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Kimbo Slice Warns Shamrock: “Florida…Is No Place For An Old Man”

(Man, I just hope Ken’s HMO is going to cover this.)

Yesterday’s press conference for Elite XC: Heat provided all the requisite photo ops and pre-packaged quotes. We get to hear every fighter talk about what a great opportunity this is, how much they love Elite XC, etc. But what every good press conference has to have is a quote that just plain doesn’t make sense. Thankfully, Kimbo Slice obliged:

“Ken’s fighting in Florida, which is no place for an old man. I’m mentally prepared and ready to do it and represent the crib. It’s going to be ‘305’ (his area code) all day.”

Really? Florida’s no place for an old man? Perhaps what he meant to say was, Florida is the place for an old man. Senior citizens make up 16.8% of the population there (don’t say you never learn anything on Cage Potato). If anything, Florida is the perfect place for a fighter of advanced age such as Shamrock. He can catch an early bird dinner before the fight, then maybe enjoy some shuffleboard after the bout is over. When he finally comes to, that is.

Speaking of Shamrock, you didn’t think you were going to have a press conference without him putting his public speaking gifts into action, did you?

“Kimbo has gained a lot of notoriety, but, in my opinion, he doesn’t deserve it. Snap, crackle pop. I am going to walk across the ring, hit him on his ugly beard and break his leg. …Most of the talking has all been said, so I will save the rest of my talking until Saturday.’’

Go on, Ken. You show him who’s still the most dangerous man of sometimes confusing pre-fight shit-talking. If only that counted for something inside the cage.


  1. BDizzle Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:05

    snap, crackle, pop..... LOL
  2. Clue-by-Four Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:11

    "“Ken’s fighting in Florida, which is no place for an old man." Are you kidding? It's the ideal place for old men. It's where all the old people from New England go to die. They're like the walking dead, at least when they're not driving down the highway in the left lane at 35 MPH.
  3. norremo Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:13

    HMO???? Ken is so old that he's on MediCare
  4. James Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:26

    I heard Ryan Shamrock just bought Ken a new Cadillac
  5. TUF Guy Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:27

    I am gonna get "snap crackle pop" tattooed right under the Ken Shemrock tattoo that I have on my ribcage. Right between the Terminator and the Mosque, under Shamrocks face.
  6. Nak Muay Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:33

    Living in Florida is like being put into a living death.
  7. kimbo stole my shoes Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:36

    florida's the perfect place for ken. after he gets knocked out, his corner can wheel-barrow his old a$$ down to the street to his rent controlled condo community where he can, upon waking up, heel-hook his way into becoming head of the board.... thusly, doing away with those pesky pink flamingos.... which is what this fight is about. 'cuz ken is a man and hates that stuff... it all works out.
  8. kimbo stole my shoes Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:37

    @ norremo ken's so old his leg-locks have arthritis! (insert other ken's so old jokes below)
  9. Shatteredhawk Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:51

    Its funny everyone that hated kimbo still hates him even know. I remember you guys saying that hes too sacred to come fight in MMA. Well...hes doing it isnt he? Then theres the guys that say "Chuck would kick his ass...Fedor would kick his ass" OF COURSE! they would you idiots! kimbo in his heart would think the same way but prideful enought to accept the challenge. now..go off and jack off to more pictures of Matt Hughes.
  10. Myles_Kilometers Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 09:53

    "Most of the talking has all been said" This is the funniest thing from the press conference. ps - 40% of the time it works all the time.
  11. BIG CHRIS Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 10:38

    Florida is no place old people just like Elite XC is no place for talentless hacks who couldn't even knock out James Thompson..... And the worst part about this whole thing is I am actually going to sit down and watch this fight...What has my life come to.
  12. James Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 10:39

    @ Shatteredhawk: Dude, who the hell are you even talking to?
  13. Shawn Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 10:47

    All I know is I REALLY want Stone Cold Steve Austin to ref this one.
  14. homegrowncone Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 11:17

    What's long, hard and f*cks Ken Shamrock???? Osteoporosis.
  15. Apexified Says:

    Wed, 10/01/08 - 11:30

    @James Slick, that one went right over the top.
  16. Viz Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:19

    We have now, Ken defending the MMA as the sport of athletes not blood-thirsty, street fighers. If he loses every mma fighter's *** is on the line ! So big up the man and help him win As for me i don't give a rat's *** who will win since none of them is currently from the top tier mma fighters
  17. peepholepete Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 02:02

    Kimbo should learn to shut up along with 90% of this "sport".MMA is saturated with egos and horse testosterone. And may I ask why the stupid hair cuts and color and peacock faggot shit. HOly shit , mma is going to wwc shit, new I idea how about mma learn some class .
  18. bonerjams 98, you know what i mean Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 02:06

    ken shamrock is so old....that, he actually fought when men were men! oh zinnger bitch ass mother fuck asss cunt twat pussy fart.
  19. Acrocerid Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 02:21

    HOly shit , mma is going to wwc shit, new I idea how about mma learn some class/ It's comments like these that make me long to see the 'You are posting comments too quickly' error again.
  20. Bubba Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 02:23

    Boy Ken is getting senile if he thinks "hitting him in the ugly beard", will "break his leg". That would be one hell of a punch. Just picture it: Ken walks across the ring, punches Kimbo in the ugly beard, and Kimbo's leg folds up like Joe Theismans. Now that is one hell of an imagination.
  21. cr_trinity Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:20

    HomegrownCone has the best name I have ever seen fucking ANYWHERE! And will people stop talking about this fight as if it were an actual legitimate match in a legitimate organisation please? The reason they picked SHAMrock to fight Slice is because somehow, no matter how many times he gets his ass kicked he still somehow maintains this air of credibility.... He'll lose, per the script, probably to a submission hold... Then Kimbo fans can say "oh, he got ground game bitch' or something vaguely along those lines...
  22. KTFO Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:33

    Hey Ken, I hear there is an opening over at Del Boca Vista.
  23. Matt Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:46

    It's not 305 all day, though. The fight is in Sunrise in Fort Lauderdale, which is area code 954. So, actually it's 954 all day.
  24. I Know Nothing Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:48

    Ken's best plan is to throw a bucket of KFC extra crispy into the cage & try to knee Kimbo when he's reaching for a wing.
  25. T Money Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 05:11

    "Living in Florida is like being put into a living death." This had me laughing. Nice.
  26. escobar420 Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 08:42

    um hello?... florida is dubbed as "God's waiting room" However everyone knows shamrocks gonna catch a couple quick wicked blows, and a flash knockout in the first or second round then thirty seconds later say " hey wait! i wasn't out! i totally coulda kept going! just please consider this your last fight shamrock! i just hope one day kimbo goes to the ufc and gets dealt with like the amatuer most folks don't realize he truly is! People don't realize they are setting up these one sided fights to draw attention to the sport. I personally find it to be a slap in the face to mixed martial artists who train day and night for one shot at truly making it! p.s. No disrespect to Shamrock growing up he was my hero, if you wanna see true talent watch him in the EARLY ufc's like ten and below! he IS a legend, now he's just tryin to get paid like the rest of us living in this recession!!
  27. Juan Blanco Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 11:36

    Kimbo is the dumbest S.O.B. alive. Bastrd made me shave my beard! Break his leg Ken!
  28. emptyhandkiller Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 12:21

    The reason Ken gets knocked out so quickly now is that he has osteoporosis of the jawbone. His jaw is lighter than a hunk of balsa wood, and I think Kimbo will finally shatter it into hundreds of pieces. I also heard that Ken is having a body skin lift for this fight, so be sure to look for a giant knot of skin on top of his head, and his pr*** will now be just under his chin!
  29. FruktHamster Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 12:56

    About the leg breking comment: Ken used to be famous for his leg locks.. Im sure he doesnt mean he is gonna break slices leg by punching him in the face.. Other then that, most comments here got it right.. Shamrock is far faaar over the hill and will ofc get knocked out easily by slice.. But what if? I mean i guess ken still got a chanse.. Like he says himself. He DOES have some deacent leg locks.. or used to have. IF ken were to win this fight, however unlikely, what would that say of Elite XC and Slice? I mean Ken has had his ass handed to him by mediocre UFC fighters.. Slice is already questioned as a MMA fighter. If he loses to shamrock he and the organisation who crack him up to be gods gift to MMA, will lose the small shred of credability they have left..
  30. GrandPa Ken Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:48

    I ve got $10 on Kenny Boy! any takers?? "LEG LOCK!"
  31. Kimbo Hides Weed in his beard. Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:49

    GO KIMBO!!
  32. Hunkgolden Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:51

    FruktHamster-----The leg comment was a joke. Now go fuck your Hamster- for you have no credability in my organiZation!
  33. Jay Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:54

    Shamrock in 3 mins 16 seconds which will be the time between the opening bell, Ken getting knocked out, revived and taken via stretcher to the ambulance. Sorry Ken but you're gonna get your ass handed to you. I will be watching the impending car-wreck with great interest though.
  34. On the real Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 01:58

    Do you think Kimbo Gets his beard and ass all stinky for a fight? Like leave rotton meat in it, so it helps him on the ground? Do they "prefight) check that Badgers ass on his chin? What the fuck is in there kimbo?? You hiding some shit?
  35. GuyinFlorida Says:

    Thu, 10/02/08 - 03:04

    It can't be a good sign that I will probably watch the Ken Kimbo fight instead of UFC reruns. I guess the first step is admitting you have a problem.... I can't really stand either one of the fighters in "the main event", maybe the Arlovski fight will be worth something? Gina is always fun to watch. Or I can watch fights that I have already seen twice. Tough decisions.
  36. Bingo! Says:

    Fri, 10/03/08 - 01:02

    That is where Ken will be after he whoops Kimbo's ass. Seriously. Ken has gotten his ass handed to him lately but by good fighters. Kimbo almost got trashed by a spare Thompson. Kimbo had better get him early because he has the conditioning of Butterbean. If Ken can with stand (By withstand, I mean dodge) the hammers Kimbo throws at him, Kimbo is toast.
  37. Bingo! Says:

    Fri, 10/03/08 - 01:03

    Bingo is what Ken will be playing after he whoops Kimbo's ass. Seriously. Ken has gotten his ass handed to him lately but by good fighters. Kimbo almost got trashed by a spare Thompson. Kimbo had better get him early because he has the conditioning of Butterbean. If Ken can with stand (By withstand, I mean dodge) the hammers Kimbo throws at him, Kimbo is toast.
  38. mark mania Says:

    Wed, 12/04/13 - 02:22

    Kimbo Slice Warns Shamrock:... Third Flower...

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