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MMA FightPicker Head-to-Head: WEC 47 Edition

Attention MMA FightPicker players: WEC 47 goes down tomorrow, which means it’s time to get off your lazy asses and make some predictions. As we do every time there’s a notable MMA event over the weekend, BF and I decided to join the same FightPicker pool in order to compete in an absolutely meaningless pissing-contest over bragging rights. But as soon as we entered Contender Pool 10 #635, we knew that this week wouldn’t be like all the others. Right there at the bottom of the player’s list was Aaron Rampey, FightPicker’s capo di tutti capi. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Aaron is entering pretty much every pool at this point, but the stakes just got a little higher. Will the Bens be able to outgun FightPicker’s point-leader and creep up the rankings themselves? Will it matter, since Rampey has probably learned how to game the system by hedging bets over multiple pools? Be sure to check back in on Monday to see how it all plays out, and read on to see our picks for this week…

Brian Bowles vs. Dominick Cruz @ WEC 47: Who will win?
BG: Bowles. Cruz is a very worthy challenger, but Bowles has been so dominant in his WEC career that there’s really no reason to bet against him.
BF: Agreed. There’s just no way I can go against Bowles, who reminds me of a grown-up Dennis the Menace, only heavy on the menace.

Will Bowles vs. Cruz make it to round 3?
BG: That’s a tough one. Bowles usually doesn’t need more than two rounds, and Cruz has gone to the cards in his last four. But I have to assume that Bowles will impose his will and blow Cruz out like everybody else he’s faced.
BF: Honestly, I’ll be surprised if it makes it to round 2. I think we’re looking at about 3-4 minutes of action, much like your wedding night, BG, only with less sobbing.

Miguel Torres vs. Joseph Benavidez: Who will win?
BG: Torres, duh. No offense to Team Alpha Male.
BF: I love it when you put ‘duh’ right in front of ‘no offense.’ I agree, though. Torres is going to put a hurting on Benavidez.

Will Torres vs. Benavidez end in a T/KO?
BG: Maybe, but the combined possibilities of a decision or submission has me saying "no." Keep in mind that Benavidez has never been stopped.
BF: The fact that Benavidez hasn’t been stopped in twelve fights — none of which were against anyone on Torres’s level — does not impress me. Torres is going to come out pissed off and ready to put this shrimp away.

Jens Pulver vs. Javier Vasquez: Who will win?
BG: Vasquez. I’m willing to believe that Pulver has made improvements in his training and emotional well-being, but he has to prove it in the cage at least once. Vasquez’s last two losses were split decisions against LC Davis and Deividas Taurosevicius, which proves he can hang against good competition.
BF: I’m going to take a little bit of a chance here and pick Pulver, based mainly on the awesomeness of his walk-out shirt. Do I feel comfortable with this pick? I do not.

Will Pulver vs. Vazquez make it past round 1?
BG: Yes. Vasquez has the edge here, but it won’t be an early blow-out.
BF: Definitely. Unless Pulver really has reclaimed his ‘old self,’ which I know you hate, it’s going to take at least two rounds to sort this out.

Bart Palaszewski vs. Karen Darabedyan: Who will win?
BG: Darabedyan. My gut tells me the young up-and-comer edges out the more experienced vet.
BF: As much as I like to avoid being in the same company as your gut, I concur.

Scott Jorgensen vs. Chad George: Who will win?
BG: Jorgensen, who’s more seasoned and is coming off two great performances against Noah Thomas and Takeya Mizugaki.
BF: Yeah, Jorgensen’s a 5-1 favorite with some online oddsmakers. I’m not prepared to pick against people who are that certain with money on the line.

Danny Castillo vs. Anthony Pettis: Who will win?
BG: Castillo. It’s a bit of a dice-roll, but Castillo has had better wins in the WEC.
BF: You’re right, it is a dice-roll. That’s why I’m going to exercise my option not to roll these dice. Strategy, motherfucker. What!

Deividas Taurosevicius vs. LC Davis: Who will win?
BG: Taurosevicius in another close one.
BF: Agreed. Taurosevicius is a lot tougher than people realize, and he can really make guys uncomfortable.

Fredson Paixao vs. Courtney Buck: Who will win?
BG: Paixao. If you look at their past level of competition, there’s no comparison. I say the Brazilian scores a submission relatively easily.
BF: As a rule, I always like to go with the guy whose name is tougher to spell (see also: Deividas Taurosevicius). I’m also taking Paixao.

WEC 47 entire card: More stoppages or decisions?
BG: As FightPicker player Jeremy Burgard writes, "There have been more decisions than stoppages for the last 6 WEC events." That’s good enough for me.
BF: You’ll take advice wherever you can get it, won’t you? But yeah, the little guys are less likely to put each other away, which is fun until it isn’t anymore.


  1. aarondramp Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 07:56

    I will just say that we have several picks that are different. By the way...yes I do hedge my bets across multiple pools, but I am putting my primary picks in this pool since it's head to head against the Ben's.
  2. superflat Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 09:11

    Hedging bets is a bit like winning a split decision, wouldn't you say?
  3. Tai-Pan Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 09:26

    You win either way? So which one of the ben's is wolfpackchick anyway?
  4. Birdman Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 09:30

    I knew there was no way you were winning that many chips playing straight up. But congratulations on having that much time on your hands.
  5. Wrye Bash Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 10:28

    And it's Birdman with the backhanded compliment. You guys!
  6. ReX13 Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 10:51

    I guess we have to assume that Rampey is cheating. He has more chips, he's won more pools, he's beating the Bens (and BG's wife too!) fa cryin' out loud....yup, no doubt about it, he's not playing straight up. Also, he's unemployed and sits at home entering MMA pick-ems. For sure. Nothing else could account for his having won twice as many pools as anyone else. Well, i suppose a combination of balls, MMA knowledge and research, and a smidge of luck could account for it as well.... Naaaaah, eff that. Aaron Rampey is a dirty cheater. He's totally hacking the FightPicker.
  7. Fried Taco Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 11:08

    I doubt Rampey is unemployed, more likely his company doesn't have a block on CP, so he's being paid to enter in all those pools.
  8. LukeTheDuke Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 11:09

    Luckily its not real money we're playing with.
  9. aarondramp Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 11:28

    Wow...didn't know winning would elicit these reactions. Yes I am able to access at work and because I am nearly efficient at work as I am at fightpicker, I have some time at my hands. Let me make it really simple on how you can win: get the picks correct. As long as you do that, you will win. I have only somewhat hedged my bets. On most of the picks I pick the same winner in every single pool. I have a few that I think are a toss up and I vary my picks on those. If I was completely hedging my bets then I would lose as many as I win. I really do enjoy fightpicker and had no idea that I would be this accurate (lucky) thus far. I expect my string of luck to end soon, which is why I am hedging my bets.
  10. Me Says:

    Fri, 03/05/10 - 09:42

    Worry not Aaron, they do not understand. This will be a fine week, but hopefully the last spam week. I threw up a suggestion in the forums that I need to transfer over to the Fight Picker forum that may help eleviate some pain in all parties involved.
  11. Homepage Says:

    Sun, 06/09/13 - 01:37

    ... [Trackback]... [...] There you will find 89628 more Infos: [...]...

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