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Kenny Florian Talks Greasing Tip-Off Claims, Says Loss to GSP Hurt Penn

I spoke to Kenny Florian last week for this article on the effects of the dreaded “Octagon jitters,” and naturally our conversation turned to his upcoming UFC lightweight title fight against B.J. Penn at UFC 101.  When I asked about Penn’s claims that Florian had warned him of potential “greasing” by Georges St. Pierre before their UFC 94 superfight, Florian did his best to downplay the dust-up.

“I’m not sure what that was.  Maybe it was a miscommunication, after what I had said about Roger Huerta.  Maybe it was head games on his part.  Maybe he genuinely believes that.  I don’t really know.  But I have a lot of respect for B.J.  I think he’s a proud champion.  I think he worked hard for that fight against Georges, and he just wasn’t able to deliver.  That can be hard to deal with.  I think that loss hurt him.”

As for what he expects from Penn, who hasn’t sounded as interested in defending his lightweight title lately as he has in pursuing a case against GSP, Florian said he’s preparing for the the toughest Penn possible.

“I do think he’ll be motivated.  I expect him to show up in shape and ready to defend his title.  That’s what I’m preparing for.”

On the subject of his first time in the Octagon, Florian was gracious enough to recount what was a painful learning experience for him:

"I was hitting pads for maybe only 30 seconds, and I was just gassed," he said. "I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘I’m in much better shape than this. Why am I so tired just warming up?’ Then all the negative thoughts took over. ‘What if I lose in front of all my friends and family? What if I look really bad?’"
"My game plan was to pressure Diego [Sanchez] right away," he said. "Somehow I ended up just circling and circling for what felt like five minutes. I could hear my corner saying, OK, Kenny, let’s do something here.’ The next thing I knew I was mounted and Diego hit me with a shot that hurt me and kind of woke me up. That’s when I felt like, okay, I’m in this fight, let’s go. By then there was already blood in my eyes and "Big" John [McCarthy] was pulling Diego off me. That was it."


  1. rokabee Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 08:59

    Florian > BJ
  2. MAC10 Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:00

    First Bizatches
  3. MAC10 Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:01

    Oh, Shit.
  4. Armfarmer Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:02

    BJ > Florian
  5. Armfarmer Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:03

    No one gives a fuck if you're first dumbass it's a worthless accomplishment and you can't even get it right. You suck at life.
  6. rokabee Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:03

    Greasing > BJ
  7. Zuza Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:04

    MAC10 -----> first epic fail, eat 8====D
  8. C-Bus Allstar Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:08

    I expect BJ to miss weight by like 8 pounds and have to forfeit his title.
  9. drummer Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:08

    i hope Kenny cuts him all to fuck with those razor elbows and makes him cry like the baby he is.
  10. Flesh Prince Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:15

    Come on BJ's a good guy, his own mother even vouches for him.
  11. Old, Bald and Irish Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:16

    Penn vs Florian is gonna be a freakin' war. Expect Penn to come to this fight and deliver like he did against Sherk. Expect KenFlo to be ready and waiting for that version of Penn Kenny has been studying BJ for a looong time. He's gonna be ready.
  12. CAPS LOCK HAL, Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:16

  13. skidding Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:18

    How fickle you Americans are...
  14. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:18

    If I were KenFlo I'd play all types of mind games on BJ. Like getting another dude to kiss him or walk around in a WWE t-shirt with The Rock on it. Or better yet, show up really shiny from vaseline at the weigh-ins.
  15. rokabee Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:19

    No we dont.
  16. Flesh Prince Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:19

    Grease... Great for Travolta Great for Excuses
  17. mayhem420 Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:25

    If I was Ken-Flo I wouldnt want to piss off BJ to much. After losing the GSP he is going to be looking to prove a point. A motivated BJ will destroy Kenny 10 - 10 times. Look what he did to Sherk and Joe Stevenson. However a lazy BJ is beatable... I would just focus on getting ready for the best Penn possible. This should be a great fight!
  18. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:31

    I don't think a pissed off BJ would be the same as a focused BJ. If BJ would come pissed off by some button-pushing antics, he would gas himself quickly cuz he'd be too worked up coming into the fight. And Kenny could probably hold him at bay with his wrestling skills long enough to let BJ's lack of cardio set into the fight.
  19. Velcro Shoes Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:33

    Florian > Cry Baby Penn in round two. BJ will claim Florian was greasy after training with GSP and will file more complaints. BJ will bring his dad and all his brothers this time and will finally get the respect he deserves by getting the fight declared a no contest. Believe it.
  20. biohazardone Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:45

    I think Kenny will definitely pull this off.
  21. Finally Some Sense Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:47

    "If I was Ken-Flo I wouldnt want to piss off BJ to much. After losing the GSP he is going to be looking to prove a point. A motivated BJ will destroy Kenny 10 - 10 times. Look what he did to Sherk and Joe Stevenson. However a lazy BJ is beatable... I would just focus on getting ready for the best Penn possible. This should be a great fight!" Could be. Who knows. Bu that's exactly what everyone said would be the case with Anderson Silva's last fight. "He's pissed off about the Cote fight! He's gonna murder someone!" I think BJ's on the back slope of his peak right now and things will just deteriorate as they go.
  22. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:48

    B.J is going to get raped, cant wait
  23. 614 native Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:52

    bj will prolly not train too hard but he will dispatch of ken-flo brutally within the first 2 rounds
  24. Shatteredhawk Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 09:55

    Who cares about all of this....I just want to see Gina tits.
  25. Videodrome_Now Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:02

    I love that Bj's fans are still somehow loyal to him, it just makes it so much better when he loses and i can laugh and say, "In your face, cabbage-patch loving fucks!"
  26. perdew Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:02

    BJ is not scary. did any of you see NEVER SURRENDER? his slow retard speaking was prevalent and hilarious.
  27. Videodrome_Now Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:07

    Oh yeah, and K-Flo TKO Round 3.
  28. K.E.G. Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:11

    @ OBI I agree 100% lets hope BJ shows up this has the potential to be a fucking awesome fight
  29. Mantooth Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:12

    A lot of people are thinking KFlo is just gonna walk over BJ...think about that. Many are only saying this b/c they are personally sick of the greasing talk and BJ's attempt to perpetuate the issue. BJ is a great fighter at his natural weight class, no one can argue that. I still believe Kenny will win, but it won't be a walk in the park, nor will I be surprised if it goes the other way.
  30. Armfarmer Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:14

    "I love that Bj's fans are still somehow loyal to him" I'm still a fan of his abilities and talents.. but I lost A LOT of respect for the guy after the gsp fight. Not because of how bad he lost the fight but because of how he conducted himself in the following months. I think he is an excellent fighter yet a complete joke at the same time. I don't know if that's considered staying loyal, I don't really think so.
  31. Videodrome_Now Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:16

    @ Mantooth. Obviously you're right, but these comments sections, if you haven't noticed, have never been about being right, it's about making the best claims for the day. Time to catch on, son.
  32. Videodrome_Now Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:19

    @ Armfarmer Again I agree, however, no matter how good BJ is anymore, his total douchbaggery will never get me to pick him for a win in a fight, no matter who he's fighting.
  33. CockSauce Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:34

    That wasn't vasoline on GSP, it was BJ's man gravy. BJ blew his nut salve all over himself and does not want to admit he is a cock swallowing, turd burgling, pillow biting, he-bitch!!!!!
  34. NateGetsIrate Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:40

    @ ManFarmer: I've kinda, sorta been paying attention to what people have been saying about the BJ v. KenFlo fight and i don't know where you're coming up with this fact that everyone on this site thinks BJ's GONNA get his ass kicked. That's a misinterpretation. What people are saying is they WANT to see BJ get his ass kicked, even though chances are that won't happen.
  35. Juan Vergalarga 8========D Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:47

    Kick his ass, Seabass!
  36. CJ>CP Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:49

    i got BJ second round TKO
  37. Duncan Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:50

    Honestly, I've been a KenFlo supporter ever since day one of TUF, when i found out he was a fellow Massachuetts native. We gotta support our boys from back home. I will never bet against KenFlo, and never have.
  38. tha Rock Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:52

    you guys dont know shit about bj or how much he trains. how many of u can run with a rock under water. thats what i thought pussys
  39. rock runner Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 10:55

    Ben Stiller is that u?
  40. Chaplin Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 11:05

    your lack of knowledge is mind boggling. 10 out of 10 eh? look what he did to stevenson? (one dimensional) and sherk? (not hard to jab someone to death that refuses to protect their face) ur making stoners look bad
  41. Judo Im right Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 11:25

    huge fan of both. hope BJ wins then retires on top like Bas before he goes the way of Chuck
  42. manutdfan Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 11:49

    "I love that Bj's fans are still somehow loyal to him" Better to stay a fan than just nut-ride whoever's on top, then ditch the bandwagon when some fool from a comments section tells you to. True Fan of Anyone > Bandwagoner
  43. Tbiz Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 12:00

    Kenny's going to be ready no doubt... but Penn is still going to make a mockery out of him. Kenny Florian is already a hideous looking! But he's sure to look like some sort of mutilated corpse after the Penn fight! HILO BABY!
  44. tweek Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 12:24

    florian will push bj's cardio.......rd five is gonna be like the end of hughes vs penn 2
  45. Cage Rage Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 12:34

    I don't know what you mean by "Kenny Florian is already a hideous looking!" Looking what?? you retared stoner .If you where not trap on an island where there seems to be a lot of in insest going on then maybe you could describe what you mean. Kenflo 3rd
  46. Theslothman Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 12:59

    All you K-FLO nut huggers are going to be real shocked when B.J. walks right through your boy, ol'razor elbows lol. the only people who can beat B.J Penn dont fight at 155 boys..... its a wrap.
  47. Tbiz Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 01:04

    A hideous looking... hmm fag, nerd, pussy Any of the above will do. How about explaining your comment Cage Rage... 'If you where not trap on an island where there seems to be a lot of in insest going on then maybe you could describe what you mean.' LOL. You freaking idiot.
  48. Cage Rage Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 01:19

    @tbiz I mean that on that island they have sexual intercourse with family members and then reproduce retarded fucks like yourself.I mean the whole island is probably all related and all named Jay Penn.Is that better for you are do you need me to explain it to you in retatrd terms????????????
  49. cage rage = inCest Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 04:05

    Its spelled with a C you backwoods fuck.
  50. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 06:15

    the funny part is that cage rage actually went back to defend himself...hahhahahahah
  51. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 06:16

  52. dugmouth Says:

    Wed, 04/29/09 - 08:11

  53. Craig Says:

    Thu, 04/30/09 - 07:04

    Penn is (or has been) a very capable fighter. I just think very poorly of him for his attitude - both in the past in preparing for fights, and more recently for the whining. I know he wouldn't care, but some of the hate is deserved. I wouldn't excuse him losing, because moving up was his choice, and you have to live with your choices, but at least part of this is that it's probably not a good idea to move up in weight for most fighters. Look at what happened to Aoki with Fedor (extreme case of course ...) I'm not sure anyone believes Fedor is a better grappler than Aoki, but he pretty much muscled him around.
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