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Six Other Seth Rogen/James Franco Films That Should’ve Been Canceled

Josh Barnett: “How’s Taste My Big Pee-Pee?”

This is officially an MMA catch phrase now. Thanks, Andrei Arlovski (via MMA Rated). Whether you knew what you were saying or not, you have indeed given us a wonderful gift. Even Josh Barnett‘s saying it. He’s also talking about how much he loves British metal band Bolt Thrower, which he likens to “being surrounded by an army of guitars and having your skull crushed.” Sweet.


  1. Andrew Says:

    Sat, 07/19/08 - 09:53

    I have a new appreciation for Josh Barnett. The dude is funny.
  2. Jeff Says:

    Sat, 07/19/08 - 10:10

    Am i seeing things or is he wearing an Extreme Couture shirt???...............interesting
  3. Aryan Says:

    Sat, 07/19/08 - 10:36

  4. leo laporte Says:

    Sat, 07/19/08 - 11:56

    If Ariel is smart he will cash in with the fad. Peepeepee t-shirts with a big nose, short hair geek with a mike interviewing a hairy werewolf and the catch phrase. I must have received dozens of IMs from friends the past few days starting off or ending conversations that way. Listen to Barnett talk and then Rampage/Lidell and you can tell who has gotten hit in the head too often.
  5. Asian Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 12:52

    Wtf Leo Laporte watches mma?
  6. MEXICO Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 02:02

    Great fighter!
  7. Clue-by-Four Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 04:15

    Josh is always entertaining. I'm glad we'll be seeing more of him.
  8. Earl Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 11:36

    Bolt Thrower have been around for more than 20 yrs. Got a chick bass player to boot. RAWK!
  9. madne0 Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 02:07

    Josh Barnett certainly has great taste in music. Bolt Thrower rules!
  10. aha Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 02:59

    josh barnnets allways been one of the most lighthearted guys in mma
  11. poplar table Says:

    Wed, 07/09/14 - 07:05

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