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Let’s Celebrate Matt Serra’s Upcoming FOX Analyst Gig By Looking Back at Some of His Most Quotable Moments

Gentlemen, rejoice, because everyone’s favorite ball-bustin’, cold cut connoisseur just landed himself a FOX analyst gig! HeeYEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

During last night’s edition of UFC on FOX, it was announced that none other than Long Island’s own Matt Serra (and also Jake Ellenberger) will be serving as a guest analyst for this Saturday’s Fight Night 49: Henderson vs. dos Anjos card. Finally, the era of awkward on-camera fighters stuttering out base-level advice between fights will be over, as the former welterweight champion and TUF 4 alum has become somewhat infamous for his jabberjaw skills. We can only hope now that FOX doesn’t force him to pull in the reigns (or pull out his teeth).

To celebrate what will surely be the funniest night in UFC on FOX history, join us after the jump as we look back at some of “The Terra’s” finest moments.

In which “The Terra” receives some strange advice from Rich Franklin

Of all the armchair advice I’ve heard Affliction shirt-clad dudebros give out at bars while watching a UFC event (“Bro, Silva needs to go for the figure 4 leg lock!” — actual dialogue from a supposed “brown belt”), nothing even comes close to Rich Franklin’s strategic words to Serra on TUF 4.

Paired against Pete Spratt in his quarterfinal matchup, Serra was looking to take things to the ground as quickly as possible. Franklin, who was the UFC’s middleweight champion at the time, suggested that Matt drop to one knee as soon as he touched gloves, because Spratt then couldn’t “kick him in the head.” How Serra, an undersized welterweight by any standard, could possibly benefit from further adding to his reach disadvantage is anyone’s guess, and Serra simply could not let such an insane piece of advice go without ridicule.

In which “The Terra” continues to berate Rich Franklin’s lemon advice

“And he says, ‘I got the idea from a kid who’s a wrestler, never been taken down. He has no legs, he’s never been taken down.’ I’m like oh, I see, you’re retarded.”

OneFC: An equal opportunity employer.

In which “The Terra” mocks the work ethic of Ken Shamrock (or lack thereof)

Matt Hughes might’ve had a good laugh over the “one knee” story, but his reaction to Serra’s verbal destruction of UFC HOFer Ken Shamrock can best be summed up in gif form.

In which “The Terra” channels a poor man’s Andrew Dice Clay

Robert Santa: “You know, did you ever think of doing stand-up?”

Serra: “No, no.”

Santa: “Why?

Serra: “Cause I’m a Jiu-Jitsu guy!”

In which “The Terra” interviews Forrest Griffin

From spinach shakes to expressos to General Tsao’s chicken, there is literally no food item that Serra cannot craft a two-minute comedy routine around. He’s basically the Weird Al Yankovic of MMA. Or maybe the Rodney Dangerfield. Or maybe what would happen if those two had sex with a Koopa Troopa and taught the bastard offspring to fight. Yeah, definitely that last one.

In which “The Terra” is an awesome coach

Serving as the trusty sidekick to Ray Longo, Matt Serra’s cornerman work has become the thing of legend since his time on TUF 6. His voice can often be heard cutting through the empty arenas of many of today’s Fight Night cards, and is usually good for a laugh or two when he’s particularly fired up. This all culminated in the night he and Longo told Chris Weidman to “punch a hole” in Anderson Silva’s chest before reacting to Silva’s leg break by saying “Good, fuck him.” Insensitive? Sure. Unnecessary? Most definitely.

Alright, let’s move on…

In which “The Terra” takes down that smug bastard Marc Laimon

Perhaps Serra’s greatest moment: The infamous “Expert swimmer who’s never been in a pool” takedown of Jiu-Jitsu instructor Marc Laimon on TUF 4. I had never heard that specific analogy used before this season, but have used it no less than 1000 times since. Let it be known, Nation, an angry Matt Serra is the sharpest-tongued Matt Serra.

The Rodney Dangerfield-Weird Al-Koopa Troopa of MMA, ladies and gents.

-J. Jones

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