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KJ Noons Won’t Fight Nick Diaz, Would Fight Nate, But Has Decided to Box Instead

KJ Noons has a brilliant plan for the future of his fighting career. Are you ready for this? Instead of fighting Nick Diaz for the Elite XC lightweight title in front of millions of people on CBS, he’s going to fight some nobody in a boxing match that is not on network TV. That will show those bastards at Elite XC.

In an interview with MMA Weekly Noons claims that Elite XC breached his boxing contract — which was one of the two contracts he signed with them — by not offering him any fights, thus leaving him free to pursue boxing matches on his own. His MMA contract with them is presumably still valid since they did offer him the Diaz fight, which he continues to disparage on the basis that Diaz would make more money than him for the fight:

“Tell him to put his money where his mouth is. Put his money up if he wants it so bad, if he’s such a warrior,” Noons stated about Diaz. “He was just (expletive) about how much he got paid on this last CBS card. He’s getting paid 3 times more than me, how do you think that makes me feel?”

“If Dana (White) is listening, I wouldn’t mind fighting his brother too. I’ll get them both (expletive) plastic surgeries.”

He just had to bring up Nate, didn’t he? Maybe the plan is to make the Diaz brothers talk so much smack they cancel each other out, like some sort of shit-talking wave interference theory.

Nate Diaz really started this after his Fight Night bout when he suggested that “somebody” should stop being a “weak-ass punk” and fight his brother. Personally, I assumed that Nate was referring to British punk rocker Johnny Rotten, but now that I think about it Noons’ interpretation really makes more sense.

What makes less sense is the implied suggestion that Nick Diaz should offer Noons some of his purse in order to get the fight. At least, that’s what it sounds like he’s saying when he says Diaz should “put his money up,” which is a strange response from the champ. Isn’t the idea of being champion that you face all comers? I understand being upset with his contracted rate, but that’s an issue between Noons and Elite XC, not Diaz.

Diaz, naturally, is going to try and make as much money as he can, as is Noons. So why should he have to offer the champ money in order to get a rematch of a fight that was stopped on cuts?

As for his future with Elite XC, Noons said he hopes that everything “gets worked out,” but didn’t discuss how that might happen at this point. He appears open to fighting for them again, though who knows when or against who. In the meantime, boxing. Yeah, that’s the sport all the kids are fired up about these days.


  1. Me Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:17

    If this kid hates how he's being treated by EXC then he really needs to be careful in any dealings he has with Dana. I can't really believe that his management has this much influence on him. I can, however, believe that this kid is the dumbest citizen of the non-contiguous United States. If he wants Nate, I'm sure it can be arranged. I don't think Dana would be opposed to bringing back Nick and having him fight both Diaz brothers back to back for each of the 27 fights he would be contracted for. Perhaps even a tag team 2v1 match just to teach him a lesson. Of course, this is all based on the kind of hype Dana could get for each consecutive fight, which is a Diaz specialty.
  2. Rich S. Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:20

    this is the worst case of a fighter being scared of another fighter i've seen in a looooong time.. i hate KJ.. like, i've never even talked to the dude, but if given the chance to kill him [no strings attached] i totally would.. i suppose he beat Diaz in semi-convincing fashion [personally, i thought it was bull] but he's obviously scared to fight him again.. he knows it was a fluke.. i mean, really, Diaz wins.. because.. Noons is so scared to fight him, that he's actually changing sports.. if you can get someone to do that, you're good.. i'm still boiling mad about Noons literally hitting the most ridiculous 48 seconds of luck that anyone has every had on this earth [beating Yves].. Yves wins that fight 100 out of 100 times.. seriously.. that might be the biggest miracle recorded to date.. i'm hoping that in the following months, i'll be able to find some video of Noons getting KTFO'd in a boxing match.. i swear.. i hate that dude..
  3. KneeToTheFace Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:21

    I think Nick Diaz took Noons lightly in their last fight; a rematch would be very different. Nate, on the other hand, doesn't have the stand-up game to compete with Noons. He'd get knocked out I'm pretty sure.
  4. meee Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:22

    seriously, how could anyone respect noons? hes digging himself into a huge hole and i hope diaz hits him with a shovel and shoves him in.
  5. YouStillTalking? Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:23

    Nothing worse than someone who talks $hit but can't back it up. Especially if you're talking $hit about someone who beat your a$s. I don't understand how Nick Diaz thinks he deserves another shot after KJ dominated him. And he's still talking?? What the...
  6. TB Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:26

    Noons is absolutely ducking this fight.... I mean come on he signed a fuckin contract and now he is bitching about it?? Then he talks shit about the fighter he wont fight? This douchebag makes as much sense as Obama
  7. brice Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:39

    i dont understand why he is mad at diaz for making more money. he needs to be mad at whomever negotiated his deal. you cant hate diaz because your management team failed to get you paid decently. and...if you want to make a point, fight diaz and THEN bitch about what you get paid IF YOU BEAT HIM. noons is a douche. plain and simple. i dont care who he fights next...i hope he gets his neck broke.
  8. Velcro Shoes Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:42

    Every time another Noons interview comes out he looks more and more like a scared little bitch. If you're so much better than Diaz then take the fight and stomp his ass. That will shut everyone up, including Diaz. And TB, what kind of moron supports the guy who calls MMA "human cockfighting"???
  9. Me Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:45

    Velcro, Though I'm not a McCain fan, I don't think voting based on a presidential candidates stance on MMA is a wise decision. I'm not an Obama fan either btw.
  10. TheJudge Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:55

    God i hate Noons and his dumb dad too. The best part is that EVERYONE but his camp can see his fully scared to fight Nick. I love it. I also love the "don't be scared homey" line that Nick gave him. He's a pretty boy ego-type that is scared to get dirty. That's how i see it at least.
  11. TB Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 09:57

    Hello Velcro Shoes, I never said I supported McCain, but since you showed an interest, This is what Dana says about McCain: "John McCain created the UFC. All he meant was, you can't put on illegal fights; you have to be sanctioned by an athletic commission. We agreed." Please do your homework, sir.
  12. who cares Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 10:05

    you'd make more money if you kept fighting top opponents. winning by a cut is a weak way to win especially from a fighters stand point. Diaz wanted to continue and the fight was on CBS. how many bullshit stoppages have already been displayed on that show. The fact that Noons can say all that shit bout Diaz and walk away and continue boxing? he'd probably make more money as the champ at eliteXC, instead of a nobody boxer when no one will be watching it.
  13. Karmaatemycat Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 10:19

    You plan on sitting there and telling me he's a fucking pussy? Seriously KJ is far from a pussy and you should be able to tell that. Nowhere in his comments did he say I am a pussy or NO ILL NEVER FIGHT HIM he said not right now and he said openly stated it's money... If one fighter is being paid more then the other that is slightly fucked up dont you think? btw Fuck both the Brothers they like to talk alot of shit but he got lucky on fight night so if I was him i'd shut my fucking mouth and go back to the gym and try not to let shit goto the judges card fucking dumbass.
  14. cr_trinity Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 10:52

    Jeez someone has a little something something for KJ Noons huh Karmaatemycat? And someone ducking out of that which is supposed to be their profession can be called a coward with some legitimacy; Noons is supposed to be a fighter, not a bitch. He didn't beat Diaz, the fucking officials did. And I don't see why he wouldn't want this fight to happen because it would definitely be main event material. Well other than the fact he's scared of getting his pretty boy little face smashed through the back of his head. He doesn't have to worry about Diaz submitting him though, because anyone who can put their foot in their mouth while their head's up their ass has got to be super flexible. And thanks Cage Potato for showing the sort of censorship the USSA Government loves so dearly nowadays.
  15. mma-pro Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 10:56

    noons is the one who signed the contract, he knew what he was going to get paid for his next few fights, a true champ fights whoever is put in front of him. its not diazs faut he has a good fan following and a good resume. im sure kimbo makes way more than noons while fights cans or wash outs. why isnt noons crying about that.
  16. BeatYourAssTwice? Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 11:13

    "He didn't beat Diaz, the officials did" HAHAHAH Damn, there are some stupid people out there. How do they survive? So that's how Diaz got all beat up, cuts on both eyes, looking like a damn horror movie. And I was positive I saw KJ Noons beat the living shit out of Nick, too. Thanks for clearing that up! Can somebdoy tell Nick Diaz there's no need to keep talking shit... He already got abused...
  17. 3rd Diaz Says:

    Thu, 09/18/08 - 11:54

    Jenna James' vagina called KJ and said, "You're bigger!" What a vagina. I honestly don't know how KJ can say this shit with a straight face. This is textbook ducking. Go ahead KJ, mention again that you won the first fight (nevermind that it was stopped due to cut which means you didn't really "beat" Diaz). You'll take a win however you can and never grant a rematch, won't you? The Diaz brothers keep getting criticized for their language and thuggish antics, but at least they come to fight. They both have fought some of the best in the sport and worked hard to reach the level they're at now. KJ was just a golden boy given a chance early and never paid his dues to get here. Why did he even deserve a title shot in the first place when Krazy Horse knocked him out months earlier?!? Now EliteXC has to deal with this pussy and we all are denied the chance to see Diaz get his deserved rematch. KJ, why don't you take up pottery because fighting ain't your thing. Pussy.
  18. Beqwith Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 12:29

    What Noons seems to not understand is that a fighter's worth is based on his value/popularity to the fans. Every fan of MMA hates to see a fight stopped by a cut. Even classy fighters apologize for winning by doctor stoppage. For him to brag about his victory, and then show every indication of being afraid to prove that his victory was legit, makes fans dislike him even more. Fans don't like him. His value to Elite XC is plummeting and he is too dumb/afraid to see it. Nick Diaz even though he is not a legitimate contender in the UFC, will always be a draw because fans like and respect him because he will fight anyone and gives his all when he does it. I would pay to see Diaz if his record was 20-18 I don't care about a 8-1 Noons.
  19. Craig Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 01:46

    only reason diaz opened up was cuz of scar tissue... (mainly from FIGHTING PEOPLE NOT DUCKING THEM, esp GOMI). the little kid of a drunk idiot knows this and that's why he won't fight him again, PERIOD.
  20. Dr. Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 01:51

    And the KockJockey rides off into the sunset above Pussyville.
  21. PanicButton Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 02:34

    I don't understand how anyone could give two shits about the illiterate Diaz-holes. They're a disgrace to the general population and being famous for running your foul mouth and flipping people off is pretty weak. I don't think that builds a very good foundation for their future in the sport, hurts their chances of endorsements, and turns off most people. Seriously... if I run up and down the street flipping people off and dropping f'bombs on kids while shouting my area code, will you all cheer me? They're a waste and the sooner they disappear, the better. I hope they stay broke and underpaid for years to come.
  22. cr_trinity Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 03:22

    PanicButton: you probably don't understand why people like the Diaz Brothers because you believe that just because someone uses cuss words they cannot possess integrity. Nick and Nate Diaz are the two most altruistic and sincere fighters in the sport right now. And as for the general population, who gives a fuck about them? The general population doesn't have to go out and face other fighters in a cage like they choose to do, nor would they have the aptitude for it like the Diaz Brothers do. And as for your hopes: you are a prick and obviously someone who endorses this current MMA mediocrity that everyone is getting now.
  23. tko Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 03:30

    I agree with most things panicbutton said; but KJ is going way out of his way to duck him its stupid. He should just quit mma; a joke that doesn't deserve to get paid because him and his management are retarded, no ones elses problem. People are not lining up to pay a guy who acts like this.
  24. kjsucks Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 03:38

    "LOS ANGELES (Sept. 19, 2008) – KJ Noons of San Diego has been stripped of his EliteXC lightweight title. The announcement was made Friday by EliteXC Head of Fight Operations, Jeremy Lappen." HAHAHAHAHA
  25. John Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 04:15

    I don't really have much respect for the Diaz brothers, but Noons is a little bitch! I mean the champ is supposed to take all challenges, not pick who he fights! What a snatch.
  26. The_Outlaw Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 05:12

    I guess KJ Noons is more for a sucker for cash instead of fighting. He really contradicts himself in all his interviews. He says in that he always wanted to fight Diaz but then he says his not the number one contender. But know he is saying he will fight Nate Diaz knowing that will never happen. He only wants fights knowing he can't have. Eddie Alvarez is not available but if KJ Noons throws his name out there it makes it seams he wants to fight somebody. KJ is now asking Diaz for the money he as earned to train and prepare for a fight just to help the KJ Noons foundation "I WANT MONEY, MONEY, AND MORE MONEY FOUNDATION"
  27. cr_trinity Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 06:58

    Good news! EliteXC has stripped Noons of the Lightweight Title, citing his refusal to defend against Diaz at the October 4 card as a reason for doing so. Apparently it will be Eddie Alvarez vs Nick Diaz, possibly on an October 8 card.
  28. ballzak Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 01:00

    people talk about the diazs harsh swearing but when dana white does it its just him being dana right>? dana says more f bombs in a sentence then nick and nate do in a fucking decade, by the way 209 is back in the motherfucking house bitch.
  29. Dakyn Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 03:21

    I'm sure Dana White would just jump at the chance to sign a guy who refuses to fight people... he'll be lucky if he can find any promotion or worth that'll sign him after these shananigans
  30. the name of the game Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 06:08

    this kid is a fool. one fighter always gets paid more than the other. look at keith jardine. according to roger huerta in FIGHT magazine, ketih got about $10,000 from the ufc for beating chuck and liddel got $500,000 for losing not to mention about a mil in sponsorships. roger said ppl were offering jardine $100 to wear their name on his shorts so he didn't make much on sponsorships. you didn't see jardine turning his back on that fight. this kid is a joke. there are plenty of ppl who are willing to fight and begging for fights, so kj noons who?
  31. gracies suck ass Says:

    Fri, 09/19/08 - 08:49

    noons and randy should go into buisness together. Than noons could learn how to duck months of competition and still get top dollar.
  32. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Sun, 09/21/08 - 05:16

    @gracies suck ass: buisness = business
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