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M-1 Global: Still Nothin’

From time to time, I like to check out the M-1 Global website to see what’s new with the fledgling, Fedor Emelianenko-mascoted organization. You’d think they’d be hustlin’ non-stop to build buzz, and making regular announcements to maintain the heat created by their first press conference last month. But the website has only posted one piece of “news” since then — a rundown of M-1′s global management team. It’s encouraging to know that while they still haven’t formally announced the signing of any fighters besides Fedor, Joost Raimond will be responsible for directing day-to-day operations in Eurasia.

But at least their franchise player is keeping somewhat busy.

On Saturday, Emelianenko won the open-weight division of the Combat Sambo World Championship in Prague. (You may recall that one of the sticking points in Fedor’s negotations with the UFC was that he wouldn’t be allowed to compete in Sambo tournaments while under a UFC contract.) However, Emelianenko only needed to fight once to secure the title. His quarterfinal opponent didn’t show up, which gave him a bye to the semis where he scored a quick submission victory via choke. When Fedor arrived at the finals match, his opponent wasn’t there, granting him the championship by forfeit.

Which all seems like a very apt metaphor for Fedor Emelianenko’s career at this point. As the only officially contracted fighter in his organization, he may be king of the hill, but it’s only because the competition simply isn’t there. Unless M-1 can grab Randy Couture, Fedor will be fighting the Jeff Monsons of the world until M-1 eventually goes under due to lack of interest. And even if a Emelianenko/Couture match can be arranged, what happens afterwards? Do they just keep fighting each other, over and over again? Even that would eventually get boring.

I guess my point is, M-1 needs to update their website once in a goddamned while.

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