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Max Holloway Bashes Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor. Does He Have A Point?

Madness is consuming the featherweight division.

So, it seems as if the fighters at featherweight are more than a bit disgruntled. After it was announced that Conor McGregor would be fighting Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, it seemed like every fighter in the featherweight division decided to lose it. Jose Aldo decided he’d rather retire then play the UFC’s money grab game and it seems that Max Holloway refuses to be outdone. Usually a more reserved and tactful individual who does his talking in the cage, Holloway has gone on a verbal tirade denouncing both Aldo and McGregor in the process. Check out the tidbit below courtesy of

“The whole thing with Aldo, and everybody thinking he’s the best for 10 years, that he’s unbeaten and the untouchable champ, and all that,” Holloway said. “Then the whole thing with Conor thing came out, and he got knocked out, and everybody getting pissed off why he didn’t get a rematch after 13 seconds. These guys need to educate themselves in damn mixed martial arts. How many times has Aldo pulled out of a main event? Not counting the Conor time, how many times before that has Aldo pulled out of a fight? It’s happened a bunch of times.”

Granted injuries are an unforeseen part of the game, Holloway does have a bit of a point where pulling out of fights is concerned. There are so many fighters who fight injured and by sitting out on fights it gives the appearance as if Aldo was trying to play it safe and hold onto his belt as long as possible, even if that isn’t actually the case. The fact of the matter is that Aldo has beaten some of the best of the best out there and for Holloway to disrespect him is a bit much. Holloway may be doing all this to get Aldo in the mindset of fighting the young up and comer, but for now we’ll have to see how that plays out.

But Max Holloway also had some choice words for featherweight champion Conor McGregor as well.

“There’s only two guys in our division that Conor beat that’s still ranked, myself and Aldo,” he said. “Who the hell else did he beat? I don’t even know who he beat. I only know the two ranked guys were me and Aldo. I don’t take that away from Conor, that he beat Chad Mendes on short notice. Chad took that fight knowing he had a chance to beat Conor, so that’s Chad’s fault he took that fight. My last four guys I beat have all been ranked.”

Dems fightin’ words. Too bad that Conor already has an assignment to handle at UFC 205.

Look, not saying that Max Holloway doesn’t have a point here. He’s wanted to fight Jose Aldo and rematch Conor McGregor for a long time now. Holloway has collected some high level scalps in his bid for a title shot and by all rights has a reason to complain about an Aldo retirement or a McGregor money fight at MSG. The unfortunate part for him is that he’ll have to wait on the sidelines regardless.

For Max Holloway’s full rant, head over to

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