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Just How Broken Are Cro Cop’s Nuts?

(Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

Answer: Quite broken. Like, so broken that he might not be recovered in time to rematch Alistair Overeem on New Year’s Eve. First, there’s this interview with Filipovic (from, translated by Robert at where he recounts the fight-stopping injury at DREAM.6 and stresses that he absolutely wasn’t faking to get out of the match:

“The third strike to my balls was very strong…I know some people were saying that I was saved by the fact the match was ended. There was blood, but those cuts were nothing…I wasn’t hurt until I got hit in the nuts. The third strike into the nuts was very powerful and the biggest problem was that the cup squashed my nuts…I need to go to the hospital for some check ups. I still have some problems, I pissed blood, but thats all part of the job.”

MMA Convert (via Fightlinker) passes along more details about those check-ups, and things aren’t sounding too pleasant:

Mirko will have to undergo a testicle exam which got injured in the Overeem fight. Mirko’s genitals still hurt a lot says Dr. Zeljko Kapulica.

“Mirko’s left testicle is still hurting and I have to examine it to determine whether it’s stable in the scrotum; complications might occur if the testicle rotates and clogs the blood vessels. Also I need to check if the inguinal canal in which his tescticle was pushed in is open because it could lead to a hernia.”

Gross. At this point, Cro Cop’s life is imitating Ow! My Balls! Between this and the Cheick Kongo fight at UFC 75, his nards are like supermagnets for knees. Nobody wants to go out on such a low point, but could this be a sign that you maybe need to reconsider the way you make a living?


  1. BeefHouse Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 07:30

    Great Job Guys! Idiocracy is a fantatic movie that does not get enough play.
  2. buns Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 07:36

    dat sucks. i hope overeem feels lik an asshole
  3. Robert Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 07:37

    Its to early to write him off, at worst the NYE match is 50-50.
  4. sdrastabean Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 07:38

    i love crocop. especially his killed head kicks, but i think hes too old, and isnt as focused as he used to. ever since he lost to gonzaga, hes been diggin his own grave basically
  5. Sherdog Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 07:42

    I hope they still taste okay.
  6. Me Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 08:25

    Hmm, I guess moving to the shorts instead of those boxer/briefs didn't help disguise their location. Oh well, I like the shorts better anyways.
  7. pookysdabomb Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 08:37

    Man.....Whay is it always the LEFT nut? Mine still hurts from the frozen tennis ball i took to the nuts while playing goalie for street hockey back in 1987
  8. pookysdabomb Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 08:37

    Man.....Why is it always the LEFT nut? Mine still hurts from the frozen tennis ball i took to the nuts while playing goalie for street hockey back in 1987
  9. Pero Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 08:39

    why should he reconsider the way he makes a living? that's bull! so 2 defeats and 1 injury and he should go fishing? come on guys... i like your site very much but don't talk like that for cro cop! ;) he is the toughest mother f*cker and like arnie once said: "he'll be back!" lol
  10. UFC fan Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 09:42

    wait let me get this straight, YOU (pero) think cro-slop is the toughests sob in MMA? all I can say to that is.... haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cro-crap is the biggest EPIC FAIL! ever!
  11. Jeff Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 10:18

    I want Gina to give my nuts a once over.
  12. ufc man is a mengi bastard Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 11:09

    ufc man stop chating shit u little mincer i always c yr posts and u sound like a window lickin spacker.cro cop is a bad ass who the fuck r you u paki shaging weakling talk shit like that again and i will get yr sister hooked on smack and sell her to a bunch of they can gang rape the ugly fat cunt i would do yr mum but she already bit the dust when i ass raped her and split her in 2
  13. ufc fan is a mengi bastard Says:

    Thu, 09/25/08 - 11:12

    i mean ufc fan
  14. Brandon Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 12:35

    That's exactly the kind of post I would expect out of a guy named "UFC fan". Cro-crap - thats got to be the most original and hilarious name I've ever heard. Perhaps you can come up with "Stephan Boner" next. Go back to watching exclusively UFC. Maybe after the Couture-Lesnar fight they can team up in a tag-team match against Nog/Mir.
  15. UFC fan Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 12:50

    Who's the retard who cant spell a single word? I have no idea what he typed, but I get the vague idea hes trying to say something to me, to bad hes a retard who can't spell. AS for Brandon....couture and Lesner both can suck my left nut, mine isn't crushed like cro-craps nuts. And if I did watch exclusively UFC it would beat everything else that's out there to watch. Why don't you go watch an old useless cro-crop, and Fedor the pathetic fight, or some other washed up has been fucker who can't get a real contract.
  16. Dex Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 01:26

    Good to see Atencio has made Fedor his bitch.
  17. The Bloc Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 02:18

    is UFC Fan war machine?
  18. cr_trinity Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 02:49

    No. UFC Fan is one of those New School NutHuggers who perceives UFC in the same light a Rassling Mark perceives the WWE. He believes he can better his pathetic existence by extolling his undying loyalty to the garbage that is UFC, and that by doing so he proves how smart and intelligent a fan he is. Fan is short for Fanatic by the way. ANd he is obviously not an MMA fan; UFC fans would pay money to see Dana Fucking White hanging a shit for the Light Heavyweight Title and would then spend 12 hours of their useless days defending it to any stupid enough to listen to them.
  19. MGillis Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 09:19

    THis is a fucking funny post, top to bottom... 1) LOL "Gross" its just funny 2) "mengi bastard" and "little mincer" what the hell does this mean? I know its UK slang, but can some one tanslate it to American/Canadian english for me. 3) Brandon's and Bloc's posts and the winner... 4) "window lickin spacker" damn UK insults just sound so much better. Translation? Can't wait to read the next article to see what comments are posted...
  20. ufc fans mum aint no sharon stone Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 06:23

    window licker means retard on the back of the special bus licking windows on the way to school aka spaztic aka ufc fan.mincer means gay twat used to describe ufc fan and his bent dad who goes full pelt with a black albino lepor.i hope i have helped mgillis as for u ufc fan tell yr mum to wash her fat cunt cos it stanks of vedgtable matter and the slag is spreading jenny warts.
  21. ufc fans mum aint no sharon stone Says:

    Fri, 09/26/08 - 06:28

    mengi is similar to window licker ufc fan yr mum belongs in a cage the fat ugly mullet bastard
  22. UFC fan Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 02:14

    Fags from the UK with bad teeth, and who drink to much, nice. And they say Americans destroy the English language, man this dude just ass-raped the language. Whoever you are, I haven't been able to read a single thing you have posted, go fuck the Queen you retard. As for trinity-douche bag, yeah UFC is garbage huh? ha ok, its the best there is right now, but because your dumb ass says its trash I guess everyone's gonna have to take your word for it...dumb ass.
  23. cro cops left nut Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 05:35

    hey guys life really sucks right now, you know being all bruised and stuck up in the shit factory.
  24. boink Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 05:46

    ouchieee..........that is the nastiest thing that a fight can do to his opponent....i hope he recovers well..
  25. rob Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 08:32

    why wasn't this a DQ?
  26. whatwasthat Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 11:11

    So Overeem how do you fake a crushed nuts?
  27. ufc fans mum aint no sharon stone Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 12:04

    come here and slag of english people and u won't have any teeth to brush u mincer.and last time i came to the states american girls couldn't wait to get there tits in my mouth. just remember what language u speak u fadge why bang the queen when i have yr girlfriend sucking my purple helmet while i write u this post excuse the spellllllling am jizzin on her facccce suck that pork sausage you little fat munta.and i wish i could bang the queen it would make my penis royal i would never wash it again and ask fit birds if they wanted to no what royalty tasted like and sell her pubes to some americans take a tripp to yr hometown and get pissed out of my face go to yr house and kick u round in front of yr one freind which is a randy coture toy and film u while i stamp on yr face and watch yr mum suck my royal sack who wouldn't want to that
  28. UFC fan Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 05:42

    what is this fag smoking british puke saying...anyone got a clue? Hey PUb-boy, go play in the street before I dress up like an indian again, beat your ass, and throw your fucking tea in the harbor.
  29. Brandon Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 06:46

    I still hate you for being a douche, but I'm not really sure what he's saying either.
  30. ufc fans mum is no sharon stone Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 08:17

    dont have to dress up cos pakis pass 4 indians.and al wait till u throw the tea in the harbor then all tell u am a coffee man then get my nob out and slap yr gran round the face with it and tel the mucky bastard to get a shave
  31. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 01:45

    Waaaa UK boys pussy must hurt. never shuts up.
  32. Doink the clown Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 03:56

    Uk boy belongs in the WWE chat site. That sport is tailor made for this meatball.
  33. ufc fans mum is no sharon stone Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 11:46

    only american greasy bastards take roids rub oil on each other and pretend to fight.while r men r in the pub or watching footy or rugby yr 30 40 year old men are waving yr massive spunge hands around and screaming hulk hogans theme I AM A REAL AMERICAN ha ha ha .doink stop sticking up 4 ufc fan cos he is a fellow american he is a pleb and i am not a meat ball but i have two meatballs and yr mum will be chocking on the bastards if u start chating shit i have no beef with anyone i just want ufc fan oy ufc fan yr mums pussy hurt when i pounded it till it looked like corned beef mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  34. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 12:47

    Doink, he isnt so much a wrasslin fan as a stupid ass English muffin eating pub-jumping retard who cant type. he just babbles on. I think he has sexual issues, and if Im not sure I think hes gay, and wants to fuck us. There is something wrong with him, I think hes about a chromosome away from being mongoloid.
  35. ufc fans mum is no sharon stone Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 09:26

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  36. WTF Says:

    Tue, 12/02/08 - 05:20

    Both of you guys are douche-bags. You both are probably fat, worthless pieces of shit who wear affliction shirts and other MMA gear like you are a fighter yet would be afraid of anybody swinging at you. why don't you pussies get off your ass and stop threatening eachother and talking shit and actually do something with your lifes rather than just act larger than life over the internet
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