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Dun Dada: Fantasy-Picking Kimbo Slice’s Opponent For His Bellator Debut

And now, let’s focus on some freakshow fights (aka the Kimbo fights we’d actually watch):

Joe Warren – What happens when a trained MMA fighter takes on a street fighter 70 pounds heavier than he is? PAY PER VIEW GOLD IS WHAT HAPPENS. Bellator does a lot of events on tribal land, so they wouldn’t have to worry about details like an athletic commission refusing to sanction a match between someone who fights at 135 pounds and someone at 205 pounds. Bellator would then have a bantamweight champion that’s beaten a former heavyweight. Your move, Dana White and/or TJ Dillashaw.

Ben Askren – This is what you have to do to make us love you, Ben. Sure, being 14-0 with four straight stoppages is nice, and standing up for fighter treatment is cool and all. But, really, what have you done for the fans to make them forget how “boring” you are? Those four straight stoppages don’t count because reasons.

Royce Gracie – Royce Gracie vs. a street fighter: Why it’s UFC’s 1-3 all over again! The problem is the only people nostalgic for UFC 1-level MMA are the Gracies.

Fedor – Give the fans the freakshow fight they wanted to see. Sure, it’ll be a decade after they wanted to see it, but they’ll still get to see it. Let’s face it, we’d all watch this. If you wouldn’t, I don’t know why you’re reading an MMA blog. Seriously, if you wouldn’t jump at the opportunity for one last “Pride Neva Die!” and to finally show your non-MMA fans how wrong they were that one time 12 years ago when they said Kimbo could beat Fedor, I don’t know why you spend time on an MMA blog. LALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!

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