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Junie Browning ‘Somewhat Embarrassed’ By TUF Behavior

(Hey Kunta.)

When I heard Junie Allen Browning was doing a TUF blog for, I had to check it out to see how apologetic/ashamed he was going to be after watching last night’s episode, in which he drank eight bottles of vodka, nearly broke his neck falling off a balcony, destroyed some house decor, then cried himself to sleep next to the pool. But judging from this excerpt, I don’t think he’s quite wrapped his head around how unacceptable his belligerent retardedness actually was:

If I had seen the previous season, I don’t think I would have acted that crazy, but the show was being recorded as season seven was being played so I didn’t know anything about Jesse Taylor and all that stuff. And to be honest, I thought Jesse Taylor made the show a little more interesting.

To be honest, I think they underplayed it, I was hoping they’d show a little more. They made me look a little more sane than I really am. Seriously though, it was somewhat embarrassing because I never really see myself acting like that big of an idiot, and now I can see where everyone’s coming from when they watch me and go ‘this guy’s a lunatic.’ Now I see it.

Sure, Jesse Taylor made last season interesting, but everybody watching pitied him. Dude was pathetic. And we’ll pity Junie Browning after he fucks up bad enough to be thrown out of the house. (Next episode, hopefully?) Also, if Junie’s truly embarrassed by what he saw in episode 3, he probably wouldn’t want them to “show a little more.” To borrow a phrase from addiction-recovery, I don’t think Junie’s reached his bottom yet. Who knows, maybe he straightens out after Dana gives him the tongue-lashing next week, and he can afford to have a dismissive attitude about his former drinking problem. I was just hoping for more humility. The guy’s a constant distraction, and his antics put other fighters in danger. Doesn’t he know what a dumb asshole he is?



  1. "Classy" Freddie Assy Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 07:26

    Man, this guy is terrible for MMA. I don't see any championship belts in this guys future...maybe just championship level 'hep from taking it up the poop shute in prison. Your a full grown man-who cares about your fucked up upbringing, everyone has their own a bridge and get over, drama queen.
  2. Dana Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 07:28

    "And we’ll pity Junie Browning after he fucks up bad enough to be thrown out of the house. (Next episode, hopefully?)" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAffirmative!
  3. Herbew Hammerfist Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 08:32

    Seriously though, to be honest, this kid is a redneck fool. $20 says he was a backyard wrestler 3 years ago. Fuckin waste of a spot on TUF, and no, it doesn't entertain me one bit. Just Terrible for the sport.
  4. shizznitt Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:06

    Aside from him being as unstable as he is, I was pretty impressed with his fight. If he can do that when constantly drinking and acting like a maniac, picture what he could do if he was determined.
  5. Scar Tissue Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:19

    The horrible TUF screen grabs that keep getting used on CP makes it feel like it's become some kind of weird gay snuff film site.
  6. Shatteredhawk Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 10:16

    Him and the Diaz Brothers should get together and have a circle jerk.
  7. tully Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 11:42

    from his first fight i thought he looked like one of the more skilled guys too, but he's clearly JT 2.0, the previews made it look like we're in for more craziness next week.
  8. Massiveamounts Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 11:57

    Hey Ben or anyone who might know, if I understand this TUFer blog stuff, they write these after the shows already over right? I mean this blog wasn't written during the taping then each one after said episode it describes posted to whatever site..? I'm asking because maybe Junnies being a bit coy because he knows the shit really hits the fan next episode and he's saving all his good apologies for then...? maybe this past episode isn't jack compared to what he does in the next and he already knows this. I don't get guys fucking up like this when they're presented a chance they might not ever get. You know I really wanted to dislike Bader because his homie is arrogant ass CB but he's really approaching this as anyone who really wanted to win, and by god he's seems like a alright dude......fucking shocker. I am the only one who saw the split second clip of someone jumping over the cage wall into the ring..?....looked like Junie to me, the voice over stated that something that never happen before will happen....hope he jumps the wall and kicks the shit out of
  9. Tits Mc Gee Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 12:27

    This guys is a good fighter he should go in to rehad and attend AA meetings. He demolished that loser in his first fight. I think this guy has potential and i guarentee he will fight in the ufc if he gets his alcholism in check
  10. SL Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:15 Browning claims, in the interview, to have done 'really good' on TUF 8. I doubt he considers winning his way into the house only to be kicked out for being a sloppy drunk as being 'really good' in any way. Sorry, Ben, looks like he might be around for a bit longer.
  11. Me Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 02:01

    Keep in mind that this blog is hosted on, so the UFC owns this young chap. That should tell you a lot.
  12. Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 02:03

    i bet that effing 'tard votes for McSame and palin. what a douche.
  13. UFC fan Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:46

    Ben that was the gayest shit I have ever seen...bad links! As for Junie, Im thinking its time for him to get impregnated, cause hes a full on fuckup. And hey doucheatard we don't give a flying Bolivian buttfuck about your feelings on politics you salad-tossing butt-pirate.
  14. Woody Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 11:34

    I lived with Junie for a few months back when we were both stationed at FT. Jackson, so I know how he really is compared to Junie on TUF. Funny thing is he's probably one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet. Obviously, he had a interesting night, I'm sure all of us at one time have made a complete ass out of ourselves but we weren't on national TV. If you guys noticed all the guys were laughing there asses off when he was talking to the "red jerseys". He was making light of the situation. Every season you get a crazy ass on the show..Junie took that role this season and everyone hatin' on him here is just making him bigger and bigger in the MMA world. So I say Thank You for helping my friend.
  15. skull Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 12:30

    Hey, Woody.... did you live with Junie and his 19 brothers in that trailer in Kentucky? I bet that was fun! Did Junie and all his mutant bros bumblast you, and that is why you love him so much? Junie is an arrogant retard, and like I always say, "In wine there is truth"... the booze makes the idiotic inner Junie come out. This young and drinking that much? He will never make the UFC, his liver will give out long before he gets a fight there!
  16. Woody Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:35

    Nope didn't live in KY with him. He's just a good friend of mine and I felt the need to say something positive about him. All I'm saying is keep hatin' on him but obviously we're all jealous of the kid, he's getting paid to do what he loves to do. And he's damn good at it too.
  17. Mike Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 05:53

    Junie trains in the Gracie system here in Lexington, Ky. Four seasons is a great school in a city that has one of the highest per capita incomes in the nation. Far from red neck. He is not like that in real life. You are the typical idiots who believe everything they hear and see on tv. Did you ever think that they pay people to act crazy on the show to boost ratings? Novel concept isnt it. Fact is he would crush any of you in a fight. Take care.
  18. Mike Ryan Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 08:20

    Its very unfortunate that there are people like Junnie representing MMA. What a little douche bag.
  19. B3rial Says:

    Fri, 10/03/08 - 03:50

    I like this kid. Im really sure that he wont be kicked out of the least he will be another week. I think the UFC is making a lot of hype of Junie. I know that everybody hate him, and thats why I want him to win...I dont know, I like that type of guys. If he get kicked out of the show...well, Im wrong, but Im sure he will be in the UFC. JT wasnt really a good fighter, they didnt doubt to kick him. But Jaime..well, he said it, he "can actually fight"
  20. ErikGmar Says:

    Mon, 10/06/08 - 05:15

    It would be nice to see White and TUF make an attempt to get this kid into AA or another recovery program -- and say basically if you want to stay in the house, you've got to stick with the program. I'm not sure he'd listen though. I've seen interviews with Browning and he comes across as articulate -- he's not a stupid guy. But as an alcoholic, who also could use mental health counseling, he might not be ready to make a change in his life. Drinking's surely more comforting in the short-term
  21. A Says:

    Mon, 10/06/08 - 09:05

  22. jp Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 04:01

    The funniest thing will all these comments (especially the negative ones) about Junie; you actually followed a web link made solely about Junie Browning and then took the time to post a comment about him. Looks like the UFC knows what they are doing because everyone here is going to watch tonight for one reason only, JUNIE! Wow, he sure is the retarded one huh?
  23. DavidB Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:32

    What a little prick. He gives the sport a bad name.
  24. DavidB Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:34

    Well said, UFC Fan. I'll bet he IS a salad tosser.
  25. GTD Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 02:21

    "Fact is he would crush any of you in a fight. Take care." Nope, not a fact, not even close. Spit him out please.
  26. BigSwole Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:54

    I work in a prison, I see that kind of mental instability everyday. He's dangerous.
  27. MJ Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 10:50

    How is Junie a bad representation of the sport? It's all about violence. Why in the hell do they have alcohol in a house full of fighters? Why do they put them all in one house? Why didn't Junie get kicked out? Ratings. They set the scene for drama and Junie delivers. It is fun to watch though. I don't care if Junie wins or not, but I am looking forward to seeing him fight again. He's definitely got some skill.
  28. GirlFan Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:00

    Hey! What's wrong with salad-tossing? Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. The male butthole is a beautiful thing, especially when attached to physiques like those! :-) Anyway, I kind of feel as if Junie must be somewhat showing out for the cameras, with the tacit approval of the UFC. Ratings thing. How else could Junie still be there? In a way, if he stays, it sends a bad message. Yes, I'm sure he's got more talent than we've yet seen, or will have the chance to see at this point in his life, but what about the guys who did everything right, and didn't get the shot he got? I'm sure there must be guys out there who've had lives every bit as desperate and sad as it sounds like Junie has had, and they didn't get the shot. He ought to get his shit together and proceed with a bit more gratitude. The disruption he poses to the other fighters in the house is an issue too.
  29. junior Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 07:46

    junie isn't that much of a jack ass its a persona he's not an idiot he knows what it takes to be in the ufc cause you see unfortunately skills alone wont get you there you have to be entertaining people have to want to watch you fight even if they watch just to see you lose so stop hating cause he's no backyard wrestler i bet no one on here has the balls to say any of this shit to his face SO SHUT THE FUCK UP
  30. Jeff Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 01:11

    Although Junie looks like he has the potential to be a good figher, he can't seem to control himself, sober or drunk. The dude's got a few loose screws and needs some help. There's no way this kid lasts in the house.
  31. GirlFan Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 02:20

    "junior", I'd say what I said to his face. And it's not because I'm a girl, either. He seems like just the type to punch a chick, if he had enough sauce in him.
  32. Lordi Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 04:55

    Dont know if u accually reads these bloggs Dana White. But as a long time fan of the UFC and what it stood for Juine have no buisness beeing in the UFC, he is a sour apple and will do nothing to gain the sports allready fading reputation, we got to many troublemakers and hotheads in this sport. even tho mma is a violent sport i think it sends the wrong messages to the up and coming kids who is accually trying to evolve in this sport. Junie is the worst thing to come out of the UFC since Joe san. Junie... ill keep watching the show but thats only to see you get either knocked the fuck out or trown out of the house.. what a shame.
  33. Ruralcreature Says:

    Fri, 10/10/08 - 09:28

    I like to watch mma because it's an entertaining sport with a lot of angles. Athletes in any sport should recognize the opportunity they've been given and appreciate it. No matter how skilled someone is, no athlete deserves to make it big in a sport if he (or she) can't behave like a professional. That goes for any sport. Also, the UFC is not "all about violence". It's a SPORT. There are rules to play by. And just because someone plays a good game by those rules doesn't make them a badass on the street. I say leave the fistfighting in the cage (or ring), a contest between honorable warriors. If someone takes a swing at me on the street, I'm gonna do my best to put my knife through their eye socket. I'd be an idiot to play by someone else's rules when they're trying to harm me and I don't know how far they're willing to go. Compete in the ring, and hopefully build friendships based on respect. On the street, if you fight and your attacker walks away, you've done something wrong. I also suspect that's exactly the kind of person Junie wants to run into. He acts like he's looking for someone to end his miserable existence.
  34. ALEX Says:

    Sun, 10/12/08 - 08:38

  35. JunieWontLast Says:

    Wed, 10/15/08 - 02:16

    Junie is coming off bad on TV, whether it's intended or not. 2 fights, both against 0-0 rookies. He wouldn't even last in the lightweight division at all. And i wouldn't mind meeting him, in a bar. Not just talkin the crap behind a keyboard. i stand behind it, but i'm not one that talks the smack. 158lbs, let's go...
  36. iceliddel Says:

    Sat, 10/18/08 - 03:17

    I fought Junie in UFC 23 he arm barred my wiener with his ass i tapped after I filled him with mansauce
  37. Deez Nizzles Says:

    Tue, 10/21/08 - 04:28

    Like him or not, you're still talking about him. Thats what he's doing, he's bringing up ratings and getting you to speak his name. Any publicity is good publicity. So the fuck what if he's out of control on the show, truth is that he's 18-1 as a amature and 2-0 as a pro. He's getting paid to do what he loves and you're not. Stop all the hating or stop speaking his name. It's that simple. The more you talk the more he gets talked about.
  38. get rid of drunk junie Says:

    Tue, 10/21/08 - 08:43

    After he cut that other fighter with the broken bottle he should have been sent home. Such a loser and I cant stand that he took a spot away from a potenial good fighter not a drunk piece of loser shit.
  39. get rid of drunk junie Says:

    Tue, 10/21/08 - 08:43

    After he cut that other fighter with the broken bottle he should have been sent home. Such a loser and I cant stand that he took a spot away from a potential good fighter not a drunk piece of loser shit.
  40. Mojo Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 02:01

    No cardio at all! Not a fighter.
  41. vegasvixxen Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 02:18

  42. UFC fan Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 02:38

    ok first things first: Bitch get off the capslock! you are correct, Junie is a loser, and not impressive at all. Yep Delgado had the reach advantage, speed advantage, and should have won the fight, but he has NO cardio, no gastank, and no heart.......he has a great chin, but after being hit a few times he adrenile-dumps into a weak limbed wuss who can't throw his hands. Junie got lucky, he gassed as well, throws his chin out there and puts his hands down....I HOPE he does that against a real fighter.
  43. boiler up Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 11:56

    Everyone knows what kind of person dana white is and everyone respects him. junie is a loser but with that said it is more sad to see dana white let him stay after the stuff he pulled. i dont know why he did it, he doesnt know why he did it, no one knows why he did it, and it kills me to say that dana white made a mistake.
  44. Ruth Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 01:25

    At Junies core is a very nice person but it's wrapped layers of insecurity form years of being told that he isn't squat. The end result is what has been presented to us on TUF. He will come around. Just needs his butt beat a couple times. His fight against Delgado should wake him up a bit. I had the fight won by Junie but not by much. A tired and bloodied 3 round close decision was a far cry from what he was predicting. I don't Junie leaving the show. He is fun to watch. I see the anger in him but also the need for some one to give him a big hug. No Disrespect to Frank but quite honestly he would have matured as a fighter and a person being on team nogueira.
  45. Mike D Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 04:58

    He reminds me of Ed "short fuse" Herman, just a real arrogant dickwad you love to hate. I want him to stay he's good t.v. but he did not back up all of his talk at all, Delgado never had him hurt but definitely had a great game plan against him. I knew guys like this when I wrestled and they typically had to do this because underneath the facade they are actually very insecure and very nervous prior to the match or fight. And can Tom Lawlor shut up already he shows no respect to anybody constantly yapping and he got whipped without even puting up a fight. I hate him more than Junie...
  46. timmdogg Says:

    Wed, 10/22/08 - 07:16

    Junie Browning is the rudest MMA fighter I have ever in my life witness. This guy has no respect for no one - period! Of course when you are going to fight someone you have to be brave and in some case put on the "front" you are the greatest, but this guy is tackless and a loud-mouth moron that gives the MMA a bad name! I would love to step in the ring with this fol and knock his head completely off. Believe me, his ass would be broken and he would be returning to that trailer park which he came from! No respect for the coaches and anyone in general. You would think given someone of his caliber the chance of a lifetime to better his life; financially and professinally would make the most out of the situation, yet this fool does the opposite and enrages the other fighters with his bravado and sheer arrogance... for what!!! This kid is a true example of someone needing medical attention and not receiving it. He should be the poster kid for bi-polar symtoms.
  47. junieisinbred Says:

    Thu, 12/04/08 - 01:35

    It was amazing to see that when Dana White finally gave Junie Browning the long awaited "tongue lashing".....he gave all new meaning to that term. Nothing like watching an ego-maniac like Dana get down on his knees, to court an inbred with hand grenade tattoos, all for the sake of having an 'entertainment personality' in the sport. That path from UFC to Sports Entertainment is a painful one, sellouts.
  48. James Caldwell Says:

    Sat, 12/13/08 - 02:50

    no junie has proven himself time and time again and no 3 years ago he was in a promotion called warrior fighting challenge the only thing is all these people get beat by someone from kentucky and you can't handle it
  49. :.andrea.: Says:

    Sat, 12/13/08 - 10:25

    ok so this is after the finale keep in mind!!!! but if any of you guys watched tonight as i'm sure you all did yeah his attitude sucked in the house but he rocked kaplan's ass tonight. he is still a fuckin retard and kind makes me not wanna tell peolple i'm from KY but he redemed himself a little tonight at least with me.
  50. :.andrea.: Says:

    Sat, 12/13/08 - 10:29

    oh and you guys shouldn't be mad at him for keeping his face in the camera he knew what he was doing and even though nobody likes him now he got on the main card. that's all he cares about not where a bunch of people settin at there computers think he's a nice guy or not. the more he's talked about the more he's worth to be on a fight card so basically all you guys that hate him are making him money so i'm sure he could give two shits less your helping him out. admit it you hate him but you are for sure gonna shell out 50 bucks to order that pay per veiw and watch him fight cause you wanna see him have his ass kicked.
  51. lick my nuts Says:

    Mon, 12/15/08 - 06:11

    Fuck all of u haters.. Junie Browning is what the ufc and all of mma needs, hes someone that other people will want to kill and will make them fight better. Besides that Junie has talent and will definetly make a name for himself in mma and some people may hate him and say hes a lunatic and too cocky but as a fighter you need to have that cockiness. And as for people calling him a lunatic he maybe have lost it a few times during the season but appologized for it during the season finale. So..Fuck all of you junie browning will be champ one day
  52. Frayner Says:

    Tue, 01/20/09 - 06:09

    Junie Browning is a fucking asshole and should be banned from the UFC for life!!!
  53. Dookie dave Says:

    Wed, 01/21/09 - 05:51

    Ive met junie on a personal level,while he was hammered. Nothing like he was on the show. Seems like a down to earth guy so stop fuckin hatin
  54. Dane white Says:

    Tue, 01/27/09 - 05:00

    This kid is making me a lot of money.....................................................................................
  55. Dana white Says:

    Tue, 01/27/09 - 05:01

    This kid is making me a lot of money.....................................................................................
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