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Knockout of the Day: Chubby Amateur Fighter Attempts Spinning Backfist With Hilarious Results

(If it didn’t work for Ken Shamrock, then chances are it ain’t going to work for you.) 

Look, spinning backfists aren’t for everybody. Sure, if you’re a malnurished Vietnam vet with a mean streak a mile long, then you can pretty much do whatever you want in the ring and get away with it. But if you’re an overweight amateur fighter who suddenly thinks he’s the white Yahir Reyes, it would probably be in your best interest to leave the study of centrifugal forces to the scientists. This theory also applies when you’re a trash-talking UFC middleweight fighting in the biggest rematch of your life against the pound-for-pound G.O.A.T who you have done nothing but belittle and insult for the past three or so years.

This was a lesson that Matt Lawrence would learn the hard way when he stepped into the ring against Dillon Cleckler at Island Fights 18.

The fight may have taken place at the end of August, but the video was just brought to our attention via Dean Toole on our Facebook page. Attempting to give you a play-by-play would do this video no justice, so instead we’ve provided you with a short pictorial of what must have been going through Lawrence’s head as he attempted such an audacious maneuver.

“OK, bro, all of your friends and family are here, so you better not eff this up, because if you pull this off, there’s no way Big Rhonda won’t at least give you a handjo outside the bowling alley like she said she would. This dude appears to be in a lot better shape than you are, so he probably won’t expect you to throw some hella-badass Haiduken or some shit. Alright, let’s set this chump up with a dainty leg kick.”

“Holy shit, he totally bought it! Handjo, here I come.”

Play time’s over motherfucker. You just ended up on my highlight reel.”


I’ve made a huge mistake.”

-J. Jones


  1. RaginAsian Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 01:47

    Worst abuse of a chubby guy since Deliverance.
  2. WarpedAcorn Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 01:50

    I feel like this is the exact type of circumstance that deserves a witty one-liner.
  3. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 02:17

    Dang, that gave me a chubby!
  4. The12ozCurls Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 02:33

    Big Rhonda is freaking hot but her handjos are absolute heaven because of the perpetual BBQ sauce and Ranch dressing residue on her prosthetic hands. I love you Rhonda.
  5. imnotgay Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 02:34

    spinning back fist dude really found his range in that fight
  6. El Guapo Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 02:54

    Juuuust a bit outsi... Wait, why are they putting a belt around that guy's waist? Chubbs would've been champ had he won?? If I squint really hard I can see a title match in Elias' future.
  7. GistoftheFist Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 08:13

    Are you talking about the Big Rhonda from That 70's Show? Also, why are they wearing shinguards?
  8. samclark Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 08:16

    Forget the spinning backfist...let's take a look at that flawless 'leg kick!'
  9. Null Kuhl Says:

    Thu, 10/11/12 - 08:28

    The REAL story here is Dillon Cleckler's beard! Magnificent!
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