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Luke Cummo Wanted by Police for Threatening Ex-Wife, Releases New Vlogs While in Hiding [WTF, DUDE]

(Man, even Luke’s selfies are weird. / Photo via Luke’s Instagram.)

Former UFC fighter/current schizophrenic video-blogger Luke Cummo is wanted by the police, reports the New York Post.

Their report claims that Cummo sent threatening emails to his ex-wife, which prompted the police to visit Cummo’s home in Valley Stream, NY.

However, videos on Luke Cummo’s YouTube channel tell a slightly different story, specifically a video he posted yesterday. First of all, he seems to believe that his ex-wife was threatened by his videos rather than any email he sent her. He made this claim on a phone call with a friend, after the New York Post broke the news. (Cummo asked his friend what the headline said, presumably referring to the Post article.) He also referenced the amount of cops that showed up to his house. In this same video, he offered to sell medicinal pot.

On November 4th, Cummo posted a more depressing video. He telephoned a deputy sheriff who informed Cummo that a warrant was out for his arrest and that he missed a court date (judging from his other videos, this wasn’t the first time he missed court). The video took a heart-wrenching turn when Cummo called his father, who tried to talk some sense into his son but to no avail.

Of course, it’s understandable that Cummo is upset; his children were taken away from him. But, by the same token, he could have just gone to court. From the video where he calls the sheriff, as well as several of his other videos, it can be inferred that he refused to go through the local legal system because the courts don’t view vaccinating his children and feeding his children processed foods as criminal acts.

Regardless, it’s upsetting to see someone in this situation. He’s gone from a quirky, harmless weird to a desperate, scared weird. Hopefully things won’t go too badly for him but he seems intent on making his legal problems worse by evading the police and continuing to document his various refusals to cooperate with the law.

His most recent video, uploaded around 9:30 p.m. EST, is a short one depicting a man playing an acoustic guitar which then pans back to Cummo looking ominous. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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