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Michael Bisping is Tired of All These Guys Calling Out Michael Bisping

(“So then I say, ‘Chuck Liddell? Why, he’d get knocked out if a feather landed on his chin.’ Oh, we had quite a laugh and … what? Ah crap, he’s standing right behind me, isn’t he?” PicProps:

Admittedly, it’s a little weird that Jorge Rivera went straight from getting stood up by a rotten-tuna-fish-infested Alessio Sakara at UFC 122 into a co-main event spot against Michael Bisping at February’s UFC 127. Who knew working your way up the middleweight ladder was this easy? Still, Rivera vs. Bisping seems like a decent little fight (and Rivera has at least a puncher’s chance, maybe better to actually win) so we’re not going to complain about it. You know who is going to complain about it, though? Michael Bisping of course. The UFC’s European Middleweight Champion is apparently so upset about guys continually calling him out that he told MMA Junkie this week he feels compelled to teach them a lesson by, uh, fighting them.

So I guess calling out Michael Bisping actually totally works.

In fact, Bisping is so offended that he has to fight Rivera that he went all third person on it in conversation with the Junkie and became possibly the first man in history to use the word "bigwig" as a verb. He also started swearing – which the Junkie mercifully censored from our virgin ears – and repeating himself a lot, but maybe that’s normal for a guy who recently got knocked into the living death by Dan Henderson.

"They’re all just jumping on the bandwagon that it’s cool to hate Bisping," says the suddenly humble and mild-mannered Brit, about all these motherfuckers who keep calling him out. "I don’t give anyone any [expletive]. I live in a tiny town in the northwest of England. I don’t bump into anyone. I’m not going around to all the fights and bigwigging it and going to parties and getting in everyone’s face and talking [expletive] … I’m looking after my three kids and keeping a low profile. These [expletive] jump on the bandwagon (and think) it’s cool to hate Bisping, and they all talk [expletive] trying to score points."

Hey, frankly this is a great move for a guy like Rivera. As you probably know, El Conquistador is riding a three-fight win streak in the Octagon and has won six of his last eight overall, but that success has come largely over noobs, noaccounts and Nate Quarry. The timing therefore was perfect for Rivera to call out a Bisping or Wanderlei Silva type, and you can’t blame him for choosing the meeker of the two punchers. A win here unexpectedly puts Rivera in the mix at 185-pounds while a loss doesn’t murder his career. If anything, it just remands him back to the level of fighting guys like Alessio Sakara in places like Germany.

Unfortunately, Bisping fails to see the strategy in all this.

"He’s acting like an [expletive], and nothing but an [expletive]," says ‘The Count’ in a quote so heavily redacted that it’s hard to tell exactly what he’s trying to say. "He’s not being professional. He’s just being a prick."

One thing I do know for sure: Bisping’s rhetorical strategy of trying to stop guys from calling him out by giving them exactly what they want? That doesn’t seem like it’s going to be that effective. Believe me, I know. Sometimes my fiancé complains so much about me not doing the dishes that I fucking do the shit out of the dishes. All of them. Even flatware. Just to spite her.

That’ll teach that bitch to fuck with me.

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Redping- November 30, 2010 at 11:40 pm
I think they should make Bisping fight Mark Munoz
ccman- November 30, 2010 at 11:26 pm
Ain't like bitchsping is gonna hurt anyone, what's the fear in calling him out?
fightfan- November 30, 2010 at 3:46 pm
It is so easy to see. Bisping has had almost 5 years in the UFC.....and he cant beat anyone well rounded. HE is good at beating one dimensional and weaker guys and the UFC knows that. Why do you think he hasnt got Franklin or Cote or Mcfedries way back when......or why he never got Okami, Marquardt, Sonnen, or even Maia or Grove.

The answer is simple. Any top UFC MW with power striking and/or well rounded skills will beat the UFC's UK lottery ticket. Its been 5 years and the few times they gave him a bump up in caliber of fighter...he loses. And they made it the EASIEST possible bump up the ladder. Hendo being near 40. It was obvious the UFC had no interest at all in him so they thought they could build Bisping. Even with KO of the, well FOREVER they still didnt resign Hendo. His first test was when Rashad was undefeated and was basically only a wrestler who gassed in the 2nd round. Then they thought they would use name value to try to build him and feed him Wandy. And even though Wand is 1 of my favorite fighters....he is very robotic, much slower, and about 1/4 the fighter he was 5 years plus ago.

He coudlnt get past any of them. And he likes to complain about the Wand fight. Bisping was out after the 2nd round guillotine(a round which I think Wand won without the near fight ending choke. And the 3rd was pretty close, and Wand drops him at the end and lands the ONLY power shots....and it is a bullshit decision?????? This guy is so delusional. The Hamill robbery was the best. Even he knew he lost that fight(just look at his face as the buzzer sounds, that says it all). Even his home crowd knew he lost the fight and booed him mercilessly. Bisping is so delsuional
danomite- November 30, 2010 at 3:26 pm
Dear Mr. Bisping,

Fighters keep calling you out because A)you hit like a girl, therefore they don't have to worry about getting hurt even if you do manage to point fight them to a decision; B) you are highly overrated so that a win over you would mean much more for their career than beating up a similarly skilled opponent who doesn't have any hype surrounding them; and C) you are, in fact, a giant douche. Now, I know you might not remember this last fact after Dan Henderson wiped your hard-drive clean last year so if you need a refresher feel free to watch that season of TUF you coached. Any episode should do. Also go back and rewatch the post fight remarks you made for any fight that you happened to lose by decision. I mean, did you really think you beat Wanderlei Silva? Because you know who doesn't think you won? Earth.


Da_Lowe- November 30, 2010 at 3:17 pm
Here we go again, the official "I hate Bisping" website doing what it does best. Whats funny is that most these comments back up what Bisping is saying about the "haters".

Either way he was gonna get abuse so he's screwed if he does take the fight and he's screwed if he doesn't. Its just a shame that most the comments on here are made by internet warriors who are happy to talk shit from the comfort of their computers. I'm a Brit and i'm just looking forward to what looks like a good fight.
JaredB- November 30, 2010 at 2:57 pm
Bisping was more than happy to take co-main events against guys like Kang and Miller before. Rivera would be on an at least equal footing with them.
MMA_Hole- November 30, 2010 at 2:48 pm
It's a shame that this fight's going ahead. Bisping's clearly earned himself a better opponent than Rivera. A win does nothing for him, a loss would be catastrophic.

Once again he'll likely win and all the people talking up Jorge now will immediately point out that he was never that good in the first place and just go back to talking about the Hamill decision, as if it happened yesterday and not over three years ago.
ghostboner- November 30, 2010 at 2:13 pm
+1 CP for unintentionally trolling amsterdamheavy with the European MW Champ.

+2 1/2 CP for unintentionally trolling me with "Who knew working your way up the middleweight ladder was this easy?" I actually thought to myself, "WTF? Well ya the bottom 3 rungs are always pretty easy..."

+33.33333 CP for doing the shit out of those fucking dishes. I lol'd.
fightfan- November 30, 2010 at 1:29 pm
This wanker is SO lucky he is treated like he is. You know Joe Silva and Dana look thru the ENTIRE UFC roster and say....."who can we get to fight Bisping next that gives him the best possible chance to win?"

It has been nearly 5 years and he hasnt beat anyone of any relevance. When I say anyone relevant I mean a title contender. And, anytime he gets a shot moving up the ladder, they find the BEST possible scenario for him. So instead of getting Nate Marquardt or Sonnen when he gets back or a top 5 like Dana said...they will use a almost 40 yr old that hasnt fought in almost a year. The UFC does know Bisping's best weapon is his cardio and speed....well, only significant weapons. SO this was the best possibilty because Jorge has won 3 in a row. And this si the best poss opponent for him who is on a winning streak

I actually got into a little discussion with Dana White last night on Twitter. He finally answered me when I talked shit on Bisping....or maybe I was fortunate enough just to tweet him as he opened his Iphone/pc. Anyhow, we went back and forth about 5 or 6 times. I was a dick about Bisping, but I couldnt get Dana to tell me to F**k off. The worst he said was "relax, (my name)" and "I get it u hate Mike". It was prety cool. He actually me told me not to watch Bisping fights if I hate him that much.... And this was just after I said his are the only fights I go str8 to and find results cuz it sickens me to watch him get perfectly matched opponents again and again.

I thanked him for all the UFC did for mma and said every fighter cant win the UFC lottery ticket....some get Paulo Thiago treatment(contender after contender) and then there is Bisping
MorningwoodII- November 30, 2010 at 1:06 pm
so bisping has a European title? Did he take it back from Hendo? I don't think there's a fighter I care less about then Bisping.

I actually liked him on TUF. Since then he's just been one of DW's brown eyed princesses.
Bill Jackson- November 30, 2010 at 12:13 pm
Bisping beat Hamill. Bisping will lose to Jorge. What's he got against bigwigs? That's racist.
Cock_Chestnar- November 30, 2010 at 11:24 am
Where is a rogue, anti-bisping blackwater sniper when you need one?
Get Off Me- November 30, 2010 at 10:55 am
It all started when Hammill got screwed, we owe Bisping's success to the judges.
I think Jorge can win this fight, his size will make it difficult for Bisping to get in and out(frankie edgar stand up style) the only caveat will be if the fight goes to the ground for extended periods of time, that's about the only way i see Bisping winning.
Fried Taco- November 30, 2010 at 10:53 am
I was waiting for him to say, "Don't get him wrong, Bisping will fight anyone put in front of him."
smiledriver- November 30, 2010 at 10:51 am
I think the suggestion is that Bisping almost possesses a "title" as meaningless as the WWF European Championship was back in the day. He main events UFC cards because they're taking place in Europe and he's a Briton not because he belongs there. They might have also ripped on the WCW TV Title BTW.
RwilsonR- November 30, 2010 at 10:47 am
Poor Bisping. It must be a hard wake-up to have been brought up being coddled and given hand picked fights, and now other people are picking the fights for him. I feel bad for the guy.
amsterdamheavy- November 30, 2010 at 10:36 am
Fuck Bisping and his innocent act. El Conquistador doesnt have the odds in his favor, sure, but I am rooting for his ass.

Also, wtf is this "European UFC Welterweight Champion" shit? Does he fight for that title or defend it or is it an ego thing? Maybe this is part if Dana's masterplan for world domination? Does Jorge become the Euro Wleterweight Champion if he wins, or is that reserved for the next Limey fucktard that comes along?
MoTropolis- November 30, 2010 at 10:34 am
Bisping should be thankful for anything keeping him relevant, because his fighting certainly isnt.