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Michael Bisping Has Dreadful Taste

So I was skimming this mostly boring BuddyTV interview with Michael Bisping, when I came to this part:

Do you know what song you’re going to be walking out to on UFC 78 yet?
I do, yeah. It’s Puff Daddy and Jimmy Paige [sic] “Come with Me” from the Godzilla soundtrack.

Right. Nice. Okay, Cool.
Every time I go running and that song comes on, I always have to speed up. So I thought I’d put that on to excite me for a little bit.

Oh my Christ, really? Bisping, that’s one of the worst songs ever recorded. Up there with “Butterfly.” Up there with “We Built This City.” Up there with “Gimme More.”

Check out the video to “Come With Me” — 1:48 to 2:32 may be the creative lowpoint of not just Sean Combs’s shitty catalog, but of humanity itself.

If I remember correctly, Michael Bisping walked out to “London Calling” at UFC 75, which, though a little obvious, was a least a badass choice. I’ve made it known before that I’m an unabashed Count fan, but now I kinda want Rashad Evans to walk out to Hit ‘Em Up and beat Bisping’s mark ass down. WESS SIDE!

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