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MMA-Game: Beyond Skulls and Wings

(Photo courtesy of HotChicksWithDouchebags.com.)

It’s a problem that affects so many Americans: You want to publicly proclaim your love of MMA, but when you wear Affliction and TapouT shirts to the bar, people automatically assume you’re an unbearable douchetard. It’s unfair, is what it is. We suggest checking out the following up-and-coming MMA apparel brands — rock this stuff and you’ll feel more “ahead of the curve” than “late to the party.”

The Lowdown: Repped by a horde of West Coast fighters like Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and Joe Stevenson, Eternal launched a year ago with the goal of bringing street fashion and hip-hop influences to the MMA apparel scene. Their website features a “Technique of the Week” section, where EU’s sponsored fighters teach everything from guard-sweeps to keylocks.
CP Approved: The King (above) and the Shark, because predators are kickass!

The Lowdown: Straight outta Ames, Iowa, Six Deuce has been putting out quirky fight-sport-themed apparel since late 2005. If you’re reading this site, you probably don’t mind a little humor mixed in with your MMA, which means the Deuce could be right up your alley.
CP Approved: The Japanophilic Fate shirt (above), as well as the Joe Rogan-friendly Rolling Stoned and the men’s room-influenced Bye Bye Head.

The Lowdown: Originally marketed to the Brazilian BJJ community, Venum has earned wider recognition as of late thanks to their association with MMA stars like Denis Kang, Jeff Monson, and Paulo Filho. They also seem to be the official distributor of Chute Boxe-branded gear.
CP Approved: The Chute Boxe Galactic zip-hoodie (above) is as killer as the Axe Murderer himself, but it’s really all about their shorts, like the cobra-print Amazonias.

The Lowdown: Top-of-the-line, handmade Muay Thai gear and apparel, available outside of Thailand for the first time. It doesn’t get any more authentic than this.
CP Approved: The awesomely alliterative Thai Tattoo Tiger (above). If you dig camo you’ll want this shirt, and this hat‘s kinda cool, too.

The Lowdown: Contract Killer is actually an offshoot of the paintball outfitter Hybrid Technologies, who wanted to bring their action-packed aesthetic and “whatever works” guiding principles to the MMA market. The shirts border on Affliction-caliber eyesore-ness at times, but the designs are more varied, combining martial arts and street art in unique ways.
CP Approved: The Ace of Spades (above), the Conflict shirt, and the FightLife hoodie.


  1. El Miedo Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 07:47

    Affliction and Tapout are for tools. Know what is really cool? Keeping your knowledge of badass martial arts techniques a secret until some spray-tanned toolbox with a skull and wings decal (maybe toss a sword in there too) on his $60 t-shirt gets mouthy and you put his ass to sleep. Then you take his girlfriend home and bang her. Leave the Afflication and Tapout t-shirts to the fighters sponsored by them.
  2. ben Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 07:49

    sorry for the technical difficulties...obviously the last chunk of the article was cut off. working on it now.
  3. Fenix Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:08

    I rock Xtreme Couture T's every now and then and get nothing but compliments. Never get a douchtard vibe about it. *shrugs BTW Tapout T's suck anyway =/
  4. ChrisFlyingKneeKO Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:15

    Yeah i used to like the affliction shit when it was just the MMA community that knew about it...That lasted oh...about 7 seconds...Now you got these idiot muscleheads who get out of the gym and go pick up a shirt and wear it to the bar without even knowing who the fighter is that is featured on the shirt. I like the Kelly Pavlik tee and a few other ones but leave that bright ass gold and silver shit for these other idiots....they look like complete fools...dont even get me started on TapouT....6 fuckin shirts for Kimbo slice after 3 MMA fights and gets knocked out with the weakest half- jab ive ever seen WTF.....dont become one of these TOOLS grab that Chute Boxe hoodie thats REAL MMA and sick as fuck...plus you wont look like a walking sheet of aluminum foil.
  5. Bdizzle Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:21

    It is a Fn Tshirt, who care's who wears one. lol. I have a few brands Chute Box Throwdown Tapout XC Affliction Hell I rock the OTM shirt also. Most people hate because they can get en Ed Hardy Tshirt for the same price as an Affliction. Both Qualitiy are nice and I can get into the club with either or, the others not.
  6. Me Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:28

    I tried my damnedest to get some Fighting Solves Everything shirts, but they don't fucking deliver. No joke. I ordered twice thinking they messed up the first order and I didn't see a statement on my credit card so I ordered again. Nothing. The guys number for XX Gear, which is the company that makes the brand, does not return phone calls or emails. (917) 673 - 8998 is the number and it's some douche named Chris, but he never answers and never returns phone calls. I rechecked my statements and they charged me for both orders. DO NOT BUY FROM Fighting Solves Everything's website. Go external if you must. I would follow their motto but they're in NYC and I'm in L.A. so sux for me I guess.
  7. Shawn Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:52

    One More Round has some pretty good stuff, too.
  8. Baroni Sux Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:54

    I love the pic from HCWDB's...that douche looks like the average Scrote Sack you do see at the bar. Complete with over priced T-Shirt..Check..Neck Bling....Check...Stupid gang/peace/i'm too cool finger sign....Check.....Hair, oh yea the hair...Check...Making the stupid face to show how cool he is....Check and finished off with the nice looking chick next to him that will most likely dump him when the bald spot is he covering finally shows itself.
  9. Wiltzor Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 08:59

    I think CP should make some more shirts. Simple ones that just say Cage Potato on them. Not a fan of the hall of famer shirt, to be honest. If I saw a guy wearing that shirt I'd think it's a list of guys he's banged.
  10. Wiltzor Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:03

    Turns out I'm a fucking half-wit and you do make a plain CP T. My deepest apologies, Ben.
  11. mma insider Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:05

    I think that you cant judge a book by it's cover guys who act like douch bags when they wear Tapout or any other brand were jerks before he put on the xtra tight fitting shirt on !!!! but if you want to help build the sport and its sponsors or help the little guys....... try thinking outside the /mma box and try something fresh and new I have bought things from www.sanctionedviolencegear.com and www.combat-clothing.com they are two local companys in my area That's what i did....... just my two cents :)
  12. TheFeniX Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:10

    The day I buy an MMA themed shirt will be just like the day I finally broke down and bought a "Dallas Cowboys" shirt: when it's on the 90% off rack of whatever clothing store I happened to stumble into in my quest to keep myself just above the "dresses like a flood victim" line on the fashion police watch-list. Besides, if this is what's considered the "Good shit," then I'm definitely not blowing 35 bucks on a shirt that was made in Taiwan for the total sum of $0.02. The "Ace of Spades" one is particularly retarded. How much more fucking cliche/generic can you get? Overplayed "ACE OF SPADES!" - Check Skull - Check Poorly drawn weapons completely unrelated to MMA - Check 10 to 1, that shirt's a best seller though. Remove the logo and you could use that shirt to tell strangers a number of things: 1. You couldn't identify one sword on that shirt, except for maybe "That's the one from TROY!" 2. You think you're a pirate, but the only time you make the sea your home is when your parent's plumbing springs a leak and the basement floods. 3. You have the fashion sense of a emo eighth grader. 4. You're an asshole. The sad part is: number 4 qualifies me to own that shirt.
  13. Rumbler Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:23

    Wow, "TheFeniX" has a real hard-on for good looking young lades that know how to dress...You a hater!
  14. Bud Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:27

    There's nothing wrong with sporting a sharp MMA shirt here or there as long as your an actual fan! I would have to agree with what Chrisflyinkneeko said about poser's. There the ones that try and bring it down. I was at the casino Saturday night after the EliteXC trainwreck and ran into a guy (with his hot girl of course) getting onto the elevator. Anyways, i asked did he see the Kimbo fight (hoping to get a chance to rag on him) and you should've seen the way that idiot looked at me. He had no freakin clue who Kimbo even was. Damn poser, if you don't love the sport then don't sport the threads!
  15. Blackleg Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:44

    Y'all are missing it, I'm rolling it back to 1989 bitches! 'No Fear' is making a comeback. ;) If it's good enough for that ass-chinned midget Faber it's good enough for me!
  16. Jeff Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:56

    It's funny when people try to look cool.
  17. berzerkED Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:58

    how about reversal from japan?
  18. Stupid N00b Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 09:58

    These are some of the corniest shirts I've ever laid eyes on. How about dressing like an adult, and not like a 5 year old at Halloween.
  19. Hobo-slice Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 10:04

    I like wearing MMA shirts cause it lifts my self esteem. I feel "alive",..I feel like Im a part of something much bigger than myself. When I walk into a bar or club, rocking anyone of my MMA shirts, people know that at the very least,...Im in some out side way a bonafide "BAD ASS"!!!! Im wearing one right now!! PS: I have 7 MMA stickers on my dads BMW,..which I drive around!!!
  20. 10pound Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 10:15

    I like Tapout gear but I use the shit as it is, a 20 dollar do-whatever t-shirt. I don't wear them to clubs or anything. Affliction shit has nice designs but 60 bones for a tshirt? Me thinks not. BTW, great article and thanks.
  21. Aaron Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 10:41

    I went on the hot chicks with douche bags website to make sure I'm not on it (my wife is hot), and I noticed a disturbing trend of MMA type t-shirts rocked by total douche bags. Not all of the shirts are legit MMA gear, but it seems to be the new look that a lot of t-shirt companies are trying to copy. I got an Ed Hardy shirt as a gift and it went straight to the returns at Macys. Thanks but no thanks. I'll stick to my popped collared pink polos I am much more comfortable in.
  22. MKXii Says:

    Tue, 10/07/08 - 11:16

    You guys forgot about the company that makes those UFC Hallf of Fame shirts, you know the ones with Royce & Ken & Dan & Randy & Mark. Those shirts rock.
  23. wesley830 Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 12:39

    Those Venum cobra shorts are about the sickest grappling shorts I have ever seen.
  24. shitwhistle Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 12:51

    I have a shirt that says "F.B.I. - Female Body Inspector" that's pretty cool. It got me laid once. Of course, I'm only eleven.
  25. Anonymous Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:32

    Damn it thats my hoodie now everyones gonna buy it and make me look stupid this articles backfiring
  26. Onan Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:38

    So what's more douchey -a guy wearing a Tapout/Affliction T-shirt or a guy getting all worked up over another guy wearing a Tapout/Affliction T-shirt? Instead of worrying about what some other dude is wearing maybe you should concentrate on the hot girl that you're sitting with....oh, my bad.
  27. Derekrva Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 03:00

    That Chute Boxe hoodie is dope. I don't really wear MMA gear, but I would grab a Chute T-shirt just to keep around and see if anyone gives me a heads up. If CP needs more t-shirts I would love to work on some for free.
  28. Zombie Rock Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 03:15

    Every time I see someone wearing MMA gear, aside from Affliction, which has just become mainstream dish rag clothing, I can't help thinking to myself: "Try for a take-down bitch. I don't keep this stapler in my pocket for fun."
  29. Jay Smith Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 03:44

    Oh no you didn't diss the Dallas Cowboys "TheFenix". That shit hurt. Yall get deep into these comments huh. Who gives a fuck what kind of T shirt someone is wearing. FAGS!!!
  30. Scott Whitt Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 03:52

    I have to go with Onan on this one, especially since I have a shop that sells these. The vast majority of my customers are MMA fans. The opinion of Tapout has dropped since they are in every mall store nowadays. Hostility has started releasing some nice shirts. They are of the skull variety but they run large so when it does that shrink after a ash they are good. I like American Fighter stuff. Nice designs that I don;t feel silly wearing. Honestly, unless you are rocked up with a fighters body, you should not wear an Affliction shirt. The only non-fans usually buy Affliction but I have bills to pay so lets ring up that $40 beanie.
  31. some guy Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 04:36

    Full Contact Fighter stuff is made well and pretty comfortable and isn't nearly as gay as foil-looking shirts.
  32. Earl Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 11:38

    Personally, I prefer West Coast Chopper shirts. Maybe an OCC shirt now and then.
  33. Australian MMA Fan Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 12:01

    I've never read anything more pathetic. Get a life, who cares what t-shirt some bloke is wearing, besides what are you doing looking at blokes anyway. Douchebags!
  34. Kevbo Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 12:09

    If you truly love the sport and want to wear an item thats show you do is fine with me. Wearing one brand over another because CP tells you to is fucking stupid. Affliction and Tapout have done a lot for the sport just by selling the shirts let alone the other tasks of putting on shows and helping fighters. All of you haters make me sick and have no idea how to help MMA... even if you run an MMA site.
  35. Blackleg Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 12:14

    ...and on a serious note, Sprawl gear is really nice too. Well made and fairly muted designs too - don't think I've seen anything from them of the wing-ed skull variety.
  36. HiroNakamura Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 12:15

    They are all just shirts. If you like one then buy it and wear it. If you wear it and act like a tough guy then you are a tool. I have been an MMA fan for 20plus years and unfortunately never taken up the sport but I will buy shirts or shorts from any company if i like them to help the sport continue to grow. And i don't act like a tool when i go out with one of the shirts on, i just go out have some drinks with friends and then go home. Some of you people take this stuff way to seriously.
  37. Zackary Adams Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:10

    I'd reccomend Kitsura Ltd. Clothing. Great tee's, not paper thin, and look cool without the whole 'I'm trying to be MMA' vibe. The owner is active in the MMA/grappling community, and even has a design shirt for charity! www.kitsura.com
  38. Tko Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:50

    The Affliction style is AWESOME right now....I wish they would have just stayed in the tshirt business. However Tapout Looks mad hot on Girls....!!
  39. Cage Head Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 01:53

    to quote:::"# shitwhistle Says: October 8th, 2008 at 6:51 pm I have a shirt that says “F.B.I. - Female Body Inspector” that’s pretty cool. It got me laid once. Of course, I’m only eleven." FTW!
  40. Billy Bad Ass Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 02:51

    I don't know who I feel worse for... The assholes who greenlighted this shirt or the faggot poser MMA fan who bought it... http://www.mmaoverload.com/tapout-kimbo-slice-all-day-t-shirt.html
  41. Mandingo Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 03:31

    tapout and affliction have been taken to new levels of doucherey, but its also getting to the point you cant wear any mma brand without getting the jokes about it
  42. bob barkers sparring partner Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 03:38

    has anyone seen that georgia bulldogs mma shirt forrest griffin wears? where can you get that. does anyone know what company makes it?
  43. Gnads Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 04:24

    I like Mar (Josh Koscheck) & Triggonomics (Frank Trigg) also Doctrine is cool.
  44. Imbecile Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 04:41

    I have to give props to Ranger Up at www.rangerup.com. Great shirts, and totally run by current or former members of the US Military. Big sponsors of MMA and fighters like Tim Kennedy.
  45. TheONE Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 04:44

    First off, FUCK ALL OF YOU TAPOUT HATERS. TapouT opened doors and made room for this so called "approved" apparel. You monkeys should appreciate what those dudes have done FOR OUR SPORT. You don't have to like them dudes, you don't have to wear their clothes, but if you have any respect for the sport, and kind of RESPECT for yourself, keep your mouth shut about what you don't understand. Second, what are we gonna do about the monkeys that read this, and go buy and pose in these shirts? So lame.
  46. Jay Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 04:51

    I see a lot of intersting gear outside of your normal TapouT, Affliction, skull and daggers type stuff. Anything you can pick up at Champs or in the mall is going to be straight up LOSER gear. Although very difficult to get, I see tons of Japanese gear thats really awesome. RVDDW, Lutador, Krazy Bee, Art Junkie, Inspirit just to name a few. Here in the States, I like Triumph United, Six Deuce, RVCA (BJ Penn stuff) and OMR, Sinister. I know Brazil very well and normally if you are wearing Chute Boxe stuff, you are a PALHACO (clown). There are soe cool brands there like Naja, Red Nose, Rudel, WAND, Koral. One of my favorite brands out of Canada is KimuraWear. They have some cool designs minus the skull and cross bones stuff and the quality of gear is top notch. There are a whole bunch of new guys hitting the scene too like Graffight and Dojo Gear. For the ladies, FightChix is probably your best bet. They constantly put up new stuff and it's quality gear.
  47. Jay Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 05:25

    @TheOne You are correct. There should be respect given to TapouT. They sponsor some of the best fighters in the sport. So does Affliction. I honestly think the more people buy the gear, the better it is for industry growth. That money gets put right back into product research and allowing our favorite athletes to focus on their careers. I did a small research of about 20 people. Yeah, very small research. Each person who had a t-shirt related to MMA was asked, "Why are you wearing that shirt?" 3 people out of the 20 were actual practitioners of a mixed martial art. The other 14 got them as a gift or they liked the design and 3 paid me no attention. Maybe i'm wrong, but I think most of us think that Tapout/Affliction kind of ripped us our rights to bare the brands that we love without being stereotyped.
  48. simon Says:

    Wed, 10/08/08 - 06:42

    All MMA brands are cool. They pay my mortgage. :) However the coolest of the cool brands are; Sinister (West Coast USA) Inspirit (Japan) KNOXX (East Coast USA) Bad Boy (West Coast USA) Encounter UK (United Kingdom) RVCA (Hawaii) TapouT can not be defined as it is both cool and uncool at the same time. TapouT is unique.
  49. True Says:

    Thu, 10/09/08 - 03:30

    Venum fight shorts look pretty nice. Also, I just saw that Eternal has a bunch of new shit out that looks sick. I have one of there older shirts and it is awsome. Much better than the pos tapout shirts and overpriced affliction shirts! Nice article
  50. MMA Gear Guide Says:

    Wed, 03/24/10 - 02:47

    Yeah some of the MMA T shirts with skulls and crosses etc. just look stupid. But more shirt companies like RVCA and more recently Form Athletics have really sporty designs that look great.
  51. Homepage Says:

    Wed, 10/02/13 - 08:39

    ... [Trackback]... [...] Find More Informations here: cagepotato.com/mma-game-beyond-skulls-and-wings/ [...]...
  52. jalia parsnip Says:

    Sun, 12/01/13 - 03:24

    MMA-Game: Beyond Skulls and Wings | Cagepotato... The Ships's Voyages...
  53. poplar table Says:

    Tue, 07/08/14 - 10:57

    Souls in the Waves... Great Morning, I just stopped in to go to your web site and thought I would say I experienced myself....

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