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Matt Hughes Lives In Soap Opera

MMA autobiographies are all the rage these days and “Matt Hughes – Made in America” is set to be released by Simon & Schuster on January 7th. The Sun has been providing us with daily sneaks and today’s is particularly soaked with soap opera bitchiness.
Tim Sylvia walked over to me during practice. His back was hunched a bit, like Pat’s is, but Pat I could look in the face. ‘Can I talk to you a second?’ he asked.
“Sure thing.” He led me into an office and we sat down on two chairs.
“No one here’s got a problem with me except you,” he began.“When I first started, Jens would say I’m a fat piece of s*** who’s never going to amount to anything, and he’d get me crying, but now even Jens likes me. Is there a problem?”

Hughes goes on to say how he doesn’t like Poor Tim and they do some chick-like verbal sparring which results in this:
“Is there anything I can do to be friends with you?”
“Well, right now I have enough friends and I don’t need any more friends,” I said. “Is that it? Are we done here?”
He let out a deep breath. “Yeah, I guess.”
“Good.” I got up and left.
I for one can’t wait for this read. Referring to Tim Sylvia’s arms as “ridiculously long” is fan-fucking-tastic. And the thought of him crying…priceless.

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FilmDrunk- July 15, 2008 at 11:25 am
So... this story is about Matt Hughes being a dick to Tim Sylvia for no reason? Why would you put that in your autobiography?
Andi- February 3, 2008 at 4:52 pm
Hello!!!!! This guy has worked his butt off to perform and entertain, yeah there is crying, whenever you love something that much you tend to get emotional about it... hence the words human emotion! And how can you show someone disrespect that has been a champion almost all his life. Everyone has a bad fight, everyone looses once in awhile, that doesn't make him a bad fighter or a pussy as BJ Penn put it, you chum it up to a bad performance move on and try to better yourself! I think Matt Hughes is an extremely classy fighter you never hear him putting his opponents down he always shows respect for people, and HELL YEAH HE MIGHT BE A LITTLE COCKY... HAVE YOU SEEN HIS RECORD 43-6 THATS INSANELY AWESOME! So stop hating on the guy man, cuz when it comes down to it, what you think doesn't really matter anyway, thousands if not millionss of people will always love and have respect for this guy and what he has done for the UFC! You should respect all of the guys who step into the Octagon what they do everyday has to be one of the hardest occupations/sports in the world today, and a guy like Matt dominates this sport!!!
Chode- January 7, 2008 at 3:10 am
Matt Hughes use to be one of my favorite fighters. I liked watching him. After his piss poor performance on TUF, and seeing him cry like a little bitch, I lost respect for him, think he is a sore loser, will little class. He runs him mouth too much, thinks he is better than everyone else, and generally is a waste of my viewing time anymore.

I do not think he is a good coach, as he was outclassed by serra. I also think if the fighters on his team were to be with another coach, they would have done much better. The sad part, is that his fighters got the shit end of a shittier stick
Toolman- January 1, 2008 at 3:57 pm
who would buy a book written by Matt Hughes. he's a