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Knockout of the Day: Romanian Kickboxer Alex Filip Hits a “Rolling Thunder” at the SuperKombat WGP

(High-class Romanian escorts are no empressed wid your performance.)

Good morning, Nation. How was your weekend? I spent mine cleaning teeth out of a urinal trough at the particularly seedy bar at which I am also employed as a custodial engineer. What can I say? Writing base-level insults about MMA fighters don’t pay what it used to, that’s for sure.

Uneventful and depressing as my weekend may have been, it certainly couldn’t have gone worse than that of German kickboxer Roman Palamar, who wound up on the wrong end of a highlight reel knockout at the Superkombat World Grand Prix in Romania on Saturday. (The sound you just heard was me absolutely nailing that transition, BTW.)

Paired up against Romanian Alex Filip, who sported a professional record of just 1-0, the 18-2 Palamar was heavily favored to come away with the win and was more than holding his own against his older opponent through the first round. That was, until Filip deciding to channel his inner Peter Graham and unleash a Rolling Thunder kick that landed flush on Palamar’s jaw and put him down and out.

Check out a video and gif of the absolutely stunning KO after the jump.

Sources close to CP confirm that bricks were undeniably shat by at least a dozen spectators at the time of the knockout. Not among the brick-shatters were the two women in the header picture above, whose ability to emote or even feel has been eroded by years of forced drug abuse, sex trafficking, and back-alley plastic surgeries. Where once were two innocent, fresh-faced teens with their whole lives ahead of them, now only emotionless husks of human beings remain. The one on the right wanted to be an optometrist. The left, a politician. Sorry ladies, not everyone gets to have Liam Neesons as a father.


Here’s a gif of the Rolling Thunder, via¬†@GrabakaHitman

And for comparison, here’s Johnathan Ivey attempting a similar move against Ken Shamrock with somewhat different results:

-J. Jones

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