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Jon Jones Unhurt After Crashing His Ride, Other Motorist Not So Lucky

(Couple hours later, the owner of an Albuquerque body shop tweeted: “Affluent fighter dude needs complete rebuild on front driver’s side of Chrysler 300. GOD IS GOOD!” PicProps: @JonnyBones)

What is with these young people today and crashing their cars just before big fights? UFC light heavyweight prospect Jon Jones smashed up his Chrysler 300 on Wednesday afternoon while he and a carload of teammates were on their way to a dog park in between training sessions, according to the fighter’s own Twitter account. Jones was uninjured and his upcoming fight with Ryan Bader will reportedly not be effected. One partly hilarious, partly dreadful but altogether telling side note to this is that Jones immediately jumped on his Twitter after the wreck to declare “GOD IS GOOD” … even though he later admitted a woman in the other car left the scene on a stretcher.

"I just got into a car accident, police said it wasn’t my fault,” Jones wrote, in a compilation of tweets courtesy of MMA Mania. “I walked away without a scratch, GOD IS GOOD…. Hopefully, I get blessed with one of the fight bonuses, my insurance hasn’t kicked in yet and I may have just taken a major loss… Everyone’s okay, me and some teammates were on our way to the dog park in between practices, good thing we were all wearing our seatbelts. I refuse to allow this situation to steal my joy, the fight will go on."

Then, an hour later, in response to the question “Other person OK?” from one of his followers, Jones tweeted: “I really hope so, she was taken away on a stretcher.”

So, there you have it folks: God is good … to Jon Jones. Course, we knew that already, didn’t we?


  1. jackinnerbox Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:33

    God must be a UFC fan...
  2. destinationblood Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:38

    nissan honda chevy, nissan honda chevy.......
  3. jackinnerbox Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:42

    If God is a UFC fan...I bet he still hates Tito Ortiz..
  4. Kellenavalanche Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:42

    Man this guy is starting to get on my nerves. Like, OMG, God is dead dude.
  5. El Famous Burrito Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:49

    Yes! An extra McNugget fell in the bag with my fries! GOD IS GOOD!
  6. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:52

    Fucking Leban and his wigs...
  7. O Chan Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 08:54

    F'g A... Women drivers.
  8. Nealio Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:00

    "my insurance hasn't kicked in yet and I may have just taken a major loss"..?? Brand new pimped out car with no insurance... Sounds like the kid has his priorities straight...
  9. ytrebil Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:02

    That's what I can't work out - is it not illegal to not have insurance in the US? In the UK you can't drive without insurance legally. Jon Jones comes across as a complete prick in this. Another reason to root for Bader.
  10. MyDonkeyPunch Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:03

    Just like the Tonya Harding scandal, Bader hired an assailant to take out Jones but failed miserably.
  11. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:07

    @ytrebil Yes it's illegal not to have insurance on your car in the US. Also, every insurance company I know starts your coverage the second you sign with them and make your first payment. You can print your proof of insurance from your computer to have it instantly. On another note, you can't help but be thankful that you and your friends were unharmed in the accident, and I'm sure that's what he meant when he proclaimed God's Goodness... just not a great way of saying it...
  12. Douchey McDoucherton Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:09

    I'm pretty sure he was slowly driving past a building Bader was in when this happened.
  13. knucklesamitch Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:14

    2 things that need explaining...How the eff was he driving uninsured...Dealers don't even let you leave the lot without proof of insurance. 2nd, insurance or not, he shouldn't have to pay for the damage if the accident wasn't his fault, that tab is picked up by the womans insurance.
  14. DDT Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:14

    Dude, that was a close one. I'll be so sad if this fight doesn't make it.
  15. Morningwood Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:16

    dog park? bullshit they were on their way to score some roids or something else they don't want to admit to. Who goes to a dog park with out a dog? Especially multiple dudes? Something's up with that story.
  16. Morningwood Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:19

    @knucklesamich If he doesn't have insurance the whole situation is his fault because he was on the road illegally. Well, at least in Minnesota that's how it works. Sadly, I have personal knowledge on it.
  17. BONGTAR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:26

    God Schmod. Are you still believing in fairly tales and super heros? Get the fuck over it, and yourself. Devine bullshit is what it all is. PUH - fucking - LEEZ.
  18. LOKI Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:28

    Proof yet again that god hates young black men with money.
  19. BoJimbo Spice Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:29

    I think it's 'affected' not 'effected'. Check your mailbox for barbie teaches typing.
  20. scumbag Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:31

    you should not say things just to sound smart. I live in a state where as long as you own your car outright you do not need to have insurance. I usually do not post but the idiocy and repearted confirmation of such idiocy forced me to create a new password and tell it how it is. Jones was not smart for having no insurance but he is smarter than people who say things when they obviously don't know the real answer. what do they "open your mouth and prove yourself a fool"
  21. scumbag Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:34

  22. Rongsxr Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:35

    I like the guys fighting style but shut up already with the god shit! Saying god is good while the other person was taken away on a stretcher is pathetic, why did god choose you to be ok and not the other person? Maybe the other person is more religious than you, why wouldn't god be on their side too. Why would he pick you to win a fight over your opponent? Too much hypocrisy for me.
  23. dthrckt Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:48

    @GILL-uh-TEEN - you are wrong - if you don't KNOW something is a fact, stfu. In case you are not sure - situations where you would say 'you think' and 'you heard' qualify for stfu. Or... at least qualify your nonsense with those statements. @ytrebil There is no federal (US) requirement for auto insurance. Some states do not require auto insurance, for example, New Hampshire. I was under the impression JJ trains in NY, which does require auto insurance, but what he said was it hadn't kicked in yet - iow, they haven't paid him. That would imply he is insured. FYI, if there is a lien on your vehicle, ie the bank owns it and lets you drive it while you make payments, it is pretty hard to get around having insurance, including comprehensive and collision coverage.
  24. Chromium Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:49

    It's state-by-state but in most states you can take your new car or new used car home without insurance (I think it's still insured under the seller at that point) but you have to purchase it before you drive anywhere else (you can get it over the phone the same day and it kicks in before you get the official documents in the mail). So in most states at least, you pretty much need it to drive. Maybe New Mexico is different I guess?
  25. scumbag Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:55

    @ dickt, and chrmium even more, saying something after somebody right above you already said it doesnt make you seem any smarter than those other know it alls
  26. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:00

    Jon Jones was driving in the state of Grace. There is no insurance, you're either guilty or not, according to what God says. So in this case, God (in the guise of a police officer) declared him not guilty, thus Jones praised him by saying "God is Good" - and gave him two seats to the next UFC.
  27. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:28

    Can't we argue more about Jon Jones and religion? That seems a less contentious topic than the finer points of state by state auto insurance laws.
  28. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 10:52

    Kellenavalanche Says: Thu, 01/20/2011 - 19:42 Man this guy is starting to get on my nerves. Like, OMG, God is dead dude. BONGTAR Says: Thu, 01/20/2011 - 20:26 God Schmod. Are you still believing in fairly tales and super heros? Get the fuck over it, and yourself. Devine bullshit is what it all is. PUH - fucking - LEEZ. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 loser atheists say what? fuck both you douchebags. eat a bag of God dicks! fuck johnny dumbass jones, he drives like he fights, out of control. moron.....just like these 2 fucktards I just mentioned above.
  29. KarmaAteMyCat Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:01

    God is good to me to as well.
  30. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:04

    If aliens touched down and read a few CP articles they'd surmise God is good for providing country breakfast and God is bad for driving while black. Tune in a couple of weeks, aliens, to see if God is a good cornerman when facing Anderson Silva.
  31. anderson wanderlei paulo thiago alves silva Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:09

    jones and belfort should fight each other over who gets to thank god.
  32. GILL-uh-TEEN Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:12

    @dthrckt "...but what he said was it hadn't kicked in yet - iow, they haven't paid him." "Hopefully, I get blessed with one of the fight bonuses, my insurance hasn't kicked in yet and I may have just taken a major loss…" If he's covered, as you confidently imply, why would he 'take a major loss'? He already said he wasn't in the wrong so HIS insurance doesn't have anything to do with it (the other person's will pay for it) unless he doesn't have any at all.
  33. DangadaDang Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:22

    Actually Loki I think it's proof that women are responsible for 100 percent of all traffic accidents
  34. myklhoey Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:36

    @Douchey McDoucherton that was phukin funny, had me lafin good. @draino kills i hear ya, to the people who say GOD is dead, id like to know how you came to this conclusion, im sure like you spent countless hours in theology and physics. and now let the hate come. my faveret thing about cp is you can say the nicest thing and people will smash the shit out of you, not that im sayin anything nice, i say fuck you, execpt to the the few i like, well really douchey has talked shit to me befor, but his post was still funny, so please please dont dissappoint smash and bask and let the hate spew forth, im guilty to i no
  35. Palmtreeguy Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:39

    Dog Park = Dog Racing Track. They were going to gamble some coin on some greyhounds.
  36. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:55

    ^^^ Dog Park = Dog Fighting pit. Mike Vick was in town to have some fun with Jonny Bones.
  37. MediocreThreat Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 11:58

    Wow that car wreck was so disrespectful.. id love to give him a slap in the fender...Dominating someone's in a car in a wreck is 1 thing, looking to simply humiliate them is another..Traditional car wrecks always seemed to show honor and respect.. Anyways what's done is done, I'm headed to the gym to make sure nothing like that ever happens to me...again.
  38. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:06

    Drainokills, thanks for reaffirming my disbelief in god. Maybe you were trying to be ironic. But I doubt it.
  39. Sniffer-Piffits Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:09

    If someone doesn't eat pork because of their religeon do people say, "Come on! Eat some fucking pork already! No body cares that your gos says don't eat pork beacause God is dead!"? No. So why do we rip on Christians for declaring their love and faith for God? A big part of Christianity is not do deny your faith because of who is around you or the situation you are in. He's not trying to convert anyone or telling anyone they have to believe what he does, just proclaiming his faith in God.I'm sure I'll catch hell for this post, but whether you believe or not, you should at least know what it is you say you don't believe.
  40. mmanimal Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:11

    Morningwood, you have a point (pun intended). The dog park story doesn’t add up. By the way, I love the God/no-god outrage—who gives a shit if JJ loves him some (pretend) God? Lots of famous athletes praise their God, probably because they’re not sad people like us posting on MMA websites. God or no-god, we all have our illusions—pretending you don’t only shows your ignorance, especially when ripping off Nietzsche’s “God is dead.”
  41. budsellers Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:12

    if the lady could not tell her own story of the accident, then how can a cop determine the truth of who caused the accident?
  42. budsellers Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:29

    @sniffer - when you are not receiving sponsorship dollars in the same moment that you are proudly proclaiming your faith, that is true. i am not saying this guy is a fake, but only christians, who agree with your point, care that he is a outspoken christian. i am not sure how many christians actually agree with your point though. i am sure there are sponsors who agree or like that in their athletes. the cynic in me suspects the reasons for for praising god during the brief moment you have to share yourself on the mic with joe rogan is marketing.
  43. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:29

    Uh....sniffer. the issue isn't that he beleives in god, the issue is that he proclaims that god is great (or thanked god) and then casually admits later that the lady in the other car got taken away in an ambulance. One of the main ideas of christianity is to put others ahead of yourself. Mr. Jones seems to not understand this or has forgotten this.
  44. Sniffer-Piffits Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:47

    @budsellers I'm not saying that everyone who praises God after an accomplishment is genuine ( i.e. every gangster rapper in the world). I'm just saying that we shouldn't rip him for him expressing his beliefs. Also, I don't think its wrong to praise God when you are being paid by sponsors. Even pastors get paid. I do think some do it for attention and for other wrong reasons, but I think he is genuine. Maybe I misunderstood your comment and my comment doesn't fit what you were saying, so if I did, I apologize. @twoleftfeet He thanked God for his own safety. His own end to this circumstance. I don't have a problem with that. Just like I thank God for my wife and kids. I don't feel like I should feel bad for thanking him for them even though there are people who have lost their wife or kids. Also, this is my opinion and if it doesn't fit with what you were saying I'm sorry. I know I'm not the smartest man, but I praise God I'm not any dumber! lol God IS good.
  45. RSparrow Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 12:50

    God in sports = Stupid.
  46. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 01:01

    If I was thanking a God for marketing purposes I'd sure as hell be thanking the Messiah*(coming of the Messiah? Not sure how that works exactly) even if I was a Gentile. I'll take that Zionist money all day, playa.. *Perhaps Zenu, God of the Hollywood Stars. Tom Cruise/Big Willy Smith money is fine by me too, nawmsayin.
  47. irish brawler Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 01:43

    I suppose that safe auto insurance sponsor was appropriate..
  48. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 02:04

    twoleftfeet Says: Thu, 01/20/2011 - 23:06 Drainokills, thanks for reaffirming my disbelief in god. Maybe you were trying to be ironic. But I doubt it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the ONLY thing you "reaffirmed" was you are a stupid cocksucker, but don't worry, I think we all see that, and saw that before you opened your stupid atheist mouth. Maybe you were trying to be cool, cause it seems thats the "cool thing to do is a be a douchebag GOD hater, but what it makes you is a loser. If you don't believe in God then go take a fucking flying leap off a cliff, after all the next step of "life" wont be in heaven or hell for you I guess you will just come back, maybe as an ant......yeah that would suit you. Insignificant in your second life as you are in your first. Fuck off.
  49. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 02:13

    @sniffer Think of it this way. You and your child are in a car crash. You are ok but your child is badly injured. While you might very well thank god that you were unharmed, ii doubt you would do so without addressing the health of your child first. This situation is really no different. If Jones was really being a good christian, or just a good person in general, he shoulve probaly showed a little more concern for the lady taken away on a stretcher and not his own personal well being
  50. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 02:20

    @draino Please explain how I can not believe in god and hate him at the same time?
  51. budsellers Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 03:09

    @drainokills - you appear to be very pissed off about people stating their own opinions on the internet. you also seem to really dislike anyone who does not share your beliefs. however, we do not believe in god so how can we hate him/her/it? just because a person does not believe in your god is no reason to automatically call them names and it is certainly not true that anyone who does not believe in god is a god hater. we do not hate santa or the tooth fairy either. this is what is wrong with our country(usa). just because we disagree on issues or beliefs is no reason to be a hater, incite violence or use hateful rhetoric.
  52. dthrckt Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 03:16

    GILL-uh-TEEN You're asking me to speculate on why Jon Jones might think he won't receive an insurance settlement? And then you state he won't have to worry about it because someone else will pay? Obviously he isn't sure how it will work out. You were wrong, so you try to fault what i said. Grow up. Since, once again you are wrong about insurance. The other driver, if insured, may have had property damage coverage, but in a collision w/ two vehicles, his insurance company will pay him and they will try to recover the cost from the other insurance company. Dude, try to speculate on topics you know something about and you won't get flamed...
  53. Get Off Me Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 03:22

    Gotta quarter tank of gas' In my new E class' But that's O.K.' Cause I'm gon ride'
  54. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 03:35

    I know why draino is so pissed off, I forgot to wish him luck as the new gov of alabama
  55. DangadaDang Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 04:06

    Draino I say this having never met you but, aren''t you a little old to still have an imaginary friend?
  56. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 05:08

    What I don't get is why it is a personal affront to so many people when someone thanks God? Who gives a shit if he thanks God? It isn't like he attacked your belief system, and called you stupid, like you are doing to him for saying something pretty innocuous. And I'm not particularly religious myself, but I see no reason to be offended if someone wants to thank God, or believe in God, or anything else, so long as they aren't using that as a reason to fly some fucking planes into some fucking buildings. Jon Jones isn't hurting me by believing what he believes, so why should I be irritated if he says something about his beliefs? So I can totally understand where drano's anger is coming from. And yes, that is how you spell drano. There is no fucking 'i' in it! It is right there in his name, spelled correctly.
  57. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 05:59

    @rwilsonr Sorry I misspelled an imaginary word. And while I'm at it sorry for all the words I will misspell in the future. I don't see that anyone was personally offended that jon jones thanked god,just that the timing seems odd or inapprprite. I said my piece earlier so I won't repeat it. So let me get this straight, dranos anger and name calling is justified by his perception that some people were offended when jon jones thanked god? Isn't that the definition of two wrongs don't make a right? I can tell you this much, that not wwjd.
  58. Viva Hate Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 06:13

    Wait, I think I am experiencing deja vu, was the woman prego? Was there a police chase? How many energy drinks did he consume?
  59. RwilsonR Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 06:39

    @ twoleft - to your credit, you came into the argument after the people who were personally irritated and offended already expressed their piece. I understand the point about Jones' statement being inappropriate based on the woman injured, since it was made in the article itself. I don't really agree, but whatever. But there are a lot of people who hate anyone who dares to give any thanks to God or Jesus for any reason. I just don't get that. And drano is always pleasantly angry, and that's one of the thigs we like best about him.
  60. twoleftfeet Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 07:25

    @ rwilsonr That's one of the things YOU like about him. I don't think everybody would agree with ya. Although I have to admit sometimes his bag o dicks line will make me chuckle. I agree there are some people who react poorly to public displays of religion. but if drano takes offense to this he fails to understand the religon or god he is supposedly defending. I don't know why I still engage with him, I guess I trying to figure out if he is just playing a character or if he is the next jared from tuscon.
  61. dranokills Says:

    Thu, 01/20/11 - 09:46

    DangadaDang Says: Fri, 01/21/2011 - 03:06 Draino I say this having never met you but, aren''t you a little old to still have an imaginary friend? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- seriously you and you non believer friend tweddledick can both eat a huge bag of dicks. I hate douchebags like you 2. You say stupid shit and when you get told, you come back with even lamer stupid shit. fuck off. I dont have to even be angry to tell you how much you are both offensive morons who talk the dumbest shit ever. take the hint, fuck off, and stay fucked off. If your excuse for not believing in God is how I react to your goofy talk, then you are looking for excuses. You have nothing else to offer this board towards the subject matter so all you got left is to fuck with someones religious beliefs, that makes you a douchebag and you cant reverse that on me. have fun being total douches both of you, hell or 3 or 4 of you that said that stupid shit.
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