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Legend 2 Mini-Recap: A Neck Crank? A F*CKING NECK CRANK?!!

(“He got Mark Coleman’d,” indeed. Video via whatever Youtube channel this is.) 

Remember how we said the guy who replaced Aleks Emelianenko against Mirko Crop Cop at Legends 2 probably stood a better chance of defeating the Croatian than Emelianenko did? Well consider this the saddest “we told you so” in CagePotato history. And quite possibly the first.

It’s been a strange journey for Mirko Cro Cop ever since he “retired” from the sport at UFC 137: he’s broken a CP ban, armbarred a sumo wrestler in his MMA return, and somewhat surprisingly won a K1 Grand Prix. Why a legend like Cro Cop — who has admitted to being “worn out” for years now — feels the need to continue competing is beyond us, and honestly, we’re past the point of arguing about it. It’s not like he’s been getting brutally, repeatedly KO’d or anything, and besides, we were still peeing our pants with excitement when his rematch with Emelianenko was announced.

But after watching his fight with Alexey Oleinik at Legend 2 last Friday, we think it’s safe to assume that Mirko has officially entered the “Money Up Front” phase of his MMA career.

Sure, it’s not like Mirko showed up at 300+ pounds or anything, and it’s not like he was fighting a scrub. But a neck crank? A F*CKING NECK CRANK?!

I say this as one of the biggest Cro Cop fans out there: Retire, Mirko. Retire for good and stop breaking my heart.

Elsewhere on the Legend card, UFC castaway Paul Daley saw a four fight win streak snapped via unanimous decision at the hands of Alexander “Bad Boy” Yakovlev, a 20-4 Russian who is now 21-4 (I dunno, that’s all I got). While Daley dominated many of the standup exchanges in typical fashion, his achilles heel of wrestling was once again exposed by Yakovlev, who mixed up some takedowns and decent ground-n-pound attacks to neutralize Daley for the majority of the fight.

In the kickboxing realm, Badr Hari picked up a unanimous decision victory over Alexey Ignashov in a K-1 Superfight that was as sloppy at times as it was enjoyable. Here’s a gif of Ignashov just missing a head kick in what looks like a poorly choreographed, B-movie fight scene (via Zombie Prophet).

And finally in people you’ve heard of who fought at this event, Melvin Manhoef was routed by Zabit Samedov en route to a unanimous decision loss in a 205 lb. K-1 sem-final tournament bout. Unfortunately, Samedov was not able to continue in the tournament due to a cut suffered during the fight and was replaced by Agron Preteni. It just goes to show that Melvin Manhoef’s legs are a threat to every living creature on this earth.

We’ve thrown a full video of the fight below. Enjoy.

-J. Jones

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