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Kaitlyn Grispi Defends Josh Grispi’s Abuse on Incredibly Depressing Episode of ‘Dr. Phil’ [VIDEO]

(Props: All New Dr. Phil via @thracian_books)

There are some things that will just wreck your confidence in humanity. Case in point: Kaitlyn Grispi’s appearance on Dr. Phil yesterday, in which she did all she could to justify the horrific physical abuse she (allegedly) received at the hands of her husband, WEC/UFC veteran Josh Grispi.

We already knew that Kaitlyn was walking back on most of the details that first came out following Josh Grispi’s arrest in August — including that salacious and horrifying bit about how Josh would sic his dog on her — but her Dr. Phil appearance is something else altogether. Kaitlyn spends most of the show denying Josh’s abuse, despite the photos of her ravaged face being shown on the broadcast (see the 1:42-2:09 mark of the video for the photos and her nonchalant reaction to them), and explaining that if Josh roughed her up, it was because she deserved it. Meanwhile, she calls her own mother a liar for trying to help, and Josh calls in from jail to say hi, though he can’t comment on any of the details of the case.

At the 3:25 mark, Dr. Phil reads the graphic, chilling death threats that Josh sent Kaitlyn via text message, which Kaitlyn doesn’t see as a big deal because hey, they both threatened to kill each other; it’s just what couples do sometimes. And at the 9:35 mark, Dr. Phil reads some actual quotes from Kaitlyn about why Josh beat her up. They include…

- “I wouldn’t shut up.”
- “There’s only so much a person can take.”
- “Do you know how many women in town have been hit by their husbands? Tons.”
- “I’m a mouthy woman; I don’t know when to shut up.”
- “He only hit me when I wouldn’t walk away.”

Jesus. Then, at 13:56, Dr. Phil drops the bombshell: “Next, we’re gonna talk about why Kaitlyn says her house is haunted, and that may explain Josh’s behavior.” The audience laughs at her.

Skip to the 16:52 mark to see one of the most bizarre segments in the history of daytime television, in which a battered wife takes us on a tour through her haunted house. When it’s over, Dr. Phil asks: “What does this have [to do] with you getting the hell beat out of you?” Kaitlyn doesn’t have an answer, and the crowd applauds. Eventually, she explains that the person who died in her house must have been having an effect on her husband, because he was doing strange things, and Josh would hit her when she brought it up.

“It’s funny to other people until you actually live it.” But it’s not funny. Kaitlyn Grispi is following the brainwashed battered wife playbook to the letter, and it’s completely depressing and horrible. Ugh. I could go on and on listing quotes from this show that infuriate me, but I don’t want to make myself any more angry than I already am. This sucks. Josh Grispi needs to be held accountable for what he did, and Kaitlyn Grispi needs to get her mind untangled by a professional, because she’s exhibiting the kind of Stockholm Syndrome that keeps women with their abusers until they die.

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