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Kalib Starnes is now a Champion and Fans Still Haven’t Forgiven Him for the UFC 83 Debacle

(Video courtesy YouTube/AFCFights)

Well, Canadian MMA has caught up to Japanese MMA and has officially jumped the shark.

Onetime UFC marathoner Kalib Starnes (11-5-1) won the Armageddon Fighting Championships middleweight title Saturday night with an armbar win over former King of the Cage light heavyweight champ Nick Hinchliffe (15-6).

Interestingly, the bout was only Starnes second fighting for the upstart British Columbian promotion and only his first at 185. His only other AFC bout was contested at a catchweight of a catchweight as his opponent, Marcus Hicks (10-20) failed to make either the contracted 185-pound or the then-agreed upon 190-pound catchweight and ended up weighing in at 201 lbs for the bout.

Although the video quality isn’t great, the jeers Starnes was met with when his name was announced were unmistakeable. Many Canadian MMA fans, who are patriotic to a fault, took it personally when Starnes put on an embarrassing performance at UFC 83 back in April of 2008 in which the Surrey, BC native literally ran from Nate Quarry for the majority of three rounds, refusing to engage. The incident, and Starnes excuses subsequent remarks, prompted the UFC to drop him from the remainder of his contract.

At least they still have Jason Thacker to live vicariously through.

In other AFC action, grappling phenom Robert Drysdale (1-0) didn’t disappoint in his MMA debut, defeating Canadian Bas Huveneers (8-3-1), via arm-triangle in just 1:12 of the opening frame.



  1. kmfdmkid Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 10:22

    1st. Oh I actually got first...
  2. jimbonics Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 10:31

    Some fag posting about how CP writers are nothing but haters in 3...2...1...
  3. nickyroose Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 10:35

    Hey kid, you're first on my dick *Also Kalib Starnes "Champion" Is such a bizarre statement. I agree every promotion should be given credit in context. A shoe-string promotion is going to have shoestring fights. Regardless MMa needs these small promotions. Dream is still so Japan heavy it can't be a real feeder league and half the Alabama Fighting style promotions in the US are worse than this. I mean these guys are small and regional and should be held to that standard. Although acquiring cast-offs instead of large local talent seems counter-intuitive.
  4. Bonegoat Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 10:36

    CP writers are nothing but haters
  5. netterbog Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 10:44

    Poor Kalib. When is his pennance going to be paid? Even if he's a runner, the dude's a pretty decent fighter.
  6. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 10:45

    Kalib ran away with the belt! Congrats to him!!! Pun intended like a motherfucker
  7. rearnakedchickenchoke Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 11:02

    LOL. does the promotion know what a joke they just became? They're probably just happy they have a known name attached to their belt who is now more likely to come back and fight for them to defend it.
  8. Craigger12 Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 11:43

    "Many Canadian MMA fans, who are patriotic to a fault, took it personally when Starnes put on an embarrassing performance" Who took him running away personally? I'm Canadian and I couldn't care less about his performance. It doesn't reflect on anyone but himself.
  9. Viva Hate Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 11:53

  10. tmanifold Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 11:59

    Kakib is actually local talent for the AFC. It is based in Victoria and Starnes is just across the water in Vancouver. Most of the fighters are local, we had three guys from my gym fighting saturday and the other MMA gym in town is run by one of the promoters. Jason and Darren have been pretty good about getting a couple of "names" to raise the profile. Jason is pretty tight with the Extreme Couture guys as Mac Danzig and John Alessio are two of his best friends. As far as small shows go, they do a pretty good job. Tickets are reasonable, the shows are great with lots of locals. I missed this one but I would have loved to see Drysdale fight. It should also be noted that this was the first title fight ever for the org.
  11. Bob Reilly Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:00

    Jason Thacker... Youre forgetting about another Canadian fighter CP. GS fuckin P!
  12. Almost North Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:07

    GSP is from Canada? No way, if he was he would have some kind of accent.
  13. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:14

    Nice try, dumbass! GSP's from France, idiot.! Everybody knows that!! And another thing, this website has gone to shit since what's his face left! I'm done with CP!! I'm not posting here anymore!!
  14. El Guapo Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:17

    ^Until the next thread. Sorry for yelling. These damn posers get me riled up.
  15. Dr. Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:25

    "Five time UFC veteran"??? Grasp much? Umm, TUF Finale fights are kind of a wash because unless you're an existing UFC fighter on the card, you take on another no-name (especially in this case, one who is 1-0 career). Looking at the other 4 UFC fights, I guess a 1-3 record garners the status as a veteran.
  16. Arastmaus Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:37

    Guys who post "first" are "fags."
  17. Almost North Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 12:41

    Veteran is not a skill rating bro.
  18. Dick_Gozenya Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 06:01

    When Ken Shamrock was born it took five storks to deliver him to his parents.
  19. zombienation Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 07:56

    Actually the majority of the booing was because Hinchliffe is the local guy there from the island. Therefore obviously a good portion of the crowd was hoping he would get the W. The fights were great for the most part with a couple mismatches. Sarah Mcleod is smoking hot but she was way underweight compared to her opponent. My buddies were down there and met Mir and Drysdale which was prettty cool. Good value for the ten dollar ppv.
  20. ghostboner Says:

    Mon, 07/19/10 - 11:27

    I thought Canucks were living vicariously through Jonathan Goulet? You know, Robert's boy?
  21. Dr. Says:

    Tue, 07/20/10 - 12:38

    Yeah, I got it. I was laughing at using the accolade when it's clearly suspect in his case. Did I say anything about skill rating?
  22. BadBeatBoy Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 09:21

    @El Guapo Actually George St. Pierre IS FROM CANADA you idiot, just goes to show how clueless some of you are, mayb e do some research before making retarded statements, and as far as Canadian fighter some of the best fighters in the world are from Canada so get your facts str8, examples..... George St. Pierre Krzysztof Soszynski Patrick Cote Johnathan Goulet Sam Stout Jason Mcdonald David Louiseau Bibiano Fernandes and many more........
  23. BadBeatBoy Says:

    Mon, 08/02/10 - 09:31

    LOL he is from Canada, just to give you a little insight Canadians speak English, and French. Quebec is mainly French hence the thick accent, and btw Canadian french and france french is almost the same but not....

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