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Both Thiago Silva And His Management Confident That His Post-UFC 125 Urine Test Will Come Back Clean

(“What was in that drink your cornerman gave me at the weigh-ins? It made me feel stronger than ever, bro.”)

As reports surfaced yesterday that a planned UFC 130 bout between Quinton Jackson and Thiago Silva was inexplicably scrapped and that Rashad Evans would instead face “Rampage” on the May 28 card, rumors started swirling why the Brazilian had been yanked from the card.

In an interview with TATAME yesterday, Silva attempted to quash speculation that his post-UFC 125 urine sample was the one that Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer was speaking of when he told MMAJunkie that one fighter’s specimen was being closely examined after an anomaly was detected.

“Injured? Me? I’m very healthy. That’s not true. It looks like [NSAC] did two tests and one was positive and the other was negative,” he explained. “My blood is clean. I’m not worried. I took nothing.”

MMAJunkie went on to report later in the day yesterday that each of the other 11 fighters’s samples that were tested following the January 1 show came back clean, and that Kizer admitted that Silva was the only other fighter tested that night, which is basically admitting that Silva is the alleged wrongdoer.

Silva’s rep stated late yesterday that they had not been notified of any test results, just that testing has not been completed.

“All we know is that it’s still processing. We haven’t gotten any positive. We haven’t gotten any negative,” Silva’s manager told MMAFighing. At this point we have no reason to expect that it’s going to be anything but a negative result – negative meaning Thiago’s clear.”

It will be interesting to hear Kizer’s explaination as to why the UFC was informed of the anomaly by the commission if indeed that was the promotion’s reason for subbing Evans in for Silva, considering that Thiago is still in the dark about what’s going on.

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Well if taking steroids makes you fight like Thiago Silva and not taking steroids makes you fight like Brandon Vera then....I don't know what I believe anymore.
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