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Miller, Trigg to Throw Down at HDNet Fights

(Jason Miller, not a fan of looking conventionally tough.)

By CagePotato contributor Kipp Tribble

Oh, it is on. HDNet Fights’s second MMA event (“Reckless Abandon” [!!!]) goes down tomorrow night in Dallas. As mentioned earlier, Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg (15-6-0) and Jason “Mayhem” Miller (19-5-0) share top billing in separate fights, and if both fighters win we could be looking at a rematch of their 2006 Icon Sport fight that saw Trigg drop Mr. Mayhem in round 2.

But first they have to get through tomorrow. Frank Trigg is going up against Edwin Dewees (34-10-0, best known for bleeding all over Gideon Ray in TUF 4) and is heavily favored to kick ass. While “Babyface” Dewees isn’t a push-over, many of his wins have come against suspect fighters. He’s coming off two losses in a row, and he hasn’t fought since the Ultimate Fighter 4 finale in November ’06. Look for Trigg to win, and win early.

Meanwhile, the night’s other headliner will be going toe-to-toe with Tim Kennedy (8-1-0). You may be aware that Kennedy won a 2003 Extreme Challenge bout against Jason Miller, and he’s been undefeated since. Kennedy is a replacement for the medically suspended Sean Salmon, and the move gives Miller a chance to avenge his loss. This one is almost a toss-up, but something tells me Tim Kennedy might crawl out of the fight less battered than Jason Miller; we’ll give it to Kennedy by decision.

The rest of the card looks like this:

Yves Edwards (30-13-1) vs. Alonzo Martinez (20-8-0)
Pete Spratt (16-10-0) vs. Tristan Yunker (11-6-0)
Freddie Espiricueta (3-2-0) vs. Nissen Osterneck (4-0-0)
Krzysztof Soszynski (12-8-1) vs. Robert Villegas (7-1-0)
Chris Bowles (7-1-0) vs. Cory Mahon (7-0-0)
Patrick Castillo (3-1-0) vs. Jay White (1-5-0)
Jason House (7-4-0) vs. Liam McCarty (6-4-0)
Lee King (7-11-1) vs. Marcus Lanier (5-2-0)

— The Yves Edwards/Alonzo Martinez fight could be a highlight. Edwards is certainly on a downward skid (and it’s always hard to take a dude seriously when his name is “Yves”), but his experience might help him finish Alonzo Martinez early.

— Two of the bouts (King/Lanier and House/McCarty) and will consist of five three-minute rounds instead of the standard three five-minute rounds. Who knows, don’t ask.

Tristan “Too Much for You” Yunker raps with Jarry Park about his bout with Pete Spratt and his recent unsuccessfulness.

— Mayhem and Babyface have a “my hair is more precious than yours” competition at the weigh-in. Douchebags.

— BloodyElbow gives their run-down of the night’s festivities here.

For those lucky enough to get HDNet (or motivated enough to call their cable provider), do check it out — it should be a bloody fun night.

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