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MFC Angrily Cans Drew Fickett

(Awww, who could stay mad at that face?)

Drew Fickett and Maximum Fighting Championship boss Mark Pavelich have been engaged in a war of words since Fickett agreed to fill in for Joe Riggs at “Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Thomson,” and Pavelich has had enough. Here’s a new press release from MFC, courtesy of TKO Xtreme:

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a personal response to comments and actions taken by Drew Fickett over the past 72 hours.

Drew had agreed to and signed a contract to fight on the Maximum Fighting Championship show on July 25 for the welterweight title against Ryan Ford. Over the last few days, Drew has caused severe problems and therefore we find him in complete breach of his contract.

We were shocked to learn Drew agreed on one day’s notice to fight as a middleweight in another organization’s event this past Friday. When I contacted this other organization, its owner immediately cancelled Drew’s fight when informed that he was under contract to fight on the MFC show and as part of Mr. Fickett’s contract he was not allowed to take another fight up to five weeks before the MFC show.

When I learned of Drew’s intentions to take this fight, I repeatedly attempted to reach Drew’s manager to find out why. After numerous attempts to reach his manager went unreturned, I did leave a voice mail which has since been made public. I admit to being very upset, angry and frustrated not only by Drew’s action but also by not being able to reach his manager and the tone of that voice mail reflected my feelings.

Shortly afterwards I realized that I should have taken a deep breath and calmed down before leaving that message and I profusely apologized to Drew’s manager. I am not proud of that message but as the owner of a major fight organization I felt that I and my staff which works tirelessly to put on a first-class show were being treated very disrespectfully by Drew. If he had read his contract he would have realized he shouldn’t have taken the fight and he should not have attempted to get away with it.

Then for Drew to post the private voice mail – which was not left on his phone – was just ridiculous and petty.

This was the last straw in a series of unprofessional acts by Drew. He failed to send a promotional photo that we wanted to use for advertising the fight even after the MFC had sent him gloves and even went as far as being willing to book a photographer to take the pictures. He also failed to send any documents pertaining to his medicals, passport and border information.

Drew even stated in an email after the posting of the voice mail that he was still willing to fight in the MFC. But after that he added that he would want to be paid after the weigh-in one day before the fight. There is no question in my mind that Drew would have stiffed us completely and run off with our money without fighting as some sort of warped payback for the MFC protecting its investment in him and doing everything in its power to not allow him to fight within the five-week period prior to July 25.

We now completely understand why that despite his excellent record so many organizations will not work with Drew and we have a pretty clear indication why he has been banned by the UFC.

Drew Fickett will never fight in the MFC. As evidenced by his latest actions Drew clearly does not want to fight Ryan Ford for the MFC title despite signing a contract to do so.

The MFC has never had any problems with any fighters who do not breach their contract nor have we had any problems with fighters with issues that we do control such as payment for fights, travel itineraries, etc. Fighters we have problems with are ones who are neurotic misfits with poor management who won’t take responsibility for their actions, who won’t live up to fulfilling their contracts and those who do not act as professional athletes.

I will take all steps necessary to settle this issue legally and I will also move immediately into replacing Drew Fickett with a top-level fighter to contend for the MFC welterweight title against Ryan Ford on July 25.

Mark Pavelich, Owner/President

Maximum Fighting Championship

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ghouck- August 22, 2009 at 1:18 pm
Lol, "this was actually told to me by an employee of ZUFFA", yea, that's a real reliable source when talking about other orgs.

"I've heard that. . ." Lets see some backup on that, something that even remotely rivals blatant breach of contract, and the other garbage you yourself say Drew has done. Sounds like Drew should be in prison if the things YOU say are true. He sounds like a muscled-up adolescent, it's OK, someone will either beat him down or shoot him, if he doesn't drink himself to death first.
Cookie Monster- June 29, 2009 at 10:22 am
One year later, drew fickett is still a stupid fuck
rheindog- June 30, 2008 at 11:19 am
The mfc show is a joke. Post the vid of the spratt-ford fight. When ford was getting handled, and the bell rings. and spratt loosens his guard and waits for ford to get up... but ford instead just pounded him on his unsuspecting chin, illegally.

Class act.

Drew fickett is hilarious, and gaining alot of fans.
dax- June 29, 2008 at 7:08 pm
listen to the phone interview with ariel helwani and fickett on he does seem a little neurotic. i think both are at fault.
Scott Ambriz- June 29, 2008 at 6:47 pm
I know Mark Pavelich personally and AGREE with EVERYTHING Anonymous says. I have my fighters on his show and he is a top notch clown! He is a 2 faced liar, scumbag and is the sterotypiCAL con artist promoter. In a phone conversation, he even went as far as crediting himself with all of Jason McDonalds skills and success. The referees at his shows are crooked in favour of his fighters. The list goes on and on, but really isnt worth my time to type. Pavelich is a straight up lying greaseball.
Jeff- June 29, 2008 at 2:57 pm
It's a shame, that guy had some talent.
Anonymous- June 29, 2008 at 2:50 pm
lol Pavelich is attempting to turn everything around and make Fickett look like he's the only "neurotic misfit with poor management (skills)" involved in this matter.

I've heard that Mark has rubbed A LOT of the people he's worked with the wrong way, and that he comes off as a know-it-all snob in person (this was actually told to me by an employee of ZUFFA that spent a few hours around Mark).
I've been around Drew a few times, and he's definitely abrasive, and can get old real quick with his goofy antics (making noises like a simian, faking like he's going to throw punches at random people, staring at guys in a way so as to try and see if he can mess with them into thinking he wants to fight (lol), etc...). He also was once arrested for punching a waitress at some greasy spoon while he was The guy's a nut .. no two ways about it.
However, I don't think Pavelich is anyone to call Drew into question, as I know that he has a very bad rep within the industry, and should probably keep his pie hole shut unless he wants someone to pop up and start spewing out facts regarding his behind the scenes antics.
cstain13- June 29, 2008 at 2:33 pm
Drew Ficket is a clown. I hope nobody gives him a job for like a year so he can sit back and realize what an idiot he really is for letting this opportunity and others pass him by because of how unproffesional he has acted. I wish I had his opportunitys
Dr. Gonzo- June 29, 2008 at 2:29 pm
Banned from the UFC? I thought he was banned from ADCC?