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Martial Arts Fail of the Week: The World’s Worst Karate Demo (No, Really)


This week’s Martial Arts Fail isn’t deriding a dubious technique or making light of a strange weapon. No, this week we’re providing a demonstration of how bad mainstream martial arts is.

Watch the above video. That’s what middle class America thinks martial arts is–awkwardly flailing your limbs while concentrating your ki and shouting like you’re in labor. We must warn you though, this video is bad. You might get chest pain from laughing. Or you might get chest pain from depression at what’s become of martial arts instruction in the United States. Think about it, everyone in that room is a black belt. We know that isn’t news, but it’s still really depressing. Being able to spaz out while in a gi means you’re a certified, street-lethal ninja. Thanks, Obama.

We don’t know the school, or the style (Taekwondon’t? You get it? OK the joke was lame, sorry). All we know is that it’s awful.

On a serious note, teaching people that this kind of stuff is “self defense” is liable to get them hurt. There really should be some kind of law against this kind of crap, since people apparently can’t educate themselves when it comes to martial arts.

Anyway, if you really think you’re ready for this, then by all means, hit the play button. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the overpowering amounts of strip mall karate present.

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