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crop_Jones_Sonnen_UFC159_mediadayfaceoff UFC 159′s Pay-Per-View Numbers Prove That UFC 159 Was Pretty Much a Waste Of Everyone’s Time

So yeah, the event was a success, yet it only managed to pull in 70,000 more buys that Jones' UFC 140 title defense against Lyoto Machida.

toe2 Jon Jones’s Toe Wasn’t Actually Broken (?!); Champ Will Be Ready for Action in 6-8 Weeks

You know, kind of like how Miesha Tate didn't actually get her arm snapped in half by Ronda Rousey, despite all visual evidence to the contrary.

cheick-kongo And Now He’s….Fired(?): Cheick Kongo’s Profile Removed From [UPDATED]

A profile removal can only mean one thing in today's UFC economy: BANISHMENT.

crop_AlanBelcher_eye_UFC159 Photo: Alan Belcher’s Eyeball Is Doing Just Fine, Relatively Speaking

No word yet on a timetable for Belcher's return to competition; let's just hope this isn't a career-ender.

crop_JerryRips “JERRY RIPS!”, Dumbass Event Staff, And More Things You Weren’t Supposed to Hear at UFC 159

For a card that featured a nearly-severed toe and two technical decisions due to eye-pokes, hearing the voice of Satan during the UFC 159 broadcast fit in perfectly with the "Cursed" theme of the night.

toe2 [VIDEO] Jon Jones Faces Adversity at UFC 159 — Looking at His Own, Disgusting, Broken Toe

Video and photos here, if you're into that sort of thing.