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Just How Troubled Is Rampage? (Pt. 1)

So, here’s the mugshot from Quinton Jackson‘s arrest on Tuesday, courtesy of TMZ (the Andy Dick booking photo is there just for comparison, I think). The Press-Telegram reports that Jackson’s court date is scheduled for August 15th at Harbor Justice Center in Laguna Niguel, and that he was cooperative with police from the time of his arrest to his release.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on why Jackson was shirtless in his mugshot — though one can’t help but see it and think “erratic behavior.” Speaking of which, a source semi-close to Jackson, who asked to remain anonymous, told the following:

Close friends of Rampage had been very concerned about him the past few days [before the arrest]. He was very depressed and acting increasingly strange. There is something wrong with his mental well-being. They do not believe it is drugs or another substance. I have heard from others who said they’ve been concerned about his mental state for the past year. When he was in custody yesterday his blood pressure was sky high which is why they hospitalized him. Personally, I think he is out of touch with reality.

For now, treat that only as speculation, and pray to your Higher Powers that Rampage pulls out of this. More to come…

UPDATE (9:06 a.m. ET): Rampage may have sideswiped a pregnant woman during his little adventure:

[Holli] Griggs was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, [California Highway Patrol officer Jennifer] Hink said. In an e-mail sent to the Daily Pilot, Griggs said she and her unborn baby, 16 and a half weeks along, were injured but was not sure to what extent.

Griggs said Jackson was acting “violent and reckless” and “had no regard for my life or anyone else’s for that matter.”


  1. Matt Herpes Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 11:54

    My guess is he was wearing an Affliction shirt and he knew Dana White would have his ass if he was wearing it in his mugshot. All that free publicity, so close to "Banned"? That would be bad times for Rampage...
  2. cw Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 12:26

    The woman AND her 4 month old foetus were harmed? That's quite a trick. Did Rampage punch her in the gut or something?
  3. crookshark Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 12:32

    i'm telling ya. rampage is the UFC's junk yard dog. i'm TELLING YA.
  4. B Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 12:47

    lol matt, I don't know about the shirt but, if you look closely those are affliction jeans in that pic of him being arrested. btw cp you really need to fix that "you are posting comments too quickly. slow down." error.
  5. josh Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 12:50

    anyone else smelling LAWSUIT from the preggo? Unsure of her injuries-- did the hospital not tell her??
  6. who Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 12:50

    Cw you are obviously an idiot. please dont type anymore, I am embarrassed for you. not only can you not spell, you have the common sense of a housefly.
  7. Kim Couture is a cunt Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 01:29

    This isn't good for Rampage. Lawsuits, legal woes to follow. He is done for a LONGtime folks. Glad he isn't holding the belt. Hope he get's better. Word is that it's a coke binging, we will see soon enough.
  8. the glza Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 01:31

    cw is obviously in a commonwealth country, since that is the british spelling of fetus. simply put, it's not misspelled. there will def be at least one lawsuit on page for this... i just hope he gets evaluated and treated... unfortunately if you lose the crazy, you might also lose the fun...
  9. RonnieFrown Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 02:18

    Rampage was picked up again by police.
  10. Donk Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 02:27

    If the new TMZ report is true, the media should try and cut the guy some slack. He's gone off the rails. All of this is MASSIVELY out of character for such a nice guy that everyone loves and respects. He's lost the plot for sure. I just hope he comes back in touch with reality, and we get the old 'Page back.
  11. Dr. Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 03:04

    Shit Rampage, pull it together. I hope the extent of it isn't as bad as it seems. It would suck to have him sit in jail for a few years. I guess his nickname got the better of him. Who else is going to come out a say Rampage hit them? Shit.
  12. Dr. Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 03:07

    And that "Slow down" posting shit is a fucking piss off. Does that on first time comments. Makes me angry having some condescending dickhead message come up. I'll show you too quickly, assholes.
  13. Kel Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 04:29

    I needs more details before I can form a true opinion. I do hope that Quinton can recover and that there is some sort of reasonable explaination for all of this. As far as the "victim" goes, I also hope that there were not serious injuries to the bystanders. If there were injuries, I would not think it unreasonable to compensate a victim for medical bills and potentially time missed from work, but a frivolous lawsuit that is intended to capitalize on someone elses fame(bank acct) is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, that has been the trend in this country for some time now. Where will it end?
  14. the who is a stupid piece of low life scum Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 05:08

    nice spell check job there "who." I wonder when you go to bars to pick people up do you tell them you just corrected some random ass holes spelling on a blog.they must be pretty many models have you banged with that line?as for the bitch,the pregnant cunt is just out for some quick cash fuck her and her retarded baby.the kid will probably grow up to be a loser like"who" is.hahaha go fuck yaself scum bag
  15. Friendo Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 05:18

    Why are any of you surprised that the pregnant women who was hit by the rampaging Rampage is concerned with her baby? He's going to get suuuuued the fuck out! He deserves to be. Its to bad that he is having a mental breakdown but he is still responsible for the damage he caused. I hope Rampage gets his life back together.
  16. who is a cool motherfucker Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 11:49

    awwwwww did widdle me hurt widdle you's widdle feelings? awwwwwww cry for me. you bleed like a bitch doncha?
  17. op Says:

    Thu, 07/17/08 - 12:17

    i hope she sues the shit out of nutcase jackson. he is a fkn father and grown ass man, but because he is an athlete everybody is making ridiculous excuses for him, despite acting like a irresponsible dimwit.
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