhiago
  4. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 02:48

    Jon Jones is such a fag.
  5. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 03:22

    feed your head, Jon. Feed your head.
  6. Todd M Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 07:18

    Great article, from the caption to the PC '1.5 African Americans', funny stuff.
  7. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 07:24

    John Cena is going to be starting the Race as well I believe so maybe John Cena will give Jones tips on how to set up an STFU on Evans? Unlikely but it's a long shot.
  8. UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones to Take Part in Daytona 500 – Heavy.com - MMA Fighting Results Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 08:28

    [...] Cagepotato [...]
  9. Jon Jones to Serve as Daytona 500 Race Official, For Some Reason – Cagepotato | MMA News Press Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 08:42

    [...] Cagepotato [...]
  10. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 09:59

    Where do the years go, Cena is now an ageing pro wrestler,
  11. UFCFightBlogger Says:

    Tue, 02/21/12 - 11:03

    FOX is really pushing the UFC into its programming which is a great idea to attract new fans. If NASCAR fans are into the WWE, it will be a natural transition into MMA. Jones is a very good ambassador for the sport. Hopefully it pays off. Check out this link about Jones http://www.ufcfightblogger.com/news/jon-jones-honorary-race-official-daytona-500/
  12. Machineboi Says:

    Wed, 02/22/12 - 05:50

    @CCman No dumbass its the fact that nobody gives a shit to race cars in a circle.Your whole post leaks stupidity in its rawest form.Reverse racism the default technique among Aryan newbs. Try again man.
  13. Shaky Says:

    Wed, 02/22/12 - 07:08

    ^ this Nascar is dumb. I'm not really into motorsports but surely you would watch F1 or the World Rally Championships. F1 is the pinnacle of motor engineering and Rally has the most challenging courses. Nascar? Racing around a circle...uh ok... Also agree on the reverse racism point - such a backwards way of looking at things. How about none of us be racist in either direction? Cool? The whole "political correctness gone mad" argument is so stupid as well. People who are against any form of political correctness just want the ability to say racist, predjudiced things unchecked like they used to do, if it is hurtful or negative, all the better - why should they care right? Who would want to be nice to other people?
  14. ccman Says:

    Wed, 02/22/12 - 09:23

    Sorry boi (fyi, that's how boy is generally spelled in reference to effeminate gay men). Saying there is a need for diversity in a sport is wrong. If a particular group has no interest in something that's there problem. And further saying reverse racism is Aryan whatever is pretty blind of you as evidenced by mayweathers lastest, actually every fucking word. Jump into modern times, if your capable your only block is you.
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