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Koscheck Flip Flopping About His Game Plan for UFC 113 Fight With Daley

(Koscheck came to Montreal to kick ass and chew bubblegum. Fortunately for Daley, Josh brought plenty of bubblegum.)

Either Josh Koscheck is doing his damndest to keep upcoming opponent Paul Daley guessing about his game plan for their UFC 113 meeting or he has realized that going toe-to-toe with a guy whose hands are nearly as effective at making people’s heads spin and putting them to sleep as a Brent Brookhouse editorial, is not the best idea in the world.

Less than a week away from the May 8 bout in Montreal and Kos is giving ostensibly different answers when asked how he is planning to face "Semtex."

The American Kickboxing Academy fighter told MMAWeekly radio last week that he intends to compare his chin and punching power to Daly’s.

"I’m going to stand toe-to-toe with Paul Daley, and if he can take my punches then maybe we’ll switch the game plan up, but I plan on going out and standing toe-to-toe. There’s no reason for me not to. I’ve been around a long time, I’ve had a lot of fights, and I don’t have a problem standing up with anybody."

"I believe I have just as good of striking as Paul Daley, well maybe not as good, but I can guarantee you I have as much power. That’s for sure," said Koscheck.

Maybe Koscheck changed his tune after re-watching tape of his fight with Paulo Thiago or clips of Daley leaving opponents for dead and decided that the best case scenario for him to ensure he would earn the TUF coaching slot opposite UFC welterweight kingpin Georges St-Piere, would be to take the fight to the canvas. In his blog Friday, Koscheck stated that he is now planning on taking Daley down and choking him out in the opening frame.

"So if you’re a betting man, you better go to Vegas right now, and put money on Josh Koscheck because now that the guy has pissed me off, I can guarantee you that I’m gonna go in there and wrestle his ass down and rear naked choke him in round one. There you have it. I’ll probably beat him up a little bit before I choke him out, but in round one, he’s getting choked out. And that’s what he’s gonna have to sleep with over the next week – ‘How the hell am I gonna stop from getting taken down and put on my ass?’"

Sure, most fighters keep their hands close to their chests so they don’t show their opponents their cards before they’re played, but it seems like Josh is beginning to second guess his chances in a stand-up battle with a heavy-hitter like Daley, who boasts a 75 percent knockout ratio.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens Saturday night, but I’m guessing Koscheck will not keep the fight standing very long if he can help it.

Hopefully if it does hit the ground, the result will be more ground and pound than lay and pray. It’s getting too warm in Montreal for heavy blankets.


  1. Cosmin Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:24

  2. ssmr0501 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:24

    He is def trying to mess with daley. Only two ways I see it Standing - Koscheck is going to bed early (KO rnd 2) Ground - Kos by UD or TKO stoppage
  3. Gladheateher Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:26

    naked choke
  4. Ratel Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:33

    In a perfect world, Daley will clock Mr Macaroni Head into a coma that lasts eleven years. Realistically though, Kos has a chance if he can remember to leave his ego at the door. I lost respect for him when he was running his mouth prior to the GSP match. He was talking smack, saying his wrestling will carry him through the day, GSP has no heart, etc. Look how well that worked out for him. The biggest thing he has going against him is the fact that he managed to rear naked choke that monster Anthony Johnston, a man who was killing Kos up until he got poked in the left eye but grabbed his right eye. He put on enough drama to get the ring girls to share their opinions and get fired as a result of doing so. I say that's working against him because he can't suppress his ego enough to see the big picture, and has probably convinced himself that he's the better fighter with superior skills. I call bullshit.
  5. punchguyinface Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:39

    Hopefully Daley will finally sink, as Hardy so eloquently put it, the "turd that won’t flush away".
  6. ReX13 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:41

    Spidey/Hulk/Yeti/HoneyBadger>> Agree on all counts.
  7. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:45

    Gonna be a good fight, either way. I actually like both of these fighters, and they will both be in it to win it. Overall this card is actually pretty fuckin decent.
  8. Mike Russell Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:47

    @steampunk22 The undercard is pretty good, too.
  9. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:54

    Koscheck's plan is pretty simple. He's planning on getting KTFOed.
  10. Harry Nips Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:55

    +1 Gusbuster. I like that little dig on 'Bitchtits' Brookhouse. There should be a 'Brutus The Barber' clause in this fight, if Daley wins he gets to shave Fragglehair in the middle of the cage. But anyway, I got Fraggle by RNC in the 2nd, his wrestling will win this fight.
  11. ReX13 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:59

    steampunk22>> nice to see that you have indeed up'd the funk and returned to us; we missed you.
  12. Yves Latrine Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:17

    If Kos can beat Anthony Johnson, he can sure as fuck beat Paul Daley.
  13. Brock Lesnesman Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:21

    Nice photoshop, this is the same image used on Jenna's new sex tape "Bubblegum Dick" and she's standing in that same position, topless, in a cage.
  14. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:26

    This is the first time in my life I've ever rooted for a Brit.
  15. Almost North Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:31

    Awwwww shit its a blog fight playa
  16. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:34

    @Rex13 @MikeRussel REx - LOL cheers brother. Yeah its been awhile, I just got like super busy with work and I have an artshow coming up where I'm supposed to show a couple of guitars, and its just, ugh, been nuts. Definitely gonna try and up the presence on the 'ol CPeezy. Mike - Dunno if I said hullo yet. Cheers man, welcome to CP! So far your posts have been pretty good! Ben who? ;P
  17. peanutbuttter Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:42

    I don't like kos but I'd like to see him go in there and win by sub first round. Injury free, ready for g s p, a s a p p ;)
  18. danomite Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:45

    If I were Kos I would tell Daley exactly how I'm going to take him down and what submission I'm going to beat him with, cause there's no way he's gonna be able to stop it from happening. Seriously, this guy is garbage on the ground and has said that he has no intentions on improving. This is the guy who got tapped with the world's slowest armbar by Jake Shields. As a GSP fan I am rooting for Koscheck because I'm getting tired of seeing these one-sided fights and Koscheck is the only one in the welterweight division who can challenge him.
  19. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:47

    If I was koscheck I'd have my ass on a plane to south america, we all know only anderson silva and the blackhouse crew can teach the hide behind the ref, and run away from your opponent techniques.
  20. KinGi Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:55

    Kos is reaaaally gonna get fucked up big time he's only chance of winning as i see it has to be a flying eye poke in the ass..
  21. KinGi Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 12:59

    And @Yves Latrine. Semtex would blow Anthony Johnson to bits and pieces in seconds m8
  22. whitey Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 01:03

    i hate koscheck. then again, i am a leben fan. @jimbonics i was thinking the same exact thing, man.
  23. David_Banner Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 01:57

    What trips me out is people used to have nightmares about Johnson until Kos beat his ass. Now, beating Johnson was "really, no big deal". Granted, Anthony Johnson is a dick that I never liked, but still, Kos proved a lot in that fight, to me. He's still a dickhead, but, he is game. When it comes to this Daley fight, I don't get why people would expect a fighter to release his gameplan, his STRATEGY TO WINNING THE FIGHT, to the press a week before the fight! WTF!!! Flip Flopping?! Cmon now, I call it common sense. I see this as a MMA fans dream fight, because these two guys eject skulls when they fight. Daleys stand-up is brutal, efficient and powerful as is Koschecks, but Koscheck is reckless, powerful on the ground ect. This is potentially fight of the year,imo.
  24. Ratel Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 02:24

    So here's my problem - don't really give a crap about Daley either way. Dislike Kos 'cause he's a dickhead. Sure, a good fighter who would surely tear me apart, but that doesn't save him from having chronic asshole-itis. Fraggle has talent, but he absolutely must stop reading his own hype and buying into it. The fight could go either way, I just can't call it. I want to say that Kos has the advantage in the same sense that GSP would have an advantage, but Fraggle has already shown he's not at GSP's level. They've both improved, so I expect the gap to remain as it was when they met. All that to say that I think Kos has a good chance as long as he can maintain perspective and leave his self-image perception at the door. He is his own worst enemy, I think.
  25. cecils_pupils Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 02:34

    ...I ...farkin... hate... Koscheck. I want him to get KTFO'd sooo badly, hope it goes that way. Nite nite little fraggle.
  26. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 02:43

    I knew that old "If I had a dog with a face as ugly as yours, I'd shave his ass and make him walk backwards!" bit fit Koatcheck's busted grill somehow. That picture makes him look like Brian's ass from Family Guy when Lois catches him eating bubble gum.
  27. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 02:44

    Pppfffffftt- ffffwoooop- POP
  28. ghostboner Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 02:55

    @Yves - I agree. Everyone thought Johnson was going to murder Kos as well. But then everybody thought Kos was going to murder Thiago... I think Kos just said all that "toe to toe" stuff to keep Daley confident and complacent enough to not bother training any takedown defense or ground game. Got to admit, I like that Fraggle. I think he got this one. Also, awesome photoshop.
  29. BONGTAR Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 02:58

    a good fight it will be. warriors they are. knock out I'm expecting, hmmm?
  30. TheMadness Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 03:03

    I reeeeaaaaaaaally don't want to see Koscheck as a coach on TUF 12. Sadly, Daley won't be able to stop Kos from molesting him on the ground.
  31. chewbakker82 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 03:06

    Kos is a dick but I feel that Daley is going straight to the ground the second the bell rings. Go watch the footage of Paul Daley's takedown defense training on the UFC Countdown show. If that's the best footage they got, than that's pretty bad. He is a monster with KO power but he's gonna have the same night that his teammate hardy had a couple months ago, and that's getting taken down faster then Jenna Jameson's panties. Or restraining orders.
  32. Japanadian Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 03:20

    Kos better learn from GSP and take his opponent out of his style. If daley wins i feel sorry for the fighters who end up with him as a coach, and i don't see how things are gonna be different then when Dan Hardy fought GSP, they are from the same camp with the same style and he cares even less about grappling then hardy
  33. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 03:20

    So what the fuck is this Klausczech character anyway? Half something? Scotch- Armenian? Puerto Rican? I just want to know because I'll enjoy it more if I know it's black on black crime.
  34. back_bacon Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 03:36

    Kos is going to get the blonde knocked off of him if he decides to stand and bang with Daley. In the end it doesn't matter because GSP will lay waste to the next B-List can that DW offers up to him.
  35. Ratel Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 04:00

    Mr Misanthropy - ha ha ha ha!
  36. gameface Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 04:17

    kos will spend the latter part of the evening becoming good friends with the janitor as he walks around the front few rows kicking cups and garbage aside as he looks for his teeth. what bothers me the most is even if im right, it STILL wont humble him. he will wake up and rather than be humbled by a better fighter, he will throw out a pile of excuses/reasons/bullshit as to why he lost the fight and STILL insist hes the number one contender. 8th of may, the year 2010 of our lord GSP
  37. Dr Garbo Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 04:54

    I love that Daley used a Tyson line..."Im gonna Fuckin decimate him"...I would rather see Kos and GSP again...he would SMOKE Daley...He will smoke Kos too...Just In a more exciting fashion...
  38. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 05:49

    No body deserves a title shot right now more than Paulo Thiago. These dudes are just fillers.
  39. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 05:54

    Lookin forward to this one, If Kos can can avoid getting ktfo early I see his takedown and ground skills earning him a TKO. Whatever the result, it's not gonna change Kos's opinion of himself, he's another one who went to to the Tito school of self appreciation. Should be a great nite of fights and hopefully we'll spend next weekend discussing fights instead of the soap opera life of "Jennito"
  40. Swingline Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 05:55

    Hello All, I don't think he'll go toe to toe with Daley. I was watching the countdown and Kos made a comment saying, "He's not a complete fighter". Made me think Kos was going to go after his weakness, which is his wrestling and take down defense. Kos rd 3 by ref stoppage.
  41. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 06:00

    @ Bongtar+1
  42. mt59801 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 06:41

    We can all agree that Kos has ground skills, but no chin. I'm guess he'll throw a few jabs shoot and catch an uppercut that will knock the smartass right out of him
  43. intercept440 Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 06:58

    well... ..were to begin...??? oh .. yea.. Daley in round 1 by fist grenade to kockchecks head, after which he will fake an eyepoke and cover the wrong eye......only then to realize he really was frantcially trying to get mazagatti to pull the smelling salts out from under his nose.... after that ...maybe he will make up an excuse .. like oh.. i dont know....the white hair dye screwed his game up cuase it sapped his strneght unknowilngy or some other bullshit, that it had a poisionous kryptonite layer secretly hidden inside the bottle , most carefully planned by daley and executed by steve muthafucking mazzagati!!!!!! then he will saddly .. just cry... hey... it could happen
  44. Tats Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 07:02

    "We can all agree that Kos has ground skills, but no chin. I'm guess he'll throw a few jabs shoot and catch an uppercut that will knock the smartass right out of him" Koscheck has only lost once by ko I dunno if that qualifies him for the glass jaw party.
  45. iDestroy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 07:06

    Koscheck will win. He's my favorite ww. I can't wait for him to get another shot at the belt. Who has a better chance against GSP?
  46. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 07:34

    @ iDestroy Paulo Thiago has a better chance than Kos ever did. He should fight GSP. He'll still lose though. I'd give Sam the Eagle a shot over Wembley Fraggle any day.
  47. iDestroy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 07:51

    @kimbos bread There's only one problem with your theory: Paulo Thiago knocked Koscheck out, so I don't like him. Is that how you use a colon? I saw it on Talladega nights, and I thought I'd try it.
  48. parttimesouthpaw Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 08:08

    ^this Wrestlers are kryptonite for Daley. He also was manhandled by Nick "The Goat" Thompson last year to a UD loss. Koscheck has turned a corner in his striking and people will be surprised at the level of improvement this time around.
  49. iDestroy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 08:24

    On a serious note, I feel that Koscheck is a better fighter than Thiago, and that Thiago landed one lucky strike that put Kos away. Who knows though, maybe Thiago is the better fighter. I honestly haven't seen enough of him to form an educated opinion. He did destroy Swick, but then again, who has Swick beat?
  50. Mr_Misanthropy Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 08:29

    I'm telling you man- look at those kids- they look like little Tito-Checks. Jenna's DNA (if you could actually separate a sample from the thousands of others all over her) had nothing to do with it. She was a rented womb. What I want to know is who's the hermaphrodite, Tito or Koscheck? Who's behind this nefarious breeding program- the UFC or the government? Is it like Species or something? Where's that dude who knows Bob Arum when a guy needs some info?
  51. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 08:39

    @Idestroy, thats not how I use my colon, but each to their own
  52. LBo Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 09:08

    Spreading the word, this is a textbook case of the triple-doublecross: Whereby -Daley tells Kos he can’t stand up -Kos decides to stand up to prove him wrong -In order to misdirect Daley, Kos in turn boasts he will grapple, informs gamblers -Gamblers place bets, only too late realizing the guy at the register is PAUL DALEY IN DISGUISE AND HE RUNS WITH THE MONEY AND KNOCKS OUT PAUL BUENTELLO WHO JUST STARTED AS SECURITY GUARD THAT DAY
  53. KingZipperhed Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 10:42

    I believe Kos has this one relatively easy. Aside from a puncher's chance, Daley is going to be put on his back quickly and, if his ground game is as bad as we are expecting, is going to get choked out/limb ripped off very soon after. I do not think Kos has a glass chin as many are saying, while he did get tagged by Paulo the ref stopped that fight before Kos even hit the ground, well very quickly anyway, and while he prolly was seeing a few tweety birds flying around his yellow fraggle head i do not believe he was out as he was trying to scramble to guard right away.
  54. KingZipperhed Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 10:47

    ok edit aside from a freight train of a punchers chance kuz that Daley sure can let em fly i will give him that too bad he wont be able to stay up to use 'em
  55. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 10:47

    @iDestroy A what? I can't tell what you're saying in that post, the punctuation is way off. @ LBo Oh let me guess... On his way out, Daley carjacks a vehicle from an old man waiting for his nephew at the library. And at some point it is revealed that the nephew wasn't at the library. He was cage fighting Kimbo Slice to win money and buy a car in order to impress some redheaded bimbo. Holy shit, this makes for a great movie...
  56. KingZipperhed Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 10:52

    mmmmmmmm redheaded bimbo make sure she has a tight shirt on in the rain cuz thats money! nom sain?!?
  57. Kimbos Bread Says:

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 10:56

    @KingZipperhed Ohhh hellllllll YES!

    Sun, 05/02/10 - 11:33

    @idestroy I want to #ur: for the Kos knowledge :P. Jk. No but seriously #ur: braaa! Look at stats(daleys submission losses) and make a legitimate statement. You guys are getting emo and just want to see fraggle get ko'd by a big ninja. NOT HAPPENING! I say round3 rearnakedchokeypokey. If I'm wrong it will be because he choked him in round 2. Kos is going to be PERPATRAITIN' that tea drinkin nigga!
  59. David_Banner Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 04:16

    parttimesouthpaw.. Indeed. I became impressed when Kos decapitated Yoshida. Him prison raping Frank Trigg, then dominating Anthony Johnson was really all I needed to see. Dustin Hazelett did the same thing Kos is doing now, prior to their fight. Dustin said he (himself) had no stand-up and his only chance of beating Koscheck was to sub him from his back. Bell rings, Dustin kicks Kos in the face and throws more leather then a exploding Football factory. Kos is doing the same thing.
  60. Gladheateher Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 04:43

    Kos did pretty good last time he met George in the octagon.
  61. Bob Reilly Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 05:45

    Sixty First!
  62. justscrappin Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 06:03

    Well how the feck is everyone doing this fine monday morning? Koscheck vs. Daley is the topic of discussion I see. I believe that Koscheck is growing quite flaccid in his manties right now. He will throw a couple bullshit jabs and crosses..then rush in and tackle Daley. He will gnp him till Daley give s up his back and let's him sink the choke. Another fine fight in the books for the WW division ( WW stands for world wrestling.) Where the top 3 guys in the division are all pussies that just want to take you down and grind on you like a drunk bitch at the club. Hoopity hoop nigga what? Seriously...I wish one of these strikers would learn enough fucking grappling to get themselves out from underneath these date-rapers. On a side note....I love high-level grappling...and have studied bjj and judo for a combined 10 years. I can appreciate a high-level standup technician like Daley though...and just wish they would actually take the time to patch the holes in their game.
  63. Nealio Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 09:00

    You guys assume that Koscheck ISN'T just saying shit to fuck with everyone. If I was a fighter I'd say all kinds of shit about my "gameplan" in hopes my opponent reads it. Now Daley is put in an interesting position where he's gone from thinking he's lured Kos into his game, to hear him saying he'll do what makes the most sense to get a win. I"m sure that's a much better mental game plan than just not saying anything.
  64. BryanF Says:

    Mon, 05/03/10 - 10:15

    "BALLS-BALLS-BALLS-BALLS OF STEEL..." Duke Nukem reference anyone?....*tumbleweed*
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