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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: Pagan Ninja Prostitute Teaches You How to Make a Smokescreen

We really wish we had more to say about this week’s Martial Arts Fail, PotatoNation (which, by the way, was submitted to us by one Rob Harris. Thanks, Rob!). But the video and the headline sort of speak for themselves. It’s a ninja who happens to be a witch, a pagan, and an escort (according to her extremely NSFW twitter). In the above video she does some cool ninja moves of dubious real life effectiveness and teaches you how to make a smokescreen.

The below video has some more intense ninja training (sword fights, fire, scaling buildings, throwing stars, and even an arm-bar).

I guess she seems legit as far as Ninjitsu goes, but Ninjitsu itself isn’t really worth all that much. What more is there to say?

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  1. cozy cove Says:

    Thu, 08/28/14 - 09:22

    Souls in the Waves... Excellent Morning, I just stopped in to go to your website and imagined I would say I experienced myself....