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Melvin Manhoef Hangs Up His Gloves

Fighters Only passes along the news that Dutch kickboxer and mixed martial artist Melvin Manhoef has announced his retirement, citing a desire to spend more time with his family. Manhoef compiled a career MMA record of 22-5-1 — with all but one of his wins coming by way of extremely violent KO/TKO — and he holds notable victories over Evangelista Santos, Ian Freeman, and Kazushi Sakuraba (who he kicked the living crap out of at DREAM.4 in June). Manhoef’s last performance was a submission loss to Gegard Mousasi in the semi-finals of DREAM’s middleweight GP last Tuesday, which snapped a five-fight win streak.

Though his retirement is not quite an Anderson Silva-level shocker, his stint in DREAM seemed to mark the beginning of a new stage in his career, not the end of it altogether. Here’s hoping that this family-man bit is only a temporary phase. In the meantime, enjoy the above highlight vid of Manhoef beating dudes like they said shit about his mama.


  1. So just another... Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 01:54

    Houston Alexander type fighter any good Ju Jitsu could take him out?
  2. SAKU Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 02:08

    This is just sad i would of loved to see this beast shit kick a couple more guys before the end of his career
  3. josh Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 02:10

    man! why the fuck did Dana not grab him!?
  4. eh Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 02:43

    thats some big pipped negro let me tell ya
  5. neon Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 03:08

    way 2 soon after a lose 2 make such a big desicion!!
  6. vrane Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 03:26

    Damn. They didn't talk shit about his mother? Imagine what would happen if someone would! Or his kids.
  7. EC Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 03:49

    Oh man, that guy v. Wanderlei in his prime = silliness
  8. Me Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 04:34

    yea that was some crazy stuff thar! Imagine the kind of damage he could do if he threw a straight punch every once in a while, not that he really needed to I guess. Wow.
  9. UFC fan Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 05:52

    yeah it must be rough wearing a short dress to the ring night after night. He should retire.
  10. Dota Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 06:04

    I loved this guy he finished fights with the most brutal ko way every time. I was hoping that dream would make a rampage out of him but instead he retired.
  11. sol Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 06:20

    the guy who gets KO'd at around 1:57, is that his mouth piece that looks to be flying out the cage? Melvin Manhoef vs Cyborg Santos is one of the craziest fights ever, if you look at the right of this page, under the Blood Brothers section, MMA scraps should have that fight up there under their top 20 fights of all time. You have to watch that fight.
  12. Frankie Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 06:26

    So Just another(UFC noob), He beat Crosley Gracie.
  13. NealTaflinger Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 06:54

    At about 1:45-1:50 it looks like he's beating the crap out of Guy Fiori.
  14. the glza Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 08:11

    wow -- vicious! never seen him fight before, but that was quite the spirited highlight reel.
  15. eff Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 08:25

    that sucks. i wanted him to cross the pond and clean house in the ufc. also, he should make a f**k tape with gina carano. he's totally doing her.
  16. ufc fans mum is no sharon stone Says:

    Sat, 09/27/08 - 11:44

    he retired because he ran off with ufc fans mum probly fucking her up the shiter right now thats why he is bitter
  17. KellenAvalanche Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 12:46

    Bummer summer. He was one of My favorite fighters and almost always entertaining to watch, would have been pretty cool to watch him in the UFC if he ever got a chance.
  18. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 01:55

    why do people with anal fetishes type on an MMA forum? its disturbing that the 2 Bens allow such trash. yeah damn shame we didnt get to see another Houston Alexander type fighter, boy this is a lose.
  19. Poop-Eye Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 04:10

    Poop dem pants...
  20. NealTaflinger Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 11:20

    UFC fan - You're right except for the fact that Manhoef is a world class kickboxer "type fighter," which makes up for a lot of deficiencies in his ground game.
  21. Blackleg Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 12:21

    That sucks, great guy and one of my favorite fighters as well. Hopefully he'll find his way back to the ring soon. We'll have to forgive 'UFC fan', his Liddell-brand Hick Hawk came out a little lopsided and shit like that just throws off his entire day. I know, I know buddy, for you - true greatness involves having some guy's beanbag nestled in your eye sockets. Just roll back over and spoon with your life-size Tito pillow to settle your nerves.
  22. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 12:52

    sorry Blackleg I dont take sloppy seconds. pull your dick out of fedors as long enough to realize that UFC will always be king. :) Enjoy your mediocrity.
  23. UFC fan Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 12:53

    sorry Blackleg I dont take sloppy seconds. pull your dick out of fedors ass long enough to realize that UFC will always be king. :) Enjoy your mediocrity.
  24. Blackleg Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 03:45

    Sorry I don't really follow Fedor. Thanks for playing though. Better luck next time. ;)
  25. zunk1 Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 06:23

    doctors told him to stop hitting people cause their grandchildren were coming out smashed.
  26. Billy Bad Ass Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 09:31

    How the hell did this guy not get picked up by the UFC?
  27. Brad Majors Says:

    Sun, 09/28/08 - 09:43

    <How the hell did this guy not get picked up by the UFC? look at his wiki page Manhoef has/had a parralel kickboxing career (hence no ground game at all) and donna white dont like that... he wants fighters to do reallity tv, not fight UFC fan: youre a douche, go flush yourself troll.
  28. Anonymous Says:

    Sun, 10/19/08 - 08:32

    He would sever Houston Alexander's head.
  29. ajaykumar Says:

    Wed, 09/21/11 - 10:45

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