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KSW 15: Bad Night for James Irvin, Great Night for Neo-Nazis

(Seven pounds over, and dropping his shorts just in case. Positivity’s a great thing, James, but sometimes you have to meet it halfway. Props: mmanewspl)

Just two weeks after it was announced that he blew a steroid test back in California, cursed UFC veteran James Irvin was back in action last night in the main event of KSW 15 in Warsaw. And if you thought this would a redemptive performance for the Sandman, then buddy, you don’t know James Irvin. The bout was held at a catchweight after Irvin came in juuuuuust a bit heavy for his scheduled middleweight title fight against Mamed Khalidov. His initial weigh-in tipped the scales at 197 pounds12 over the limit — but after four hours in the sauna, Irvin managed to get down to 192, and the match went on at a catchweight — with the middleweight belt still on the line, for some reason.

Anyway, the numbers don’t really matter. Khalidov opened the bout with a spinning back kick (as he tends to do), then dropped to his back when it didn’t connect. Irvin dived on for some ground-and-pound, and was immediately caught in an armbar. The fight was over in 33 seconds. On the bright side, Irvin didn’t leave the fight badly injured, as we assumed he would. Hopefully that’s the last time that Irvin accepts a fight at middleweight…on short notice…overseas…against a really tough opponent…when he has a drug suspension hanging over his head.

In the co-main event, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou increased his MMA record to 11-8 — and won KSW’s light-heavyweight title — forcing Polish up-and-comer Jan Blachowicz to quit after two rounds thanks to a steady barrage of brutal leg kicks. Finnish teammates Toni Valtonen and Niko Puhakka also came out on top in their bouts against Polish locals. If those names sound familiar, it’s probably because of their white supremacist tattoos — Valtonnen wears a Swastika on his arm and the phrase “Born to Hate” on his stomach, while Puhakka has the logo of Neo-Nazi organization “Blood & Honour” on his chest and was formerly a member of the Hoelzer Reich fighter stable. But hey, that shouldn’t prevent them from being booked on the main card of an MMA event, right? You stay classy, Poland.

The Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. James Thompson scrap didn’t happen, by the way. I know, we’re heartbroken too. Full KSW 15 results are below…

- Mamed Khalidov def. James Irvin via submission (armbar), 0:33 of round 1
- Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def. Jan Blachowicz via TKO (retirement), 5:00 of round 2
- Niko Puhakka def. Maciej Gorski via technical submission (arm-triangle choke), 3:20 of round 2
- Toni Valtonen def. Lukasz Jurkowski via unanimous decision
- Rogent Lloret def. Karol Bedorf via unanimous decision
- James Zikic def. Antoni Chmielewski via unanimous decision
- Michal Materla def. Gregory Babene via submission (guillotine choke), 3:30 of round 2
- Marcin Rozalski def. Marcin Bartkiewicz via TKO (doctor stoppage), 1:51 of round 2
- Aslambek Saidov def. Ruben Crawford via unanimous decision


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 09:54

    Neo-nazi white supremacists rule! Now let them face Jon Jones.
  2. k-onda Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:13

    I did not see this article coming, not even close
  3. BIGHAL Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:23

    3rd bitches
  4. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:32

    @BigHal Are you listing things you'll never get in life? Because you missed the first two. First, money. Second, power.
  5. steampunk22 Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:33

    And just so you know, I'm only teasing. :)
  6. danomite Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:37

    hey CP I think there was a fight in new jersey last night, too.
  7. BIGHAL Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:43

    @ steampunk22, i like your style you fuck. ;)
  8. Vera Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:44

  9. the glza Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:57

    1st after vera !!
  10. danomite Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:58

    alt caption: "to middleweight and beyond!!" or "there are 7 men in this picture and 6 of them are staring at James Irvin's cock. The other man is James Irvin."
  11. HomeSchooled Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 11:04

    too bad the Pudz didn't get to fight. Dude turns red like a tomato
  12. mDino Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 11:09

    reading about anything nazi or neo nazi just disgusts me. lets move forward from this stuff (its 2011) and hire some mercenaries to go and bomb (and i mean to death) that whole nazi crew and their followers.

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 11:19

    he is a true freakshow
  14. Turre Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 11:47

    Uuh. Being finnish, I hate the fact that the few good MMA-fighters from here have to be morons who wear swastika-tattoos, and words "Skin" and "Head" on their knuckles. Seriously, that has not done any favors for the sport here or anywhere else
  15. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 11:59

    BIGHAL Says: Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:43 @ steampunk22, i like your style you fuck. ---------------------------------------------- you say you want to fuck steampunk? Hal I had no idea that you lived under a rock and were also gay. don't you have some really black balls to go hang from? yeah better get back to em. fucking dipshit.
  16. BIGHAL Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 12:39

    @ dranokills, yeah you stupid fuck that exactly what i said you piece of shit. learn to understand what people post on here before you reply, bitch. oh yeah asshole, while i'm hanging on those big black balls of jon jones, i'll see if he cares to autograph the 2 balls he took from rua's pride, and give one of them to me so i can showcase to all of my friends what a fucking pussy rua really is. now don't you have some wounds to like since rua getting killed last night cut you so deep? you fucking moron. your such a dumb ass bitch, bitch.
  17. djp1988 Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 01:12

    Guys, can we please just be a big, peaceful, happy family of like minded people who watch sweaty, shirtless men grind all over one another? Think of the children.
  18. AndyInflammatory Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 01:19

    oh I'm thinking of the children all right

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 04:26

    Yea fuck drano! You should keep your rage to yourself. Looked like your stalking the guy on the Internet. Creepy mother fucker, fucking, fuck. @danomite Says: Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:58 alt caption: “to middleweight and beyond!!” or “there are 7 men in this picture and 6 of them are staring at James Irvin’s cock. The other man is James Irvin.” LMFAO that's shirt worthy. I had to go back to looking at the pic and lawled again.
  20. BIGHAL Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 05:29

    yeah fuck dranokills
  21. FaH Q NL15 Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 06:28

    djp, i laughed my balls off at that shit. thank you
  22. mma samurai Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 07:23

    Uhhhh I'm pretty sure it's safe to say by now Irvin isn't cursed he's just a douche bag and brings most of his misfortune on himself
  23. The MMA Thread. Next Event: Strikeforce Heavyweight tournament: Fedor vs Silva Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 08:17

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  24. dranokills Says:

    Sun, 03/20/11 - 10:04

    you seem to want to fuck a lot of people little hal. Is that all you offer is a big bad attitude like a 12 year old? does your mommy know you are on her laptop? shouldn't you and your boyfriend perpatraitor be watching twilight and jerking each other off?
  25. Sgt. 606 Says:

    Mon, 03/21/11 - 06:44

    James Irv must have one hell of a hog if it is getting that kind of attention.
  26. The Fight Nerd | James Irvin had a bad day at KSW 15 Says:

    Mon, 03/21/11 - 11:31

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  27. rogerw Says:

    Wed, 03/23/11 - 09:12

    I don't know if anyone reads comments to old(ish) postings but I just wanted to say I just watched a recording of KSW 15 and both of the Finnish neo-Nazi fighter wore long-sleeved shirts during their fights. I'm assuming the promoters demanded that, so at least that's something.
  28. Sadly, Strikeforce’s Nazi Pedophile Fighter Will Have to Find a New Career | Says:

    Wed, 03/07/12 - 11:29

    [...] United States. Saling can always move to Finland, where the Fight Festival promotion still books Niko Puhakka on a regular basis. I’m just saying, it’s an option. Similar news:Woodbridge job fair steers [...]
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