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KJ Noons Blasts Nick Diaz, Expletives Follow

(KJ Noons splits your face open once and he never lets you forget it.)

Hot off the ratings success of their first CBS show, Elite XC returns to Showtime this Saturday night with “Return of the King” in Hawaii. You’re probably wondering, who is the king in this scenario? Is Elvis on the card? Turns out, no, he isn’t. The king is K.J. Noons, who was raised in Hawaii until he was sixteen and is now returning to fight there. Also he sometimes goes by “King Karl”, just to remind us that alliteration alone is not enough to base a nickname on.

In a media conference call today Noons did his best to dispel reports that he has been avoiding a rematch with Nick Diaz, who he defeated in order to claim the Elite XC lightweight title back in November.

“I’ve won a lot of titles, but winning the EliteXC title was one of the most powerful things to happen to me,’’ said Noons. “I’m just proud that I keep trying to get better and just follow my dreams.

“But I don’t dodge anybody. As a champion, you can’t duck anyone. You only have one option. You fight the best. Whoever that is, that’s who I fight. Unfortunately, Nick’s not the best now. I have to fight the top guy as the champion. Right now that guy is Yves Edwards.

“Of course, it would be great to fight Nick in the future. It would be a great payday for me. (But) Nick is such a big crybaby. Let him rebuild himself and then we’ll fight again. I’d love an easy payday.

“It’s ridiculous what Diaz’ camp was saying. Why would they think I’m dodging him? I gave him plastic surgery on his face. That’s a fact. As long as he can get a doctor’s note, (I’m all for) round two.’’

Uh-oh. You know who’s not going to like that? World-famous hothead Nick Diaz. And here it comes:

“Noons is a little (expletive) and it doesn’t even matter what I am thinking about him because we are not fighting. Noons won on a cut. He is only a paper champion. His days are numbered.’’

You know, that actually wasn’t too bad. Diaz even comes off sounding like the level-headed one by mentioning that they aren’t even fighting one another on this card, so talking smack on the conference call seems like wasted energy. That just shows you what a veteran Diaz is. He saves his real smack for when it matters.

In case you’re curious, Noons will be defending his title against Yves Edwards, who has six times as many fights as he does. They’re also apparently friends, but Edwards doesn’t seem too concerned with that:

“It’s never fun to fight a friend, but if you’re not in this business to win world titles, you’re in the wrong business. I want to get the gold as soon as possible. KJ’s got that gold and I’ve got to go through him. He’s a good kid, but he has the gold. If my mom had that belt, I’d fight her. That’s just how it works.”

I realize he’s just trying to make a point, but statements like that will make for an awkward Thanksgiving this year. And I’m not so sure Yves really would want to face his mom with a title on the line. Unlike KJ Noons, she probably has experience whipping his ass.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 06/08/08 - 10:40

    kj noons sux!
  2. rolltide Says:

    Sun, 06/08/08 - 11:15

    Noons is a mouthy little bitch.
  3. rolltide Says:

    Sun, 06/08/08 - 11:17

    and he got knocked out by Crazy Horse
  4. Kimbo Diaz Says:

    Sun, 06/08/08 - 11:25

    KJ Noons is a bitch shit talker he is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. where is CH? Says:

    Sun, 06/08/08 - 11:33

    And why doesn't he have that title that KJ didn't win?
  6. Popetastic Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 12:55

    Not sure why so many people like Nick Diaz, and are blasting KJ Noon for talking shit... He was completely schooling Diaz that whole fight. The fact that the fight was stopped because of the cut only saved Diaz from further face-dismemberment. Nick Diaz IS a crybaby. That's the worst thing Noons said. Diaz is constantly mother-fucking people in interviews. Give me a break.
  7. Boneman Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 01:01

    Cmon... The Diaz brothers are fruit-picking trash....They have been dumped by everyone because they can't take the fight game serious.... Diaz should look at what BJ Penn has done to turn his career around... YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED...TAKE THE LUMPS AND TRY TO BEAT HIM THE NEXT TIME JULIO!
  8. poopypants Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 01:08

    @Popetastic... Unfortunately, that's why most people like Diaz. I like him because he's an exciting fighter to watch. Great striking, yet a great chin. Great jits & wrestling, yet great defense. The cockiness and showboating stuff - I could see how it gets on peoples nerves, but I take that stuff with a grain of salt. I've known and competed against too many people like that. For the most part, I don't much care what fighters do outside of the ring. It's not why I like MMA. Sure it's fun to see Gina Carano pose for Playboy... wait... what.... that hasn't happened yet?
  9. answer me this Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 01:15

    correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't nick diaz so hocked up on dope for that fight he couldn't feel any pain?
  10. WEED Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 02:16

    Hey Nick.
  11. WEED Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 02:17

    Oh, hey, I forgot ... where'd you put the Nilla Wafers?
  12. MKXii Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 02:21

    Ok so I was watching Americas Best Dance Crew, go ahead flame lol, and some chick got asked a question."We here your brothers competing just like you. tell us about it?" and she's like "Yeah my brother KJ Noons is defending his title blaw blaw blaw." Followed by the announcer saying "Wouldn't mess with that dude." while making gay fighting gestures. I lol'd at the "Wouldn't mess with that dude."
  13. Popetastic Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 02:36

    @Poopypants. I can understand that, for sure. He is a good fighter with wide skill-set. But look at a couple of these comments: "Noons is a mouthy little bitch." "KJ Noons is a bitch shit talker he is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I just see a lot of people calling out Noon for stuff that practically sounds like compliments compared to the kind of crap Diaz is always saying. Just seems like sour grapes from some Diaz fans.
  14. garth Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 02:49

    fruit-picking trash? wow, racist and stupid. i bet you smell bad too. trifecta!
  15. poopypants Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 03:39

    @ Popetastic You're right, however if Diaz would...... wait.... America's Best Dance Crew? Wow, MKXii, I hope your boyfriend was making you watch that nonsense. (You said "go ahead flame...." consider it flamed).
  16. E-Force Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 06:05

    Winning by cut is for pussies. My man Krazyhorse knocked him stupid. Noons is a fluke. Unfortunately this means we'll get Yves vs Nick before any rematch.
  17. Myles Kilometers Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 12:37

    Fuck the Fucking Diaz brothers, fuck 'em all I bury those cockaroaches! What they ever do for us?
  18. rolltide Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 03:16

    @answer me this Smoking weed doesn't make you immune to pain dumbass.
  19. Dr. Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 03:57

    I guess KJ hasn't learned that his weak trash-talk doesn't get him anywhere. I loved how awkward he looked talking to Krazyhorse and his attempted shot at Diaz is a joke. I'm not even that much of a fan of DIaz but KJ needs his mouth shut. Take your shots KJ, it'll be short-lived. Fucktard.
  20. Toner Breath Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 04:13

    Boneman says: "The Diaz brothers are fruit-picking trash….They have been dumped by everyone because they can’t take the fight game serious…" With all due respect Boneman, you're a certified dipshit. Nate is undefeated in the UFC and doing damn well for being so young. And I wouldn't say Nick Diaz is "not taking it seriously" after fighting in UFC, Pride (submitting Gomi), Elite XC and Dream. Sure looks like they have been dumped by everyone.. KJ Noons was impressive in his fight against Diaz and I think Nick is a smart fighter and might change it up the next time they face and has a good shot at beating him.
  21. MKXii Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 04:42

    @poopypants Good job I lol'd at the boyfriend part.
  22. Boneman Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 08:24

    Damn "Boner (Toner) Breath".... Now your breath smells like fruit-pickers...!
  23. Chris Says:

    Tue, 06/17/08 - 04:27

    KJ is the shit and the gay boyz diaz camp needs to back to gang bangin like the little thugs they are
  24. Smash_Up Says:

    Thu, 06/26/08 - 06:43

    KJ Noons is a punk who thinks that he is ranked higher in the Lightweight Division than Gomi because he beat Diaz. Noons has no ground game he would tap out easy to Diaz.
  25. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 07/02/08 - 09:59

    diaz is only level headed when hes smokin weed when hes off the weed the mans a crazy mexican
  26. ownererererer Says:

    Wed, 07/02/08 - 10:00

    diaz is only level headed when hes smokin weed when hes off the weed the mans a crazy mexican
  27. RAGE CRAZY Says:

    Thu, 07/10/08 - 12:27

  28. roninnick72 Says:

    Wed, 07/16/08 - 12:01

    Of the 20 or so comments i've read here....It just goes to show that in a room full of 20 people at any given time, at LEAST 18 of em are DUMB-ASSES!!! I am embarrassed for the current state of affairs when it comes to the so-called fans and many of the fighters that compete in MMA. This is what happens when stupid people don't stop breeding.
  29. micmart3000 Says:

    Sun, 07/20/08 - 01:39

    I like the Diaz bros, but they were complete assholes to KJ and his family at the post fight press conference. Dude's stand there and challenge KJ like that calling him a bitch in front of his parents and the members of the press...fuck them, I would have said the same things as KJ. How many of you cunts would stand by and say nothing while some dude says that to you in that type of situation?
  30. robbie Says:

    Tue, 07/22/08 - 05:59

    HMMMM, LOOK AT THE PHOTO DIAZ FANS!!! Diaz came into the ring clean, but he left after one round after suffering a 10-7 1st round beat down from Noons with one eye swollen shut, a cut on the bridge of his nose and bad cuts over both eyes. It was a complete one sided mauling. Noons mopped the floor with Diaz. Diaz ate so many heavy punches and knees his face was coming apart. Go to the Elite XC website and look at more of the fight and post-fight photos, Diaz was battered senseless. The refs didn't toss Noons a bone, he kicked Nikki Boy's *ss. Noons isn't a top 10 fighter in his weight class, but what does that say about Diaz? Probably not a top 25 fighter in his weight class. He has excellent BJJ. But his wrestling and stand-up are very weak. For some reason, Diaz thinks he is a boxer. LOL, I think Noons showed the MMA crowd that coming straight ahead with a patty-cake jab and no head movement doesn't make you a stand-up artist. It makes you a target. Then after the Noons Edwards fight, the Diaz brothers start cursing, flipping fingers and throwing water bottles while trying to ask for a rematch? Noons should be in no hurry to reward Diaz's trailer park trash behavior with a rematch. Otherwise you will have more fighters acting stupid to line up fights quicker. Bad precedent. When EliteXC schedules the fight, then Noons should take care of Diaz and his big mouth a second time.
  31. RAGE CRAZY Says:

    Sun, 07/27/08 - 02:48

  32. Idiots of MMA Says:

    Thu, 08/21/08 - 02:38

    I find it funny that you so called MMA experts think KJ is such a "pussy". I am willing to bet there is not one person who has posted a comment on this board that could stand in the ring with him. Having gone to high school with the guy, I know exactly how he would beat the shit out of anyone who talked shit with nothing to back it up. The pictures don't lie sports fans, KJ completely destroyed the shit talking, and very uneducated, Diaz. (By the way Nate Diaz, does someone need to get you this Lisp correction book Jim Carry received in Cable Guy)
  33. Geriatric Peon Says:

    Thu, 08/21/08 - 03:07

    How many on here claimed to be "mma experts"?.................. one no wait nobody? oh yeah, because this place is called Cagepotato and does stuff with humor involved. @Idiots of MMA: KJ is being called a "pussy" in a relative way. He is a so called "Champion" and is ducking a fight with a qualified competitor who is available when the number 1 contender isn't. EliteXC needs this fight and frankly KJ needs this fight on mainstream tv to up his market ability and his name recognition. True, he is more of an idiot than a "pussy" as he is letting the organization, that he holds a belt for, die and that is just dumb but if you want to get all offended, go to a place where people are more serious and someone may actually laugh at the weak ass reference to the horrible movie Cable Guy.
  34. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 01:36

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    Wed, 12/04/13 - 02:28

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  37. blue ofica Says:

    Tue, 01/20/15 - 11:31

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