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Like Many of Us, Oscar De La Hoya Wonders Why Rory MacDonald Didn’t Just Finish BJ Penn [VIDEO]


FightHubTV recently got in front of boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya, and asked him for his thoughts on the Rory MacDonald vs. BJ Penn fight at UFC on FOX 5, which De La Hoya was apparently live-tweeting. It seems that De La Hoya enjoys that MMA stuff once in a while, although he was a little confused by Rory’s performance:

“Well I wondering like, ‘why don’t you just go finish him?’ Because [MacDonald] looks like he has talents, he looks like he has that little ‘it’ factor…just keep on working on it, keep on working on it. You have to feel that killer instinct. Feel it! And go after it. Grab it, get it…I would love to see him use that jab to the body. If I was in there with that opponent he was fighting against, that jab to the body would have just paralyzed him. I mean, it would have. You could see it. I mean, obviously you could see things from outside, but he’s a talented fighter, my hat goes off to him.”

Dang, I kind of feel bad that Oscar referred to UFC legend BJ Penn simply as “that opponent [Rory] was fighting against,” and I’m sure it would break Penn’s heart to hear that. But honestly, I wondered the same thing during the fight. Particularly in the second round, when Penn was doubled up from body shots, with only his pride and otherworldly toughness keeping him on his feet — could MacDonald have turned it up a notch and beaten Penn to the ground? In the third round, when Rory was, ahem, “trying to mix it up [with] different distances” — what if McDonald just threw more strikes instead of showing off his totally sweet Muhammad Ali shuffle-step impression?

As De La Hoya mentioned himself, it’s easy to judge a fighter from outside the cage, and identify the things they could have done. (By the way, Oscar, if you ever want a blogging gig at CagePotato, just say the word.) Still, the fact that DLH cares enough to share his opinion is a nice change from the MMA vs. Boxing cold war that we’re usually subjected to.


  1. dipsetkilla316 Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 12:50

    The golden boy was the best at his time suck that ugly monkey floyd fuck face mayweather beat him i was so pissed wen he lost
  2. MorningwoodII Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 12:54

    Rory trains with GSP. Is it really a wonder why he didn't go for the finish?
  3. RearNakedSpoon Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 12:57

    Because he didn't want to give Penn the easy out?
  4. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 01:04

    Showboat's gotta showboat, playboy.
  5. mma4ever Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 01:41

    Rory should of dropped bj like benard did ur ass is what u mean
  6. dipsetkilla316 Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 03:44

    Poor fucking bj Jesus wat happened to his career. He turned into a fucking punching bag
  7. algiersheadkick504 Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 04:28

    Morningwood hit the nail wit the hammer on that...rory is sleeping pill 2.0
  8. tp24890 Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 04:46

    Rory didn't drop BJ because he was enjoying the despair on his face. It's typical he does the same thing to the cats hes about to skin and the homeless he throw in his pit in the basement. His finished is forever lasting agony imprinted in your brain that there is nothing but constant pain remaining.
  9. Nippletwist Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 06:39

    yup rory macdonald would rather taunt bj and dance around trying to show off than to give the fans an exciting finish, what an asshole. rory macdonalds best technique is when he massages vaseline all over georges back before they put on their spandex undies and wrestle around on the ground. buncha mo's, shit's greasy.
  10. smellypiratehooker Says:

    Wed, 12/19/12 - 06:50

    @nippletwist and just when I thought you hospitalized with kidney stones...
  11. Nippletwist Says:

    Thu, 12/20/12 - 07:07

    it's funny how rory has so much hype but he hasn't fought anyone. this guys two most impressive wins are decisions over lightweights. wow rory really likes fighting smaller guys, huh? Condit by Tko/KO again, worse this time.
  12. MattB904 Says:

    Thu, 12/20/12 - 07:41

    soooo i guess the ufc is cool with never giving rory a fight against someone with any wrestling pedigree?would love to see him get eaten alive after the douchebaggery he pulled in the penn fight.
  13. trinitario Says:

    Fri, 12/21/12 - 05:32

    BJ looked bad, and rory couldn't finish...he doesn't train for it. i think gsp is a great fighter but look at his fights.
  14. mookiestick Says:

    Sat, 12/22/12 - 08:55

    My impression was that Roy McDonald was just punishing BJ for the full three rounds for talking so much shit. The little pudgy bastard should've been accusing Tri-Star gym of being on PED's if he doesn't have any facts about it. When he got his ass kicked by George St. Pierre he said he was greasing. That fat little fucking pineapple always has a God damn excuse. Hey Should get his ilite fat asses of the fucking gym and lift some goddamn weights. I never thought he was much of a prodigy although he did kick Diego Sanchez is six ways to Sunday. That I liked.. Now I understand they certainly look like they're on PED's but until proven otherwise they're not. Perhaps BJ she going to gym put a little Muscle . I don't respect BJ he's always got an excuse. These are also true professionals they work out every single fucking day. Of course thet look like they're in fantastic shape. Being thag McDonald's 23 okay he's got zits no big deal. But I have noticed that they're clearing up. George St. Pierre is rippedlike a motherfucker. He's been working out for fucking 10 years. What do you expect. Mike Ricci on the other hand well he hasn't quite gotten there yet. He might need a little more time in the gym. Perhaps him and BJ can arrange something.. I'm really expecting a whole shitload a thumbs down on this one.

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