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‘Jones vs. Matyushenko’ Aftermath — End of Night Bonuses, ‘Fighting American’, and the Bones vs. Toney Dream Fight

(That reminds us, if you’re ever sitting next to Jon Jones on an airplane and his elbow is crowding your armrest, you’d better just let him have it. Photo courtesy of

— $40,000 performance bonuses were handed out to some very worthy recipients after last night’s UFC Live: Jones vs. Matyushenko event. Scoring the Knockout of the Night bonus was Takanori Gomi, who starched Tyson Griffin 64 seconds into their fight with a sledgehammer right hook. The Submission of the Night went to Charles Oliveira, who owned Darren Elkins with a masterful triangle-armbar in another dramatic quick finish during the prelims. Fight of the Night bonuses went to Brian Stann and Mike Massenzio for their unaired preliminary bout. Stann battled back from an early deficit to finish Massenzio via third-round triangle choke. It was the first submission win of Stann’s career.

— Despite his through ass-kicking of Vladimir Matyushenko, Jon Jones is doing his best to stay humble and not let his ever-growing hype influence him. As he said during the post-event press conference:

"To be honest, [the expectations] really do bother me. It makes me really nervous sometimes. I was starting to beat up myself and say, ‘OK, not only do I need to win this fight, but I have to impress people and look spectacular. Like (WEC champ) Jose Aldo, he came out and every fight was so sweet. Man, he doesn’t have a bad fight. I was starting to give myself that same type of pressure.

"I talked to my mentors and my coaches, and they’re like, ‘Hey, Jon – listen. You do this for yourself. You lose a fight, all this media and all this hype train is going to be done, so don’t even worry about the train. There is no train. You do this for your family, and you do this for yourself. Mainly, you do this to have fun…

"My mom used to say, ‘God don’t like ugly, Jon. Being cocky sucks. I’m just really aware that there’s a lot of better fighters out there still. There’s some guys with great jiu-jitsu, great wrestling, great striking. I haven’t really proven myself against a top-five contender, so I really no have real way to think I’m the man."

Still, Jones repeated his wish that he get a "top three" opponent in his next outing. He also suggested that he might move up to heavyweight at some point:

"And now I actually have a heavyweight that I wouldn’t mind fighting. That’s James Toney – ‘Mr. I’m going to slap Jon in the face.’ I’d bump up for that fight any day."

— Also after the event, Takanori Gomi explained what he meant when he said he now knows how to "fight American":

"There was (doubt) just in terms of fighting in the States. I’m established at home, but I was wondering, ‘Am I really going to make it here?’…I basically mastered the way that you have to switch over from the Japanese emotional style of fighting to the American emotion. We tend to be maybe a little bit more subtle. I had to do that, and then there was sort of a release that I could let myself go and get a little bit more emotional."

— The judge who gave the Okami vs. Munoz fight to Munoz? Cecil Peoples, obvi.

— Below: Greg Jackson gives his wrap-up of the night, and says that even though Jon Jones had a very loose gameplan (because he’s an artist), it was "almost freaky" how closely he followed what they had in mind for the fight.


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MoTropolis- August 3, 2010 at 7:04 am
@ JUbbie

When it occurred, it kinda looked like a slip, and the same happened to Okami in the round before that I think, where he got clocked but it kinda looked like he tripped a little, if I remember correctly. Thats all I can think of.
Dick_Gozenya- August 3, 2010 at 1:56 am
@ ferndly lione

You know, you're probably right in that respect. I honestly would trust Herb Dean's in-ring perspective more than my at home TV perspective. Herb is really consistent with his calls and has proven himself on numerous occasions unlike some of the other hysterical mother-hen types. I still lean more towards the Japanese style of all-out combat reffing because you see people survive that somewhat higher level of violence and fighters have even survived the vale tudo days and lived to fight on. I thought it was hilarious in the Alvarez- Kawajiri fight when Alvarez thought he was finished and the ref made him go back and give him a couple more.
frndlylion- August 2, 2010 at 10:20 pm

I agree 100% Herb has saved a lot of fighters from serious damage over the years. Look at Mir vs. Kongo. If herb hadnt been right there checking him by pulling his arm to see if he was out that could have been fatal. Then there is the whole Mir hanging off of Tim Silvia's broken arm aspect. That arm could have been compound fractured instead of the simple green-stick type if he would have cranked that armbar harder. Herb saw the break and stopped it before that could happen.

For these and other reasons IMO if Herb Dean says a fight needs to stop then it needs to stop.
Jubbie- August 2, 2010 at 2:45 pm
He didn't complain when Dean stopped the fight either. I'm just guessing obviously but he probably knew he wouldn't be able to get out of that spot as his bucking would get progressively weaker the longer the fight went.

I see Sherdog noticed this moment as well but did anyone else think it was unusual how Joe/Mike completely ignored when Okami counterpunched Munoz down in the 3rd round? The other weird thing was how Okami didn't rush him with punches to try to finish it after which might be his (sometimes boring) calculating style that doesn't put him at risk ever.
RPS13- August 2, 2010 at 1:30 pm
cecil peoples is a hemorrhoid in mma's asshole
2DaDeath- August 2, 2010 at 1:27 pm
What a long comment, Dick!

(see what i did there?)
Dick_Gozenya- August 2, 2010 at 12:25 pm
I thought it was a relatively justified but early stoppage. I don't have to be an abrasive cocksucker to express my opinion, either. I personally would have liked to see another unanswered ten elbows and I would have been satisfied. Then again, I like MMA because it is as close to a real fight as you are going to get in a combat sport, not because it is a combat sport. In a real fight, where you are fighting against a complete unknown without rules or referees, you may have to battle through incredible adversity before you are able to turn the tables to deliver your own damage. A true martial artist must be aware and ready for these circumstances. A true martial artist will always be looking to end a fight as quickly as possible, as in battle there may immediately be another opponent, but will always be prepared for the eventuality that damage must be taken and that perseverance will be the way to victory. In that respect I am a proponent of later stoppages, within reason. The Finney-Cyborg was almost taking it a bit too far for me, but more so because of the glaring obviousness of the mismatch from the opening bell, not because she chose to answer the second bell. That was a warrior subjecting herself to a true martial test, to see where she really was with her skills and abilities. I feel like a lot of people actually do not realize what they are really seeing when they watch MMA. They see an entertaining sport, a competition between two sporting competitors, they want everyone to walk away healthy and happy. I see sportified combat, and in real combat damage is not only expected but is generally the ultimate goal. The people that participate in these sports certainly understand this. When I watch combat I believe it is inevitable that somebody will get hurt and injured, that is the entire point. That is why they are fighting, that is what a fight is, and I try to never lose sight of that. In real life you won't be guaranteed that there will be a ref there to break it up.
2DaDeath- August 2, 2010 at 12:00 pm
I can't help but ask, karma. How long were you livin in Rochester before you made the move to cheese-ville, usa?
KarmaAteMyCat- August 2, 2010 at 11:45 am
Herb Dean is the best referee in MMA, Fact.
macreadysshack- August 2, 2010 at 11:17 am
There was no mark from those elbows because they landed above Vlady's ear - above his hairline. I bet he has a Doomsday's eye sized lump there today. You guys who thought that was an early stoppage must really hate Vlady.
KarmaAteMyCat- August 2, 2010 at 11:05 am

See here I was preparing the same thing you posted essentially a lot of people talk hype about upstate New York and the potential of fighters we bring to the table. You just wait till they decide to pull there heads out of there asses in the New York assembly and the talent from good Ol'New York will flow right out the veins and into the MMA world. Well said sir well said.
Lysol- August 2, 2010 at 11:01 am
@ FreddyFangers:

It's also painfully obvious that any 30 year old virgin who lives in his mommy's basement can leave grammar correcting comments on here, too
Nintendong- August 2, 2010 at 10:52 am

Spot on, mate.

Seriously, I have no idea what fight these other turds were watching.
FreddyFangers- August 2, 2010 at 10:37 am
Hey CP,
I think "THOROUGH" is the word you are looking for. Its painfully obvious that anyone can be a MMA writer at this point...
AkilleeZ- August 2, 2010 at 10:37 am

I couldn't have said it better myself. Herb saved Vlad from unnecessary damage. He wasn't going anywhere.
RwilsonR- August 2, 2010 at 10:31 am
I agree with deadpanda. Should Herb Dean have waited until Vladdy had broken orbital and cheek bones? It may not have been the greatest stoppage ever, but Vlad was headed toward nothing but serious facial damage if it continued. I don't like the idea of simply winning by superior position, and I really didn't like the stoppages when Werdum beat Vera and Florian beat Lauzon simply by having a full mount (even though I think both fights had the eventual winner winning). But Vlad was taking those shots unprotected, and made no effort to get out, and had no real opportunity, either.

@ Rex, why the gut revulsion to Jones? I know you're coming around, but is it simply because he narc'd on guys in college and because he is Christian? I mean, the guy wanted to be a cop, and he thought he was doing the right thing. That isn't so bad. And his God talk doesn't dominate every interview, or his post-fight statements. I'm no Christian myself, but it seems to me strange how people really don't like hearing Christians express any of their Christian thoughts in public. I know Matt Hughes' passing out bibles and saying he is Esther is a bit much, but Jones has said much less about God than Fedor, and nobody seems to give Fedor crap about this. Just a little strange to me.
Smitty- August 2, 2010 at 10:25 am
Some of you guys kill me thinkin you know better than the pros. Give it a rest please. You sound like a professional hater. There's no such thing as a "hype train". The media makes up these words and ideas, and some of you idiots actually believe what they say. Jones is a good fighter with some of the most unique and devastating strikes in the business. That a fact. I happen to like watching him fight, and so do you haters or you wouldn't have tuned in. Hypocrites!!!
Get Off Me- August 2, 2010 at 10:05 am
Way to set the record straight...I suppose some people would have liked to see a Gary Goodridge elbow fiesta to a trapped opponent, but I am very glad Herb stepped in when he did. Jones hit Vlad enough and the strikes we right to the side/back of the head(not illegal per say) and who knows if one of those could have cracked Vlad's skull if it would have kept going.

I noticed one thing in particular with Jones that worried me however.
Jones is still growing into his body, not filled out yet for sure, much like Anderson Silva, he has long skinny shins, I don't want to see him Pele Landis Johns v. B.Gassaway in the future.
Other than that, this guy has the same X-Factor as GSP, the Athleticism that trumps strong BJJ, wrestling and striking alone. I think Jones likes the ground more and more now, so to me a great next opponent would be Mr.Wonderful if he wins his next fight. The whole top 3-5 thing has gone to shit as everybody is busy with bouts coming up.
Deadpanda- August 2, 2010 at 9:17 am
Matyushenko; a guy known for out wrestling the Hammer House crew in their own wrestling hay-day, a 13 year veteran, owner of a 24-4 - 85% winning record (24-5 now) just got destroyed.

"That's not destroyed, those were little girl elbows, bla bla bla!"

Fuck Sticks.... have you ever been elbowed flush in the head by a 205lb man who trains to elbow people in the fucking head?! Yeah? maybe? What about 10 times?! Vlad wasn't going anywhere & if Herb Dean had let that fight go on any longer it would have just fucked up Vlad's head & brain.

So let's revisit the fight:
In less than 2 minutes, Bones, didn't get hit, landed every strike he threw, took an 'better' wrestler to his back, passed that wrestler's guard, established the crucifix mount (Ya'll realize that if Bones didn't manhandle Vlad on the ground that Vlad would have swept him during the transition?) and then delivered 10 hard (watch the replay, Jones was rowing through those elbows) unanswered blows to the head....

Yeah... it's aaaaall hype train... you fucking idiots.
(Obviously, if you didn't say any of the things I talked about, I'm not referring to you as an idiot, though if you have to read this blurb explaining that I'm not talking to you, you might be.)
Jazzninja- August 2, 2010 at 8:45 am
Im sorry but what is a 'glancing elbow'. Pretty much all elbows are glancing... that is their nature especially when the other guy's head is on the floor and can't move away. So what you are saying to try and describe the elbows as weak actually reveals how damaging they were. Dean is a good ref. It was a good stoppage.
justscrappin- August 2, 2010 at 8:20 am
Yeah...I thought that too....he wasn't doing any real damage...but you have to better your position to not get tko'd...and ol'vladdy doesnt have the flexibility to kick his legs up and get out of that position obviously. He rolled right over and didn't look rocked at all when it was called. That position is really hard to escape cuz of the control the top guy has...but as any experienced grappler knows...when you focus on can't generate the power to strike effectively. That is the give and take in grappling...and why you see lnp artists like a Shields or GSP get the win..but why they don't knock people out. Personally...I'm a counter grappler...and can't stand the stalling. Being stuck under such control sucks...but if you relax...and wait till they load up to really throw a strike or go for a can get out. In timed fights however...that isn't always an option.
One Two- August 2, 2010 at 8:01 am
by thourough ass kicking you mean two glancing elbows that didn't hurt or leave a mark than yeah that was an ass kicking, one of the weakest stoppages in the history of MMA.
justscrappin- August 2, 2010 at 7:54 am
ooooh jonneeeee...your elbooos are so legal.
Viva Hate- August 2, 2010 at 7:37 am
Jones +12-6 for learning to trhow legal elbows
VisitingDeadAncestors- August 2, 2010 at 7:36 am
Jon Jones "Roy-Nelson"-ed that guy, minus the moonbelly.