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MMA GIF Party: Jon Jones Assaults an Innocent Bystander, Twirls Epically

Props: caposa. More after the jump…

last night’s liveblog:
"Jon Jones does a few slow arms-up twirls before entering the arena, that will surely become an animated gif by tomorrow morning. His entrance music is ‘Empire State of Mind‘…Bones practices his reverse-kick against a cage-post."


  1. Carl Sagan Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:02

    Epic twirl, haha.
  2. Goose Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:03

    No one was stopping Jon Jones last night, not security, not Branden Vera, not even the octagon.
  3. cecils_pupils Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:03

    hilarious... these guys that help the fighters walk out should get combat pay. Gilligan's Island - That was like The Skipper cuffing Gilligan on the back of the head... "ya big dummy".
  4. Bunk Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:10

    Confirmed: Jon Jones does not have knock out power in his right hand
  5. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:10

    Awwwwww man....someone should digitize dude's face. He got punk slapped and someone made a GIF of it. I can see his entry now on FML (dot) com.
  6. fACE7biter Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:17

    I rewound that guy getting his head smacked 5 times and laughed out loud each time. Why would Jones not turn and apologize? Does the back of a hand really feel the same as a fan's hand when you're wearing 5 ounce gloves?
  7. KidDinomite Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:22

    Jon Jones' entrance music was dope.
  8. ReX13 Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:23

    First the 6 to 12 elbow, now a blatant strike to the back of the head? Jones has tons of potential, but it seems he's his own worst enemy.
  9. BobSapp Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:27

    Goose and Bunk Share the Comment of the Night bonus.
  10. Bunk Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:32

    I take an XL Ben!!!
  11. BryanF Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:40

    Everyone of those gifs says to me in a Rick James voice "Get the fuck back! You don't know my life"!
  12. Dmonicideals Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 12:40

    If you watch closely, the guy walking out behind the guy that got slapped put his hands up to catch the guys as he starts to just kinda stray off with a pretty blank stare on his face all of a sudden.
  13. knucklesamitch Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 01:41

    The security guard took a punch better than Vera took the elbow. I'll just go ahead and assume that we'll see a rematch in the octagon with DW trying to sell us on what a grudge match it is.
  14. Smitty Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 01:42

    Jones actually missed the corner post. hehehe
  15. VyperJMc Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 02:25

    No gif of the security guard getting punched in the face by a fan during Vera's entrance?
  16. sPeLLcHeCkEr Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 02:48

    Epic twirl is the new nipple-tweak?
  17. Lecter Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 02:48

    Confirmed: Fracture power in his left elbow will do fine.
  18. doctorfunk Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 04:15

    "get back...I'll windmill ya." Ricky Bobby vs Jon Jones
  19. BeastUnleashed Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 04:39

    Damn when he kicked that ringside, it looked like the guard there shit himself.
  20. peanutbuttter Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 07:53

    You mean Joe Silva..? Joe didn't even flinch. It's his birthday bruh!
  21. MarketingSimplicity Says:

    Mon, 03/22/10 - 10:39

    That was probably a plainclothes cop; Jones knew that was the only chance he would ever get to smack one while they were on the job.
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