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MMA FightPicker Winners (And Losers): UFC 109 Edition

("Sorry I screwed up your pools, guys. LOL, no I’m not!" Photo courtesy of MMA Weekly.)

Between Chael Sonnen‘s domination of Nate Marquardt and Paulo Thiago picking up the Sub of the Night over Mike Swick, UFC 109 threw some serious curveballs at us. Most people who participated in MMA FightPicker this week whiffed hard at those curveballs. But some of you dinged ‘em out the park. After the first official week of FightPicker play, we’d like to shout out the current point-leaders:

1) Ciarán Parnell: 350 PotatoChips
2) Andrew Palmer: 255 PotatoChips
3) OctoAbortion: 250 PotatoChips

Please, Ciarán, e-mail us at and tell us how exactly you have a hundred-point lead on the next closest competitor, this early in the game. There might be a free t-shirt in it for you.

And now for the shameless gloating part of this post. After BG and BF went head-to-head in a Palooka Pool, I (BG) am proud to say my picks were on-point enough to tie for first-place (!!!), while dickface over there tied for fourth. The other winners of Palooka Pool 30 #173 were: nine one siccness, Steve Rowbotham, James Cowley, Michael Aitken, GSPs Swollen Elbow and Torn Groin and Tim Prothero. Take an e-bow, fellas. And I should mention that there was one genius in the pool named James Berberich who managed to get every question wrong. I feel sorry for your mother, bro.

For those who fell short with their UFC 109 picks, you just have to dust yourself off and get back on the horse. Here’s what’s going on in FightPicker this week…

King of the Cage: Vengeance — It may be a regional card, but it’s stacked with compelling matchups. Seasoned veteran Travis Wiuff (57-13) clashes with UFC/Strikeforce vet Mike Kyle (13-7-1), while another familiar name from the UFC, Rich Clementi (36-15-1), meets fellow submission specialist (and double-knockout recipient) Anthony Lapsley (16-4). Also, KOTC titles will be on the line as Abel Cullum (16-3) and Joe Coca (7-0) battle for the flyweight belt, while Tyler East (4-2) and Tony Lopez (17-2) rematch for the heavyweight title; Lopez won their last meeting by split decision.

BAMMA 2 — The British Association of Mixed Martial Arts’s second show features some of the best in rising European talent. In two of the featured fights, Paul Reed (12-4) faces off with German prospect Alan Omer (13-2), and undefeated Renzo Gracie student Gunnar Nelson (5-0-1) takes on Sam Elsdon (1-0).

Rage in the Cage 139 — Joe Cronin and Alex Garcia fight for RITC’s welterweight title, while Chris Gruetzmacher and Eric Regan meet at 165 pounds. We’d tell you more about these guys, but that would be making it too easy on you, wouldn’t it?

Note: We’re currently working on putting together our first prize pools, and they are going to knock your damn socks off. Stay tuned, and join FightPicker if you haven’t already!


  1. Ganja Man 10 Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 07:57

    1st :)
  2. two_black_eyes Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 08:24

    i clicked a pool just to look at it and it automatically made me join. 50 of my hard earned chip are just hanging out there now. gonna have to do some homework for this one.
  3. KimboSlice Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 08:28

    I did the at&t offer for 9 chips, it didn't load for a bit so I did it again, and it ended up giving me 18 :D
  4. dogpt3 Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 09:10

    CP i need you to help me figure out hwy i cant get into your fightpicker.
  5. iDestroy Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 09:46

    Log out of cp and try logging in. Somethin about cookies..
  6. Buff Frank Mir Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 10:23

    no matter how many times I log in and out I get the blank screen?
  7. Scott Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 10:26

    @dogpt3 As mentioned, try logging out of your CP account and logging back in. If you are still having an issue, e-mail and we will get you taken care of.
  8. iancameron Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 11:48

    Can you join as many pools as you want for an event so your points get ridiculously high? or does it only count the points from one pool?
  9. darkfall Says:

    Mon, 02/08/10 - 12:23

    If I didn't do such a cheap pool for my first fightpicker I would close that gap a little bit. But such is the way of life I will just have to work harder to take over 1st place.
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  11. jalia parsnip Says:

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