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Matt Hughes Blogs About Loss, Shares Heart-Warming Fan Mail

Matt Hughes is back home following his loss to Thiago Alves at UFC 85 this weekend, and he’s venting his frustrations on his blog. While many Hughes apologists have been blaming the loss on Alves’ weight advantage, Hughes graciously refuses to do so. He is, however, continuing to hype the grudge match with Matt Serra:

Well, I didn’t think I’d come back writing something up after a loss. I fully expected to win, things didn’t go my way. Thiago came in big, some people told me that he looked bigger than me in the octagon. I didn’t expect that but I also think that had nothing to do with the outcome of the fight. I think Thiago came up with a good game plan. He didn’t throw too many punches or any kicks to where I could take him down. He was stronger than I thought and he was quite defensive on the ground. So, where does that leave me? I’ve got one more fight on my UFC contract. I’m wanting to fight Matt Serra (but that’s for the UFC to decide). We’ll see what happens and decide after that fight what I’m going to do.

You have to admire Hughes’ strategy for getting the fight he wants. He talks it up in public every chance he gets, then appeals to Dana White’s ego by saying that it’s entirely up to the UFC. Guess you learn a few things when you’ve been with the company this long.

Lest you think Hughes (and his wife) are the only ones who want to see that fight, he includes a pleasant little email he received from an ardent supporter.

matt you are and always will be a icon in the sport of mma. you along with a few others ( chuck, randy) are like the hulk hogan of mma . if it was not for you the sport would not be what it is today it was because of you guys that over the last 5 years it grown so rapidly. retire man , i know you want to regain the title but you have nothing to prove. the last few guys that have beat you will never be what you are, they would have never beat matt 4 years ago. im just sayin man your the reason i started watching and training and it sucks to see you get beat. its time man move over and let the new guys try to match your lagacy. forget sera he is a tool bag dont waste a pair of gloves on him , but if you do fight him beat him so hard he cant talk anymore cause having to listen to him makes me want to shut my balls in a door…….

Let’s see, misspellings? Check. Relaxed attitude toward punctuation and capitalization? Check. Ending with a line referencing your own balls? Check.

Yep, this is a guy I’d definitely want to take career advice from. Interesting that he encourages Hughes to retire before fighting Serra, and more interesting that Hughes would post it on his blog. Could it be that he loves to see someone bashing “The Terra” so much that he doesn’t care when this fan tells him “its time” to get out of the way and call it a career?

Hughes also mentions that he needs to work on his wrestling, “especially my shot”, and laments that he let his students down by losing the fight. Am I the only one who wonders why ‘go back to the Miletich camp’ wasn’t on his to-do list? Just saying.



  1. Than Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 03:23

    Matt Hughes is the tool, not Serra.
  2. Kim Couture is a cunt Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 04:04

    Matt Hughes is a clown.
  3. totaldb Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 04:07

    cough *washed up* cough
  4. greg Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 04:37

    Does Hughes just thank GOD after a win or does he thank the all mighty after a lose too?
  5. Armbreaker Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 05:34

    Let me start by saying I am a Matt Hughes fan. I too have wondered if he should be back training with Miletich Fighting Systems instead of training himself. I am sure Matt works out hard, but he doesn't seem to be doing the things he needs to do in order to improve his game. If he chooses to continue fighting, I hope he will go train with Miletich, Greg Jackson, or one of the top camps. I hate seeing him lose.
  6. Hexdizzy Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 05:45

    Matt is all washed up and Serra is a douche. I wouldnt pay to see that crappy fight. The fight would end up on the ground with Matt on top pounding Serra out just like almost everyone else has done to Serra. Serra is a loud mouth so he can get attention that he craves so much. If Matt does fight Serra Please let it be on free tv so we dont wast our hard earned money.
  7. Anonymous Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 05:53

    fags, Matt Hughes rulz
  8. Jobiza Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 06:48

    I pay to watch Hughes lose. Don't like his selfish attitude, his lame fighting style, nor his punk brother. Not to mention him posing with a bunch of pit bulls. Ironic seeing how he just got his ass kicked by "the pit bull".. Didn't realize CP put that much nuance into their posts..
  9. bfowlkes Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 07:10

    Jobiza, we are all about nuance over here. Sometimes we're so nuanced, even we don't understand what we're doing.
  10. grant Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 09:05

    how does anyone get off calling hughes a "douche bag" or "clown"? The guy may be old, perhaps he *should* retire, but he's still a class-act guy with solid morals who's always respectful. win or lose hes a champ, in or out of the cage.
  11. MMA-Extreme Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 09:17

    Greg, yes, Matt Hughes thanked Jesus after the fight with Alves. He said something to the effect of he thanks Jesus for giving him the ability to fight, win or lose.
  12. ya'll dumb Says:

    Mon, 06/09/08 - 11:31

    for jobiza.... ...first of all, what the heck kind of name is that?! "jobiza?!" look at ur name before u go runnin ur mouth about someone that can beat the livin u-k-w out of u. matt hughes is one of the best fighters. yeah he's had his peak time and his down time, wat fighter hasnt with a career as long as his? and dont go judging him(Sayin he's selfish) when u dont even know the guy personally.
  13. The Survivalist Says:

    Tue, 06/10/08 - 12:35

    Hughes is a DOUCHE!!!
  14. teachbug Says:

    Tue, 06/10/08 - 01:05

    # Anonymous Says: June 10th, 2008 at 11:53 am fags, Matt Hughes rulz hahahahaha, you ever notice that people who are anonymous always talk much shit, the run away? hey hughes nuthugger, get your lips off his asshole long enough next time to type more than 4 words. :)
  15. Skibbley Dookakus Says:

    Tue, 06/10/08 - 01:28

    Love Matt Hughes. I hated seeing him get beat. My asshole of a brother doesnt like him for some reason and I wanted to punch him in the neck after the fight. I think he was just happy because he felt like he got a 1 up on me. Matt, beat the living shit out of Serra. Embarrass him like his brother embarrassed himself on the last elite xc card.
  16. Aryan Says:

    Tue, 06/10/08 - 07:45

    Hughes is a religion fag. Anybody who talks about god and religion that much out side of a fuckin church or a mosk or where ever the fuck they worship that shit should be shot in the back of the head. Yea get offended fags
  17. slapjaw ackrite Says:

    Wed, 06/11/08 - 04:25

    Ben, I have to agree. I believe I have said it on here before...Hughes sucks as a coach (as seen on TUF) so how could he train himself? Also, compare a pic of him now and from the MFS days...he looks smaller, weaker. Shoulders nowhere near as big...and his main advantage was always that gorilla strength Rogan harped on. Before the last GSP fight, he mentioned he doesn't need a lot of weight training like he used to do.
  18. Amos Says:

    Sat, 08/02/08 - 09:36

    Aryan you the man! I second that motion.
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