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Machida’s Dad is a Hardass Who Thinks Lyoto Should Retire

(Video courtesy Sherdog)

I always had a sneaking suspicion that Lyoto Machida‘s dad, Yoshizo was a cross between Mr. Myagi from the Karate Kid and Dwight Hansen from This Boy’s Life. Judging by the latest interview he did with Sherdog’s Marcelo Alonso, I’m beginning to think I was right.

In the video, Yoshizo makes a few eyebrow raising comments about things like his son’s mental and spiritual fortitude, but the most surprising statement that escapes his lips is that he felt that Lyoto should have abandoned his MMA career after his UFC 113 knockout loss to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua.

"As a parent, I think he just realized his dream, that was to be the world champion and it would be good for him to stop. On the other hand, after being defeated it became more challenging and therefore he wants to prove even more. There is a spiritual strengthening of the man. I think technique of the top fighters is close. Today what makes the difference is the spirit. Mostly, for those who were defeated as he was it is recovering quickly, and that is what I worry about most. My biggest concern is that injuries and losses occur, but you can recover from them. But in the spiritual matter, it may take up to five or 10 years. This is what can bring bad things and what really worries me."

Seriously? It was one loss. He thinks he should quit because of one loss? I’m guessing Yoshizo is a bit of a dictator in the Machida house. Lyoto was the golden child until he lost and ever since then he likely doesn’t even drink his piss right in his dad’s eyes. Tough dad to please. Just ask Lyoto’s brothers. I’m sure they’ve gotten used to the chill of living in his shadow.

When asked what he thought led to Lyoto’s loss to Rua, Yoshizo said he feels his son wasn’t prepared mentally for the pressure that came with holding the belt.

"It just happened. Fighting is like that: sometimes you win and other times you lose. I think it took a long time to lose. It’s difficult to make a career of winning all the time. In that last fight, he trained very hard in all areas. He trained standing, takedowns, ground, and gave his maximum in training but I think the pressure got to his head. The whole state of Para, his friends…it was hard for him to deal with such pressure. But it happened. Indeed, the punch hit him. He ended up falling and there was no way. I think it was [a result of] everything together. He was tired and suffered more pressure. It happens. If the first punch he threw — a cross — had hit Shogun, history could have been different. These things happen. Fighting is like this. I think you’re always subject to defeat. I think he took a long time to lose if we consider the high level of his opponents."

He went on to say that he wasn’t upset watching his son laying unconscious on the canvas after the fight as he just isn’t one to show emotion. 

"As I said before, after his victory over Rashad when he won the belt, I’m not easily thrilled. I don’t become very sad or very happy. I already have almost 50 years of fighting. I’ve gotten used to participating in championships, things related to karate and even in my own life, which will not let me lose control. He has to recover for himself and has to earn for himself, too. Sometimes you lose a fight, but it is your spirit that will make you get up again. This the kind of thing that I admire and I like about martial arts."

What kind of parent isn’t happy when his kid wins or upset when his child loses an important fight? More and more this guy makes Red Forman seem like Cliff Huxtable.


  1. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 04:37

    "Seriously? It was one loss" is one thing. Getting knocked the f'k out is another. Same with watching some random guy getting knocked the f'k out and seeing your own flesh and blood getting knocked the f'k out. That's enough KTFO's for one day..
  2. Mike Russell Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 04:41

     He said seeing him KO'd didn't affect him at all emotionally, so that's likely not the impetus behind his remark. 
  3. echoxer0 Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 04:49

    From what old man machida is saying it sounds like young machida was never the same after the knock out, and if he cant get himself out of that state, he might as well retire. That is one admirable martial artist ladies and gentlemen.
  4. cloiselle Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 04:50

    "Seriously? It was one loss. He thinks he should quit because of one loss? I'm guessing Yoshizo is a bit of a dictator in the Machida house. Lyoto was the golden child until he lost and ever since then he likely doesn't even drink his piss right in his dad's eyes. Tough dad to please. Just ask Lyoto's brothers. I'm sure they've gotten used to the chill of living in his shadow." whoever this new writer is, he sucks. fucking idiot.
  5. justscrappin Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:05

    Yeah should be writing these're much more eloquent.
  6. slummy Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:07

    Are you guys planning on stopping bashing someone in EVERY article and just report news with some witty remarks like you used to? CP writers have become haters.......
  7. El Guapo Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:07

    He also said his piss tastes like mother's f'kn milk! But you don't see people lining up for free samples, now do ya?? I'm kidding, of course, and I sure as hell don't agree that MRuss is a farkin idiot. In all seriousness, Yoshizo-san doesn't give the most forthright answer. Kinda beats around the proverbial bush a tad. The fact that he wants his son to retire after witnessing him getting violently beaten into a state of unconsciousness .... Coincidence? Methinks not.
  8. Sabado Gigante Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:10

    Who cares... Let's watch Jon Jones practice!
  9. Patrick Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:43

    EL GUAPO said - *"Seriously? It was one loss" is one thing. Getting knocked the f'k out is another."* So I ask, are you saying anybody who has ever been "knocked the fuck out" should retire immediately? And Slummy hit the nail on the head. Seems like almost every CP article these days contains the kind of eye-roll and groan inducing shit talk that could be expected from 13 year old boys in the comments section but is getting more and more aggravating/disappointing coming from the site's writers.
  10. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:43

    Just a normal father who doesn't want to see his boy get the shit knocked out of him, well when I say normal, thats apart from the piss drinking thing
  11. Almost North Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:45

    The comments were angry that day my friends..... like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli.
  12. Almost North Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:46

    Do you think training martial arts for an entire lifetime causes your hair to look like that or do all these guys just share the same stylist. I mean look at Eddie Bravo, he is well on his way.
  13. Acrocerid Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 05:53

    I feel like we're seeing more and more of these over the top titles....
  14. cecils_pupils Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 06:03

    Damn you CP if you don't start writing articles the way I want you to then I am gonna... *sniff* well I'm just so mad that I'll have to... *sniff* well, I'll start crying and whining and then you'll be sorry!
  15. Tai-Pan Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 06:08

    I second that Acrocerid. But I still love you CP xoxoxoxo bitches!
  16. 2DaDeath Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 06:10

    Jake Shields is so boring... regardless of the fact that he hasn't lost in about 6 years, Yoshizo Machida suggested he should retire.
  17. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 06:22

    The thing that amazes me about the whole Machida situation, is that the MMA community seems to have accepted with a shrug of our collective shoulders and a "Yeah so what" that the Machida family think that drinking your own urine is an integral part of your fight preparation. If I was Lyoto I would have quit years ago just so I wouldn't have to keep drinkin my own and my old mans piss. I mean , for fucks sake, they drink their own piss!!!!!
  18. Dick_Gozenya Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 06:43

    Machida's dad is just pissed that Lyoto doesn't want to drink his own urine (or poppy's) after Shogun beat the piss outta him. I think ya'll need to cut these CP goons (yeah you, McWrasslin, you taxi drivin' mofo) a little slack. They try hard to keep us entertained and these are polarizing times we live in in the MMA landscape. Winners are losers, losers are winners, and Frank Shamrock is never going to fight again. Strikeforce still clings to their wicked pyrotechnics, Dana White gets balder and richer by the nanosecond and professional athletes are drinking human urine in an attempt to improve their performances. The future is a rowdy joint.
  19. Jim Harbaugh Scramble Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 06:48

    If he comes back please don't let him be like Rashad after getting KTFO'd. The last thing the UFC needs is more Wall-n-Stall Machida is boring enough as it is.
  20. Dick_Gozenya Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 07:00

    @ Almost Mork I think we need to have an open weight MMA hair GP, sponsored by Alberto VO5 and Paul Mitchell. There are many great contenders scattered across many weight classes, as well as many repeat offenders, scattered across many weight classes. Kawschick, Faber, Meer, and Roy Nelson, Jr. all have quite fabolous locks, that have been known to glisten with much body and shine in an attractive manner inside the winner's circle and Bravo's hairs are so finessed they can't even be bothered with the strain of combat. This would also be an opportunity to gather data in support of my "curse of the stupid haircut" theorem. Seth Petruzelli, Johnathan Goulet, and Dan Hardy have all been recent victims of the curse of the stupid haircut. Having more than one (1) bright color dyed into the scalp at any given time seems to be a sure recipe for failure. Combining even a single bright color with a mohawk or other creative uses of shaven relief elements can lead to instability in the collapse of the fight outcome wave function.
  21. echoxer0 Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 07:14

    Dear Cecil Pupils Preach on brother. i hasnt been the same since fajah left us. does any one know where he went?
  22. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 08:08

    @ Dick-letmeputmyloveintoyou, Hair v's Hair matches!!!!! who doesn't love bouts where the winner gets to shave the losers head! I nominate Brutus The Barber Beefcake v's Adrian Adonis to start things off
  23. Charming Charlie Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 08:57

    See more of Mike Russell flying-off-the-handle here: *Machida's Camp Wants an Interim Title Bout Against the Last Guy Lyoto REALLY Beat *Frank Shamrock's Decision to Retire Was Greatly Influenced by His Loss to Nick Diaz, Which Incidentally Wasn't His Fault
  24. Mung Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 09:19

    I thought Capt Lou Albano was dead.
  25. Catch-a-Licken Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 09:34

    OK, so becoming another "I HATE MY LIFE, THEREFORE I HATE THE WORLD AND EVERY OTHER EFFING BLOGGER ALIVE" website is one thing, but not comprehending english?? Jesus effing Christ (and I actually believe in Jesus, cuz really have you dumbasses study Darwin?? WOW!!) WTF happened to the CagePotato that I came to love? "As a parent, I think he just realized his dream, that was to be the world champion and it would be good for him to stop." Where THE !&@$ in that statement does it say: "He just loss, He sucks ass he should quit fighting forever because he is a loser?" As an english speaker myself that says to me that his father thought he should stop after he beat Rashad, but I've only been speaking english for 20 some odd years so clearly I don't understand this. BEN FOWLKES clearly you were the only thing holding this site together. It's for all of you who are tired of this negative hate mongoring BULL $&(T.
  26. fatbellyfrank Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 09:52

    @catch-a-licken, it must be hard to cope with all the changes you've seen here at CP,Mr Member for 3 weeks and 2 days, and yup, we know, you always read the articles just never bothered commenting. I sincerely hope is what your looking for in an MMA website. Cheers Dude
  27. Lyle Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 10:19

    Author tries way too hard. CP needs to fire this guy.
  28. pinkyslayer Says:

    Wed, 07/07/10 - 11:14

    I dont give a damn that this article was a complete waste of my time, but shit like this... "Yoshizo makes a few eyebrow raising comments about things like his son's mental and fortitude" ...pisses me off. Do you second rate ass clowns know how to fucking proofread a goddamn article?
  29. Dick_Gozenya Says:

    Thu, 07/08/10 - 04:13

    I'd rather read something Mike Russel or Chad Dundas has to say, even if I don't agree, than anything I have heard out of the mouths of Jake Rossen or Thomas Rios lately.Try is better than do not any day of the week.
  30. JoseMonkey Says:

    Thu, 07/08/10 - 06:17

    "This guy makes Red Forman seem like Cliff Huxtable." Be careful - starting to sound like Dennis Miller with that kind of analogy.
  31. cecils_pupils Says:

    Thu, 07/08/10 - 08:20

    @echoxer - I wasn't preachin' - it was really thick sarcasm. At some point, these whiney little bitches will stop complaining about how this have changed, and its not the same, and whah whah whah like a bunch of crybaby's.
  32. VisitingDeadAncestors Says:

    Thu, 07/08/10 - 09:14

    LOTS of bitching going on around here. it's like a sorority house with synchronized periods...
  33. Fried Taco Says:

    Thu, 07/08/10 - 10:09

    All Lyoto ever wanted was for his father to hug him and say "I love you." Sadly, it will only happen when one of them is dying.
  34. J-Dog Says:

    Fri, 07/09/10 - 08:49

    If someone proposes a toast at his retirement party, count me out.
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  40. mark mania Says:

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