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[VIDEO] The Latest ‘TUF: Rousey vs. Tate’ Preview Features Guy-on-Girl Action, Chicken Wing Poses, Paint Fights (?)

You know, for being a fairly straightforward ad that clocks in at just over 30 seconds, the latest TUF: Rousey vs. Tate preview offers more than its fair share of interesting moments and head-scratching editorial choices. A few highlights…

00:00 - The preview hasn’t even started yet and already we feel like we’re trapped in one of those Technicolor iPod commercials.
00:04 - Wait…were those gloves covered in yellow paint?
00:08 - Nothing says “Intimidating” quite like MORE YELLOW PAINT.
00:12 - My God, the overediting. Who directed this clip, Michael Bay on PCP?
00:17 - Surely this season will play host to the greatest pool hijinks since Caddyshack.
00:20 - Ronda Rousey, rocking what’s become known as “The Chicken Wing” pose¬†or “The Sassy Arm Triangle of Insecurity.” In any case, we’d appreciate it if women never posed like this again for the rest of eternity.
00:21 - Tate, rocking the cross-armed, no nonsense stance. Point Tate, although we would have preferred she went full on B-Boy style.
00:22 - “Mommy, I think these Hulk Hands are knockoffs. They keep melting whenever I play with them outside.”

The top Youtube comment says it all, really:

-J. Jones


  1. Fried Taco Says:

    Mon, 08/05/13 - 03:12

    For the first time, men and women live, train and fu..., I mean fight, side-by-side.
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