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Looks Like That Interim Belt Is Good For Something

(Photo courtesy of Shane Carwin’s Twitter.)

This morning Shane Carwin awoke to find the UFC interim heavyweight championship belt and a bunch of empty Bud Lights in his hotel room.  We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  The weird part is, we just assumed that make-believe belt would have turned back into a pumpkin by morning, leaving "Hulk Hands" with only some sore fists and a debilitating light beer headache to remind him that it wasn’t all some beautiful, violent dream. 


  1. TrouserSnout Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 08:48

    Congrats Carwin !!!! Great win....can't wait to see what you are able to do with Brock.
  2. TheHulkSmash Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 08:48

    The belt may be fake but those fists are real. Lesnar is going to get worked.
  3. k-onda Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 08:49

    Hmm, those title fights were not what expected, by me at least. Talk about living in a dream, Mir looked to be sleep walking, and then Hardy never landed a punch, and still made it 5 rounds. Maybe Mir and St. Pierre were drinking the NJ water, instead of the Bud Light. Oh, and if you're not first, you're a little Biii-atch!
  4. k-onda Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 08:50

    Damnit, you sneaky bastards!
  5. Cosmin Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 08:56

    Damn k-onda, sorry to hear about your biii-atchness. On another note, Carwin is the fucking man. I saw exactly what I wanted to see in his fight last night and it was glorious.
  6. Cro mag Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:02

    Carwin is a true beast, the battle with Lesnar is going to be epic. I don't think I've ever been more stoked about any other heavyweight match up. BTW, Velasquez is out of his league.
  7. Get Off Me Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:02

    Shane Carwin showed me that he's the real deal. I did not give this guy a snowballs chance against Mir and look what he did, cost me some cash and humbled me completely. I like this guy's chances against Lesnar, especially if he let's those hands go in the clinch like he did last night, my money is on Carwin to win the "real" heavyweight title.
  8. BigBaldJosh Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:20

    I get shit all the time for "ridin Carwins nuts" because I told them he'd give Brock and Mir hell - it all paid off last night watching that curly haired douche take a nap on the job....
  9. Lysol Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:44

    I'm not sure what I like about Carwin more, his entertaining fights or his devotion to be the face to Brock Lesnar's heel. Half of me thinks that Carwin took this picture as a smartass way of mocking Brock Lesnar's UFC 100 antics.
  10. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:50

    Carwin is going to good guy deusch it up in every interview from now until July. No matter who would have won that fight last night, all it garunteed was one asshole or another was gonna get allot more media attention.
  11. Babs Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:53

    The prophecy is coming to fruition: Goliath versus Goliath
  12. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:54

    Carwin is a true gentlemen.... would have been nice to hear him say something like "well brock that's nice you don't think the title is real but this is my moment so get the fuck out of the cage" Brock is such a douche. I think the most impressive part of how Carwin beat mir wasn't the striking, but how mir never even got started... Carwin didn't give mir a chance to even formulate an attack, he didn't even fight back... because Carwin game him no chance to. I hope he destroys Lesnar.
  13. cecils_pupils Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:01

    The math formula for UFC's Heavyweight Division: Carwin + Lunchbox Fists X Lesnar's Face = New HW Champ
  14. sonochamp Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:04

    Carwin really is a company man. Bud Light? Really?
  15. Babs Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:12

    I betcha it was free though, for free beer i'll be a "company man". My prediction for Carwin and Lesnar: Both punch each other at the same time, simultaneous knockout, and create a blackhole that swallows the Earth.
  16. jimbonics Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:21

    And the man still hasn't had a fight go past the first round. Congrats Frank Mir, on giving Carwin the longest fight of his career.
  17. whitey Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:31

    i wish someone would put up a .gif of dan staring at mir getting hammered in the head while he was unconscious. what a shitty ref!
  18. Casa de los pantelones Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:32

    I will never understand why someone who gets beat bad, like mir did, or hardy did as well, tries to rationalize why they lost. It's because you stood there like a statue guys, seriously. Hardy never threw one of his 'fist to face' hooks and Mir was obviously thinking about hair care products. wtf...of course you got hammered into the ground, you didn't do anything, period. And GSP is a slightly better version of Fitch, lay and pray and swarm and do nothing but roll around and not finish people. I will be so glad when a good striker comes in and destroys GSP. He is such a boring fighter to watch. war lunchbox fists!
  19. whitey Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:33

    oh and this picture says only one thing to me. coca cola has the best marketing on the planet!
  20. Komodo Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 10:57

    Awesome for Carwin... I'm fuckin' stoked, not only for him but for the HWD in general as well. It's nice to see it come back to life the way it has :)
  21. Action_Jaksonz Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 11:15
  22. 2phresh Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 11:24

    i dont mind a make believe belt
  23. Cro mag Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 11:36

    @ Casa de los pan You're an idiot. GSP totally neutralizes good strikers, they are powerless against him. How many more "good strikers" does he have to put away before you get that through your pea brain?
  24. tallkitchenbags Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 12:35

    carwin still looks awkward to me, but damn the man must hit hard. jfc. he disposed of Mir like he was a toy, kinda like lesnar did, except on his feet. i hope the two big guys keep it off the mat when they finally clash. i'd like to see what happens when either of them gets hit with a hammer.
  25. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 01:44

    Semtex KO's Kos. Fights GSP, gets taken down for three rounds. Ends fight with brutal KO in 4th. Semtex new WW champ. Fights Paulo Thiago, gets subbed. GSP moves to 185. Carwin rocks Lesnar, Unifies belt, fights Cain, defends belt, fights JDS, defends belt, Lesnar again, Looses belt. Remember these words...
  26. Ed M Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 01:53

    @Joedirt I agree- it would have been nice to hear Carwin say that to Lesnar. It would have been... FAAAABULOUSSSSS!!! You are a gay.
  27. Clyde Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 01:54

    I was hoping for Mir to get his shot at revenge on Brock but utmost respect to Carwin there. Carwin Vs Lesnar is going to be a clash of the titans. Best of luck Shane, we're all pulling for you in that one.
  28. Stash Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 01:56

    Carwin fights good for not having a real fight in a whole year
  29. badmarthafocker Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 02:28

    Apparently Bud Light learned from their mistake and do sponsor the UFC Heavyweight Champions now
  30. NOTSOB Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 03:06

    all you guys are freaking band wagon homos to carwin. i still think he aint shit, you really think carwin is gonna beat lesnar, even tho lesnar iss a mega douche? all lesnar has to do is take carwin down to the mat and hammer fist his ass to death, ive never seen carwin on his back so im beting he sucks on it. its obivous lesnar is gonna take him down with ease and do as such.. lesnar looks like hes super heavy weight................ owned! u freakin noobs on carwins cock. ohhhhhhh thats right u cockchesters.
  31. ComaPlata Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 03:12

    How many people are gonna feed the troll?
  32. NOTSOB Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 03:24

    @comaplata shut up u dink, just cuz i have a different comment and thoughts then others means im a troll huh, u must get cock up thy bum huh.
  33. Glorious Sweater Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 03:29

    Where is Mir gonna find the time to be obsessed with 2 fighters now? It must kill him knowing that this is his life and Carwin does it as a second job.
  34. Cro mag Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 03:33

    @ NOTSOB Man you're stupid!!
  35. skeletor Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 04:12

    @NOTSOB You know I hate Boston and most people from there, but I tend to agree with you about Carwin. I'm not a big fan of him and his nice guy attitude, and the fact they bill him as 6' 5" just pisses me off.
  36. Vargas Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 04:19

    I really hope Carwin doesnt get back up on his high-horse again. I like the Carwin that smashes, not the Goody two-shoes one.
  37. Joedirt Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 04:54

    Ed M.... Lesnar is a douche and he was just trying to put himself in the spotlight again. You call me gay while you insult somebody from your keyboard and stick up for a guy with a cock on his chest.... right.
  38. DazedNConfused Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 05:03

    Carwin isn't 6'5 id say 6'2, probably 6'3. I don't know why the UFC bills him as 6'5. But that doesn't mean he doesn't hit like a train. Fucking guy. Lost me some money, I figured Mir could stick and move and out-box him. I still couldn't bet on him against Lesner though. I don't know, I hate Lesner to an extent, but I have to agree that he is a scary force in the heavyweight division. He will fuck Carwin up. Cain will beat them both. I feel bad for Mir because he he will most likely have to fight Cain. Cain is going to steamroll him.
  39. Ed M Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 08:24

    Joedirt... I dare you to read aloud your second post without putting your hand on your hip and waving your other hand around in the air with your index finger pointing up. Also, after you finish, without snapping.
  40. badmarthafocker Says:

    Sun, 03/28/10 - 09:34

    Didn't Gonzaga, a mundial champion, have him on his back? I might have to look at the video again but that won't take long.
  41. mothercruncher Says:

    Mon, 03/29/10 - 02:41

    I'll never understand the US love affair with Bud Light, a triumph of marketing I 'spose? It's beer for children drunk by adults. Congrats to Carwin- that loss must hurt Mir a lot. As one of the more technical heavyweights, but lacking in brawn, he must have felt he'd closed that particular gap with all the extra meat on his frame.
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