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Media Mash: Gina, TUF 8, & TV Premieres

(Gina Carano poses for her Glamour Shot.)

Slow-ass news day, people. But help is on the way. Here are a few MMA-in-the-media bits you may want to check out. Consider it TV Guide for MMA.

— The lovely Gina Carano (aka, Crush from “American Gladiators”) is slated to fight in perhaps the biggest battle ever for women’s combat sports when she fights Kaitlin Young on May 31st for CBS’ ElieXC broadcast. It’s only a few weeks away and Crush is currently shooting “American Gladiators” while training for her next MMA fight — in fact, she’ll be taping the show right up until two weeks out from her CBS fight. MMARated had a solid interview with Carano recently where Gina chats about her busy schedule as well as trying to successfully juggle fighting and show business.

“I’m just going to try it out and I think that I can do it. I just feel like I’ve put my fighting off long enough and I don’t want to keep doing that because that’s where my heart is and that’s where my passion is. And I wanna, you know, be right to the fans of the sport and continue on fighting so I had to decide: I could be super busy for, you know, two months and try to double-team it.”

Ariel Helwani, MMARated’s interviewer, specifically referenced Lennox Lewis being distracted from fighting while shooting on Ocean’s 11, as well as Chuck Liddell‘s “acting career”. Good point, but at least Gina’s Gladiator job involves some sort of training and physical activity. However, not training in MMA full-time and only having two weeks to hit it full-force could spell trouble for Gina — and on a national stage. Wonder what a loss at that level would do to her “AG” job status?

BloodyElbow has found some “TUF 8″ tryout news via The Boston Herald. The show is tentatively slated for a December premiere.

– More than 250 fighters came from all over the country to the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

– The fighters came in all shapes, sizes and ages. Some were ruled out for being too young, including a 20-year-old from New York who didn’t meet the age minimum of 21. Others – perhaps 40-somethings – didn’t quite fit the UFC’s demographic. Tattoos were everywhere, as were interesting hairstyles – including one hopeful who had a skull shaved into the back of his head.

– The eighth season will feature 16 contestants in both the lightweight (155-pound) and light heavyweight (205-pound) divisions.

– Woody Weatherby was one of 25 fighters from the casting call to be invited to Las Vegas for the second leg of tryouts this week, as Spike looks to begin taping next month for December airdates.

We told you this one was fast approaching. Episode 1 of “T.O.P. Army Fighter” on The Military Channel premieres tonight at 10 pm (EST) — if you can find The Military Channel, that is.

UFC Countdown to 83 will kick-off tomorrow night at 11 pm (EST) on Spike TV. As usual, repeats will be sprinkled around the schedule until the fight on April 19th.

— John Pollack had jackass Bill O’Reilly on his show to discuss O’Rielly’s recent uninformed bashing of MMA. If you didn’t catch it on Sirius, go here for links to check it out. (Props Jarry Park)

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Sen. Larry Craig- April 14, 2008 at 3:31 am
I take a wide stance on two sweaty young men rolling around in a cage. MMA is not aligned with the repression, I mean restraint, a good priest could teach these young men.
Bill O'Reilly- April 14, 2008 at 2:51 am
We here at Fox News abhor MMA and its brutality and violence. We support only good, wholesome, and, most importantly, Christian sporting endeavors like guns, killing unarmed animals, stabbing waterborne creatures in the face with hooks, tying ropes around the testicles of bulls and riding them, and, of course, driving fast in a circle. Watching two sweaty men grapple around in a cage reminds us too much of our secret, closeted gay lifestyles, and we, in typical Republican fashion, bash and hate anything that we secretly desire to be a part of, in our sick, twisted and warped minds. And there are few things we, your Republican masters, love more than sweaty, naked grappling in a cage. Sign me up for a rear NAKED choke anyday... I mean, MMA BAD!
Kim Couture is a cunt- April 14, 2008 at 2:47 am
Gina Carano meh. Woman have know place in MMA and agreeing with Karo is a hard thing to do.
Sparky- April 13, 2008 at 10:28 pm
Any way of getting the CBS EliteXC broadcast in Ireland?