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Matt Serra Needs Jenny Craig ASAP

Dave Meltzer reported about the current conditioning of UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Serra in his recent print edition of Wrestling Observer dug this up:

“Matt Serra’s condition improved greatly over the past week. The week before he was in intense pain. This week he was still having trouble walking. While watching a training session, he almost considered going to the mat to demonstrate a technique, but then decided it probably wouldn’t be the smartest thing. He hasn’t been able to do any training and is probably more than 200 pounds.”

As you recall, Serra had some pretty extensive damage done to his back while training to step into the cage with Matt Hughes at UFC 79: Nemesis on December 29th. He’s now slated to meet the fighter who walks away with the win when Hughes meets Georges St. Pierre in the replacement match. This was supposed to go down in 2008, but with Serra ballooned up to 200+, we’re not looking for it to happen too early in the new year. Coming back from an injury like that is tough enough, but Dude, push yourself away from the dinner table after your 5th helping of yams. Yeah, we understand the way you guys fluctuate in weight and we’re not claiming to be training experts. What we do know is we want to see your next fight as soon as possible, so lay off the cheesecake and grab a diet soda. You’ve got LBs to shed.

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Jeff- December 29, 2007 at 5:52 am
After watching tonights fight Matt's probably wishing they just postponed the match with Hughes a little while. Hughes looked spent from the 1st bell. Pierre looked only beatable by a well placed blow which Matt couldn't find. If Serra could have fault tonight I believe he would have dominated Hughes aswell. Pierre is certainly refocused.
Noah- December 26, 2007 at 6:02 pm
I know that he is walking around overweight for a fight, so what? He's probably a little depressed about his injury and it needs time to heal anyway! The way these guys train is crazy, so he'll lose the weight easily in an eight week training camp. I hope he starts seriously training at least that far out. Realistically, you only need to be about 15 pounds away from weight with a few days to cut it. That's not optimal, but it can be done. So you think he can't lose 25 pounds in a couple months?