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Knockout of the Day: Ammy Fighter Gets Kneed Into La La Land, Literally

For those of you who thought we’d never see a more cartoonish, WWE-esque reaction to a knockout than Rolles Gracie’s Flair Flop at WSOF 5, boy oh boy do we have a treat for you.

Inside MMA have always been a great source for amatuer and local fight highlights across the globe, but they may have outdone themselves with this clip from last month’s VCFC: Danville Destruction 5 event in Virginia. In an amateur match between welterweights Chris Henderson and Chris Gardner, Henderson landed a knee from the clinch so vicious, so devastating, that it sent his opponent into a 360 degree tailspin complete with airplane arms before faceplanting him on the canvas. It was absolutely ridiculous, and even after some two dozen views, I’m still not convinced that the whole thing wasn’t a work.

Video after the jump. 

I mean, that has to be fake, right? Aside from the fact that Henderson’s knee didn’t even appear to land that flush, there’s just no way you can tell me that Gardner’s reaction to said knee was anywhere on the spectrum of normal. It’s even worse when you watch it in gif form:

Yep, these two were definitely in on it, most likely to score some free publicity. Goal achieved, gentlemen. Goal achieved.

The win improves Henderson to 3-0 as an ammy (with all finishes) and drops Gardner to 5-12. He may never be a champion or even a journeyman, but let’s hope that Gardner can rest assured knowing that he will forever be embedded in the cultural grain of MMA thanks to this gif. I can already see the memes…

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(Props: AXS TV via Uproxx)

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