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Kimbo Slice to Gutpunch David Blaine on TV Tonight

(Photo courtesy of Esther Lin via Fightlinker.)

Our Blood Brothers at Holy Taco recently described David Blaine thusly:

I go to a buffet place called Soup Plantation once every month or so and every time I go through the all-you-can-eat soup bar, they have this “Irish Potato Leek” soup that looks like a creature is going to crawl out of it and start a new species that will eventually become the dominant one on earth. I’ve never seen anyone eat it, ever, and this is a six dollar buffet that many sleeveless patrons frequent. Somehow, even though everyone hates it, it keeps getting a spot on the buffet line. This is how I feel about David Blaine. How is it possible that he still gets TV deals to do shit when everyone I know hates him?

Of course, the main reason that Blaine-haters hate him so much is that there’s very little “magic” involved in what he does. He’ll stand on a ledge for a long time. Or he’ll sit in a glass box for a long time, or hold his breath for a long time. Watching his act requires a lot more patience than we have. And now he’s dragged Kimbo Slice into his world of garbage-ass illusion. Esther Lin has the story:

Last week, David Blaine stopped by Bas Rutten’s gym here in Southern California, to shoot a piece for his Dive of Death special, airing Wednesday night on ABC. The “trick” is going to be Kimbo Slice punching David Blaine in the stomach and is an homage to Houdini, whom David says is his hero (duh). I say “trick” because I don’t know what kind of trick there is to getting punched in the abdomen besides flexing and hoping for the best. Blaine explains before taping that Houdini died from injuries sustained taking punches to the stomach. [Ed. note: Bullshit.]

The rather physically fit Blaine claims he chose Kimbo because the fighter is one of the few people he fears. From my observation, it does not seem as if the magician is intimidated in conversation. But faced with Kimbo’s clenched fist before him, Blaine does look visibly nervous. He asks his audience of gym employees and Kimbo’s entourage, “Is this stupid?” Everyone grinned widely back.

I won’t spoil the fun but there’s no illusion involved to this bit. David Blaine simply stands in the middle of the cage, lifts up his shirt to prove he’s not hiding any protective material, and asks Kimbo to punch him. And after? Kimbo is wowed by David Blaine’s resistance to his gut shot.

I can’t find the video, but they did this same trick on Jackass with a different mixed martial artist a few years ago. It was a retarded, though entertaining bit of low comedy, and Rick Kosick would up with a nice fist-shaped bruise. The only way Blaine’s version will impress me is if his stomach literally swallows Kimbo’s fist, and then when Kimbo pulls it out, he’s holding the same ace of spades he picked earlier. For more on Kimbo’s appearance in the Dive of Death special, go here.


  1. Thomas Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 01:34

    David Blaine's most impressive stunt to date, making Kimbo Slice an MMA superstar ...Thats gotta be the only explaination for Kimbo's fame...right?
  2. mayhem420 Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 01:47

    You have to wonder if Kimbo gassed out after the shot was thrown.... Did he throw up his hands in triumph while he fell to the floor exhausted from the intesity that flows through him?
  3. jack Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 01:48

    the guy who punched knoxville on jackass was nigel the hammer hudson and he was a very talented judo guy and professional boxer. I think the video can be seen at he nails the guy with a straight right in the solar plexus
  4. Aptninja Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 02:08

    I've seen that special. David Blaine pulls a quarter out of Jared Shaw's ear, and Gary Shaw calls it "the number-one magic trick of all time."
  5. Mr. Bob Dobalina Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 02:20

    There was a one of those stupid money talks videos with Kimbo, where they pay a guy to take a Kimbo punch to the stomach. The guy literally flies back 5 feet and pretty much looked like he shattered his liver. ...But he took the cash and pretended not to be in pain. This David Blaine shit should be fun to watch.
  6. hrm Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 02:24

    would be more impressed with a Mirko body kick to the gut than a kimbo right hand
  7. Mr. Bob Dobalina Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 02:34

    It also could look something like this... Bas Rutten breaking a spleen on FoxSN.
  8. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 03:21

    Mr. Bob Dobalina = Mistabobdobalina
  9. Not impressed Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 03:24

    Now if Kimbo had locked Blaine up in the fridge that he has LT punch, and left him there for hours until he suffocated and died, then I'd be impressed. Likewise, if anyone were to lock David Blaine up and suffocate him.
  10. Rumbler Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 03:45

    "Aptninja Says: September 24th, 2008 at 8:08 am I’ve seen that special. David Blaine pulls a quarter out of Jared Shaw’s ear, and Gary Shaw calls it “the number-one magic trick of all time.” Hahahahha...Thats great...Thanks!
  11. John C. Dvorak Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 03:51

    Blaine and Kimbo. The only thing missing Dane Cook and
  12. TheONE Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 04:01

    Slow MMA news day huh?
  13. Not Impressed Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 04:04

    Everyone is trying to get a free shirt right now. It's not funny when every comment is trying to be funny. Takes the suprise out of a good laugh.
  14. aaron Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 04:10

    Kimbo's ground game is weak. David Blaine by armbar, round 1.
  15. Juan Blanco Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 04:58

    Kimbo couldn't knock James Thompson out with 100 shots... I don't see the big deal.
  16. TEMPLE Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 05:31

    Lets see that wizard take 200 James Thompson elbows in a row. Until he does that, I am more impressed by Kimbo's thick skull.
  17. Jeffro Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 05:49

    I would be impressed if he could stay standing after a Crocop kick to the head. Or he should have had Bas kick him in the leever. He was already at Bas's Gym. WTF?
  18. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 06:07

    It's funny how you call bullshit on houdini being killed by punches, then give us a link to a website that says houdini was killed by punches.....
  19. Iron Fist Oak Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 06:50

    Dear Anonymous, why don't you read the whole goddamn article on Houdini before you make comments that make you look like a complete fool. Just a suggestion.
  20. Derly Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 07:31

    A nice Crocop head kick is something I too think would be impressive if Blaine could handle. But it's got to be a nice connection of the shin to the back of the jawline/temple area. Because just that quote from UFC 1 about the guy wishing he could kick with his shin... the last part went, "then maybe he would be dead." Poor David Blaine...
  21. Jeff Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 07:49

    I hope Kimbo misses and gets his fist stuck in Blaines vagina.
  22. PotatoHead Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 08:07

    I recall David Blaine levitating on TV, in front of Deon Sanders and a bunch of other Dallas Cowboys. It completely freaked them out. No one has ever explained that to me... but if I were Kimbo, and I'm glad I'm not, I'd stay away from this weird dude. David Blaine is not of this world. He's a lot more complex than his recent stupid human tricks, and quite likely... pure evil.
  23. KG Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 08:14

    Potatohead, you are either being very sarcastic (which I will then respond to with an 'LOL') or are a complete fucking retard.
  24. Anonymous Says:

    Tue, 09/23/08 - 08:27

  25. mu_shin Says:

    Wed, 09/24/08 - 02:01

    It is historical fact that Harry Houdini died from peritonitis subsequent to being punched in the stomach. He routinely allowed subjects to test his strength by taking on any challenger to hit him in the abdomen as hard as they could. The event that precipitated his death is well documented, where a young athlete asked to test Houdini, who was known to be brutally strong and heavily conditioned, by punching him in the abdomen, but hit Houdini as he got up off the couch, before Houdini was set and ready. Houdini passed away from injuries sustained in this incident, after refusing medical care.
  26. Rampage Says:

    Wed, 09/24/08 - 04:03

    My nipples are rock hard.
  27. PotatoHead Says:

    Wed, 09/24/08 - 07:45

    @KG... Sorry, pal. If I add "just kidding" at the end of future comments, would that be enough of a clue? Example: "Hey, KG, shove Verne Troyer up your ass. Just kidding."
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